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My favorite Evomo T-shirt

Posted by RL Policar On August - 9 - 2011

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One of my favorite items from Team Sponsor, Evomo Clothing is the Ranger. Love the design, feels really good and shoot, its affordable!

Only $19.99!!!!

Bling’d out Race Report-Shimano Winter Series #3-2011

Posted by RL Policar On February - 9 - 2011

During this past weekend the Downhill Dept. of the race team was in attendance of Race #3 of the Shimano Winter Series. If you had previously read, I had a jersey made just for this race. The last race I showed up in my brocade blue tuxedo and this time I wanted to make sure I came out with something special.

RL, Art and Wes.

This jersey was well received by racers and spectators. I had so many people complimenting and asking how they can get one.  I had people comment that the chains looked real from far away.

One thing with this race, it was super windy. Not quite as windy as the first race of the season, but gusts were up to 30mph. Much like last time I had a hard time hearing the count down from the gate, but when I heard 5,…3…..1; I rolled out of the gate in a nice easy pace. I made sure that I took it easy because during my practice runs, I was going way too fast out of the gate and found myself not making the first turn and blowing through the other berms. Through the advice of team mates, Corey Pond and Art Aguilar, they told me to just take it slow at the start of the race and make sure I get down the mountain without incident.

As I carved my way down, I make a right turn before a short climb and found my front wheel washing out. I CRASH! Nothing bad, but I was stuck in my SPD pedals. I fidget with my feet to unclip and once I get out, I mount the bike, and start pedaling again. Already frustrated with my crash, I made sure I didn’t panic and start to refocus and continue with my race run.

It wasn’t until I got to the dreaded WALL that the wind hit me hard. I stood up pedaling only to be smacked with strong head wind. I yell out in frustration and to motivate myself….”C’MON RL!!!!” I pedal as hard as I can and occasionally sit down to ease the burn of lactic acid in my quads. I finally cross the finish line and I was pretty happy with my performance. It wasn’t the cleanest race run, but I was not injured.

Results were posted quickly and I was surprised to find myself in 3rd place!

Not sure if you can see it on the podium picture, but that’s a pimp cup in my hand. That was the inspiration for my jersey, besides I had promised my brother that I’d take it up there with me in the event I did well.

I’d like to take this time to thank our sponsors, Evomo Clothing, Ergon USA, VIP Energy Mix, Serfas and Dirty Dog MTB. I also have to give a shout out to Airborne Bicycles. I’ve been racing with the Airborne Taka and this bike has GREATLY improved my downhill riding/racing. Even my own team mates have mentioned that I’ve done better on this bike than any of the other bikes I’ve raced with. I’ve been really happy on how durable and fun it is to ride/race the Taka.

My new Evomo gear

Posted by RL Policar On December - 20 - 2010

So I ordered some new stuff from EVOMO, and I LOVE IT!

This is my new Evomo Zulu Jacket. This jacket has been perfect during the wet weather we’ve been having. I’ve even used it during a recent rainy DH session, it kept me nice and dry!

I also bought a new Magnum R hat. This hat makes me look legit.

Make sure you check out the great gear from Evomo, you’ll love it as much as I do!

$5 for an Evomo Shirt? Dude, what are you waiting for!

Posted by RL Policar On December - 6 - 2010

Evomo is having a blow out sale with their 3-D T-Shirts! $5.00 EACH!!!!

I work in the apparel business, and $5.00 is “cost” for these shirts. Evomo is basically losing money on this deal! It’s like that saying…so if I were you, I’d get a few of these and give them away as presents. Hurry before Sedrik Vomir (Evomo Co-Founder and Douche Bag) takes this sale down!!!!

I love Evomo!

Posted by RL Policar On December - 21 - 2009

One of the team sponsors is Evomo Clothing, they have to be the best mountain bike lifestyle brands out there. Not only do they have great things to help show off your affinity for the sport of mountain biking. But the dude that owns it, Bryan Thombs is one classy guy. We’ve know Bryan since the early years of Evomo and we’ve always been a fan and have enjoyed supporting this great company. Well there’s another reason why you should love Evomo, DISCOUNT!!!

Read it below…

Save 30% OFF Everything at Evomo!

Place your order by Dec 19 to ensure delivery by Dec 24
Use coupon code: SAVE30 during check out to get 30% off all items at This includes mens and womens clothing, t-shirts, jerseys, hats, jackets, calendars, socks, sunglasses and more!

Official Evomo Clothing Head Badge

Posted by RL Policar On October - 26 - 2008

Check it out…I’m the first to receive THE Official Evomo Head Badge.

This head badge will totally help you bring the rukus on any trail and on any bike. So make sure you run over to Evomo and get your self a head badge TODAY!

From Blogger to Journalist

Posted by RL Policar On October - 9 - 2008

I was on the Evomo Blog the other day checking out their shenanigans and sure enough, we’ve been upgraded from Bloggers to actual “journalists” according to Evomo. Everyone knows that if Evomo says so, that means its legit man!

They also said we’re getting glamorous…getting? Son, I’ve been there twice, and on my way I picked up some ice cream!

Read what they had to say its pretty cool.

By the way, Evomo is the official Ruckus Provider for the Racing Team.

New Look for

Posted by RL Policar On September - 15 - 2008

We have been EVOMO-ized!
The awesome folks of Evomo have redesigned our logo for 2009. We’ll be incorporating the new look for our team jerseys.

What do ya think? Sweet eh?!

Thanks again to the guys at Evomo for making this happen.

More Evomo Bad-A$$ne$$!

Posted by RL Policar On April - 24 - 2008

The Evomo crew are basically the bad boys of mountain biking. Rock Racing may hold the bad boy image for road racing, but for mountain biking, no one captures it like Evomo. So what makes Evomo so B/A? Well it starts off with some pretty sweet product and a couple swigs of JD. You may have seen the interview already that showcased their new 08 product line, but I wanted to feature a few more products that was really cool and you should definitely get.

This is the 3D shirt…yup 3D! You also get a pair of 3D glasses when you buy it. Being the team player that I am, I donned the 3D eyewear to see if this shirt lives up to its purpose…
evomo 3d shirt
Here’s a shot of me tripping out on this shirt! It really does pop out at you.

Here’s another 3Dish product, its their new hats. Bryan Thombs, Mastermind of Evomo actually gave us some for the show.

Now I don’t know if this is available to anyone other than cool people and team members, but this jersey is super cool. Here’s Bryan showing it off.

Oh did you see this…oh hey, who’s logo is that? Oh whut? No way! It’s the logo! Now that’s B/A!
evomo team jersey
Moe has one and I know its one of his favorite jerseys!

So if you’re curious about any of the products you’ve seen, feel free to hit up and order stuff. Don’t worry we don’t get commission or anything like that. We just like Evomo and their products.

Evomo’s Stuck Truck

Posted by RL Policar On April - 21 - 2008

Check this out…as I was walking out of the FSA BB30 reveal(more on that later), I caught a glimpse of the guys at Evomo. Somehow their truck got stuck.


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