Interbike 2012: Not bike related, but still cool.

Saw this guy roaming the floor and I was very envious. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Redline Monobelt

Looks like this one might make it out to production. Gates Carbon Drive. Sliding dropouts for easy tensioning. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Santana Custom Tandems

I love tandem bikes and this one REALLY got my attention. It’s a 4 seater, I guess you can call it a quad-bike. Check out the MSRP…wow! Bookmark It Hide… crew going out to demo GIANT ANTHEM 29er’s at DirtDemo day two

Khoa and Priscilla getting ready to demo 2013 Giant Anthem 29er’s. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2012: Loeka

Loeka of Canada was out at Interbike with fresh duds. Their new jacket has fancy sleeves that can go over the hands for extra warmth while riding. New jerseys in…


This was my first ride on a 29er and I have to say this was a great experience, so kick back and watch the 2013 TRANCE X 29er in action…. saves Eric Carter at DirtDemo

While out on the trails here in Boulder at the 2012 DirtDemo I ran into famous montain bike ledgen Eric Carter and helped him with a flat tire. Bookmark It…

Interbike 2012: KHS SixFifty608

This is KHS Bicycle’s new carbon 65b hard tail. Had a chance to ride this, wow! Climbs like a road bike on a smooth hill (that’s a good thing). Accelerates…

Interbike 2012: Salsa Spearfish

Had the pleasure of test riding this beautiful 29er made by Salsa, the Spearfish 29er. Climbs pretty good, no pedal bob. That’s only because the guys at the Salsa booth…

Interbike 2012: KHS 650B DH Bike

Check it out, this is Logan Bingelli’s special edition DH650b bike. He’s scheduled to use it at the Redbull Rampage next month. They’re using their standard DH frame and outfitted…