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KHS: Solo One 29er

Posted by RL Policar On February - 20 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

The guys at KHS Bicycles posted some great info about their Solo One 29er.

Check out these pics!

KHS solo one

Solo one

KHS solo one

Read More HERE.


Weight Weinnie

Posted by RL Policar On February - 20 - 2007ADD COMMENTS
weight weinnie

Are you a weight weinnie?

You know you’re guilty if you’re spending quite a bit of money just to save a few grams on your bike. Here’s a tip for you folks. Just drop some fat…better yet go to the bathroom do a #2 before your ride and you’ll see that you’ve instantly dropped a few extra pounds.


Installed: Spinner USA Cargo Fork

Posted by RL Policar On February - 19 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Yesterday I took a few minutes out to install the new Spinner USA Cargo Fork.
spinner cargo
I was going to install it on either the Woodstock 707 or the Fezzari Alta Peak. But Moe graciously offered his K2 Lithium 4.0 as the test bed for the fork.

I had to cut down the steerer tube down to at least 7″ and used some spacers to make up for the excess. I cut it that long just to make sure we have enough space for other bikes we’ll be testing the fork on.
spinner cargo

Not only does the fork work pretty good, but it also enhances the image of the bike!


bra·zen: /ˈbreɪzən/ [brey-zuhn]

Posted by RL Policar On February - 19 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

When I was checking out the Woodstock Bikes site, one word came to my mind when I saw how they are comparing their prices with some of the biggest names of the business such as Trek, Cannondale and Gary Fisher….that word is BRAZEN.

By definition it means:
“To face or undergo with bold self-assurance”

Now you all know that we’ve been testing the Woodstock 707 and I have been pretty impressed with it so far and for Woodstock to be so bold about their comparison charts, well I have to say they have the credibility to do so.

The Woodstock 707 is a great value for the kind of bike you’re getting. It has been performing above par and anytime I have questions about the bike, I just call the customer service and they’re always happy to help out.

Go on with yo’ bad self Woodstock Bikes and tell the folks of the world that your bikes are just as good and more affordable than big bike names!

Maybe next year’s Woodstock model shouldn’t be named 808…rather it should be called…BRAZEN.


DIY Helmet Cam With Shoe Laces and Electrical Tape

Posted by RL Policar On February - 19 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Yeah you read it right. Our buddy Nick James made his own helmet cam by using some shoe laces and electrical tape.

Check out his video from NYC’s track bike only Alley Cat called the MonsterTRACK.

Watch it HERE.


Win a Free Floor Pump From Fezzari

Posted by RL Policar On February - 19 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Just fill out their newsletter subscription form and you’ll get a chance to win a sweet floor pump.


Raleigh One Way Review

Posted by Moe Ramirez On February - 19 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Raleigh One Way
For the Mountain Bikers that ride fixed gear road bikes, here’s a review for you. Click here to read all about it.


Princeton Tec Switchback 3 First Impression

Posted by Moe Ramirez On February - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

I rode with Jeremy and Ivan last friday night. We received a set of Princeton Tec Switchback 3 lights to test out on the trails.

I hooked up the lights to the Gary Fisher Cobia 29er, the clamp mechanism was very straight forward and easy to install.

Princeton Tec Switchback 3

Notice how the clamp offsets the headlight so it can be right in top of the stem. The headlight was also easy to adjust vertically and horizontally, just move the headlight to the desired position with a little bit of force, and your are ready to go.

Princeton Tec Switchback 3

The battery pack was a little tricky to install, I installed on my downtube since the Cobia’s cables run underneath the top tube. I took me about 5 minutes to install the whole system.

Princeton Tec Switchback 3

The switchback features 4 modes: High, Medium, Low and flashing. We rode for about 2 hours, mostly on high beam, there was no loss of brightness at the end of the ride.

We were able to compare the light beam to a single LED light and the Nite Rider Dual MiNewt lights. The Princenton Tec switchback’s beam was the brightest of all three, however, it was not the widest. (sorry, the pictures didn’t come out good).

Princeton Tec Switchback 3

I was very impressed by the light output of the light, I was even more impressed with the run time. I will be riding with the Switchback 3 on the helmet next time. Stay tuned for the update.


KHS 29ers are Finally HERE!

Posted by RL Policar On February - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

KHS 29er KHS 29er

The long awaited KHS 29′er bicycles arrived this past week. The 2007 KHS Tucson and the 2007 Solo One SE models are selling well. These smooth riding XC machines are built starting with sleek double-buttedCro-Mo frames utilizing KHS’s own Delta Linear downtube design.

Keep Reading

We’re actually lucky enough to be able to get our hands on the KHS Tucson to test out. Moe’s going to go pick it up about a week from now. Man I can’t wait and I know Jeremy our resident 29er aficionado can’t either.


Tested and Approved: DIY Helmet Cam

Posted by RL Policar On February - 17 - 20072 COMMENTS

This morning I met up with Vince Rodarte, Sales Manager of KHS Bicycles at the Fullerton Loop to do a quick ride.

I mounted my camera onto my DIY Helmet Cam that I made. It actually worked pretty well. Man, Vince can ride…The dude was running a single speed KHS bike with 32/18 gears. You would think a single speeder would be slower on the flats, but not Vince. The man is pretty darn fast!


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