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Off topic: Brewmaster Fail

My passions include bikes, cars, motorcycles and drinking beer, but let me make it clear that I never ride or drive while having had a few beers, that is what…

RL and The Moe of

2 old dudes, hard breathing and some heavy petting

Based on that title alone, you know you’re already jealous. Well let me start of with a bit of a story on how this all went down. You see it…

no gf bike parts

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s bicycle meme, mountain biking humor, mountain bike blog,

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Do you do this?

Every time I go into Target or Walmart, I HAVE to check out the bikes. I know that these bikes are crap, but for some weird reason I’m just drawn…


My turn to ride the Nashbar Bee’s Knees 650b Single Speed!

This past rainy weekend was my turn to ride the Nashbar Bee’s Knees I have dubbed “Tweena”. ┬áIf you don’t get it, its because its “between a 26 and a…


Pryme Trailhands Thrash Test

It’s safe to say there aren’t too many awful products for sale in the MTB industry. Quality varies from good to bad but different items cater to different needs and…


Why I had to cut my ride short

Last night Priscilla and I went out to the world famous Fullerton Loop for our weekly night ride. But the events leading up to our ride caused me to cut…


If you look close enough, you can see his nipples on the road.

If you haven’t seen it already, we posted a video on our Fanpage that shows a guy trying to jump over his friends, but it ends up with a nasty…

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Make your levers grippier

Not sure if grippier is actually a word, but judging from my spell check it’s not. Anyhow so I had this idea come to me because it was something I…

super d duper lil ripper copy

Super D Duper-Lil Ripper Edition coming soon!

We’re in the planning stages for our next Super D Duper. We haven’t had one in a while, so this should be a great time. But rather than doing a…