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Interbike 2012: Dry Case

Here’s an interesting product that we saw at Interbike. It’s called Dry Case. Check out the video to see how it works. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Team Vehicle

When you’re at Interbike, the Venetian parking structure will be filled up with all sorts of team/shop vehicles that are covered with their company/sponsor logos. Here’s one that caught my…

Interbike 2012: One Ghost Longbow

While walking the Interbike floor, we met up with One Ghost as they were showing off their new 26er AM bike, the Longbow. Check out the rear suspension linkage, not…

Interbike 2012: Meeting with Airborne Bicycle’s Jeremy Mudd

Art Aguilar and I had the pleasure in meeting with Brand Manager and ultimate cool guy, Jeremy Mudd. We talked shop about everything Airborne. But he made us pinky swear…

Interbike 2012: Pumptrack

Ugh,…this was one thing that I wish I had an opportunity to try out, an indoor pump track that Sombrio was hosting. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Not bike related, but still cool.

Saw this guy roaming the floor and I was very envious. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Redline Monobelt

Looks like this one might make it out to production. Gates Carbon Drive. Sliding dropouts for easy tensioning. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Santana Custom Tandems

I love tandem bikes and this one REALLY got my attention. It’s a 4 seater, I guess you can call it a quad-bike. Check out the MSRP…wow! Bookmark It Hide…

Interbike 2012: Loeka

Loeka of Canada was out at Interbike with fresh duds. Their new jacket has fancy sleeves that can go over the hands for extra warmth while riding. New jerseys in…

Interbike 2012: KHS SixFifty608

This is KHS Bicycle’s new carbon 65b hard tail. Had a chance to ride this, wow! Climbs like a road bike on a smooth hill (that’s a good thing). Accelerates…