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Posted by Art Aguilar On October - 7 - 2013

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Commitment is a big word for some people, some will run from it, some will half commit and not fallow through, and some will go head long into it all the way knowing they have done their homework believing in what they are doing.
Now a lot of you may know already that GIANT BICYCLES has done just that, they have went head long into the 27.5 tire size for just about all their 2014 mountain bike line and have all but sent the 26″ mountain bike way of the Dodo (for our younger readers this is a saying referring to an extincted bird) except for their DH Glory and Reing X which I would bet will fallow next into the 27.5 line, after all their are others that are doing DH and Freeride bikes in 27.5 with some success.
For those who know GIANT this wouldn’t be the first time they have done this. In 2006 GIANT was the first manufacturer to bring the tapered headtube to market, known as OverDrive2. So you can bet that when Giant decides to do something big it won’t be on a whim.
Here is a look at why GIANT feels the 27.5 is superior performance without compromise and cool pics of the 2014 27.5 line.

Overall Bike Weight
Compare the weights of identically equipped bikes with different wheel sizes and you’ll see substantial weight differences. As expected, the 26-inch-wheel bike is somewhat lighter than the 27.5, and substantially lighter than the 29 (up to two pounds of overall bike weight savings from 29 to 27.5). Every gram saved helps you ride faster.

Wheel/Tire Weight
The overall weight of a 27.5 wheel set (wheel, tire and inner tube) is only 5% greater than that of an identically built 26-inch wheel set. Compare this to the 12% increase of a 29-inch wheel set and you can see how a seemingly small increase in diameter results in substantial weight gain—and poorer performance when climbing or accelerating.

Weight Comparison
Static wheel weight
Lighter wheels/tires result in a quicker acceleration and lighter overall bike weight – a win-win combination.



Snappier acceleration and a reduced angle of attack for a smoother, more agile ride.
Increased wheel diameter decreases the angle of attack (the angle in which a round object intersects a square object). This is a good thing. A 29-inch wheel rolls over a 6-centimeter square-edge obstacle 14% more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel does. In comparison, a 27.5-inch wheel rolls over the same obstacle 9.8% more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel does.
Another way to analyze angle of attack is the degree of impact—where 26-inch equals X degree, 27.5 equals X-4 degrees and 29 equals X-6 degrees. Again, a shallower angle is better—so 29-inch takes the win, with 27.5 exhibiting nearly the same performance but without the weight penalty.


Arguably the most important benefit of 27.5 over 29 is quicker acceleration. This is the “snap” that a rider feels when they push hard on the pedals. It is affected not just by overall static weight but also where the weight is distributed throughout the wheel. The farther the weight is from the center of the hub, the slower the acceleration. So a similarly constructed 1000-gram 29-inch wheel is slower to accelerate than a 1000-gram 26-inch wheel—because the larger diameter rim and longer spokes place weight farther from the hub. The key to snappy acceleration is minimizing the weight of the outermost components (rim, nipples, spokes, tire, tube). As you can see, a 27.5-inch wheel is only 1.5% slower to accelerate than a similarly constructed 26-inch wheel, but a 29-inch wheel is 3.6% slower than a similarly constructed 26-inch wheel.

A larger tire contact patch, increased stiffness, and optimized frame geometry improve traction, braking and handling.

The larger the diameter of a wheel, the greater the contact patch of the tire. A larger contact patch results in better traction, which leads to improved acceleration, deceleration and cornering. As you can see, a 27.5-inch wheel has a similar contact patch to the 29.


Frame Stiffness
Lateral (side-to-side) frame stiffness can be affected by wheel size. To accommodate larger wheels, frame dimensions must be elongated. Therefore, a size medium 29-inch wheel frame has more lateral flex (bottom bracket and headtube) than a size medium 27.5 or 26-inch wheel frameset. Additional flex compromises handling under heavy pedaling or sharp cornering
Frame Geometry
The larger the wheel, the more difficult it is to optimize geometry, especially on smaller frames. As the frame size decreases, headtube heights become higher (in relation to saddle height). On 26 or 27.5-inch frames, it’s less of a problem, but geometry limitations can affect smaller 29-inch-wheel frames.


Their was quite the buzz around the GIANT both and it was great to see them back at Interbike. The Advance line was beautiful to look at and people were very interested in the bikes, with the reps super busy and questions being ask I have to say GIANT may have a very good year in 2014.

So you got a glimpse of the 27.5 tech and a look at GIANT’S Advanced Composite line, but if you don’t want the Advance bike GIANT also has their ALUXX SL aluminum framed 27.5 Bikes, and Frame sets for the ANTHEM XC and TRANCE in Advance composite, as well as ALUXX aluminum, so they have your taste cover one way or the other.

Commitment, a big word for most brands out there. Most will want to wait and see what and where the current trend will go before they commit major resources and time to something as big as this. GIANT has the resources, takes the time, and has always brought their brand one step further then most I have seen with a lot of bang for the buck.
You could go to GIANT’s website at or see your local GIANT dealer today.

We want to say thanks to GIANT for the 27.5 Tech provided on their website and Mark Helms for the time at DirtDemo going over the 27.5 bikes.

Interbike 2012: Not bike related, but still cool.

Posted by RL Policar On September - 20 - 2012

Saw this guy roaming the floor and I was very envious.

Getting ready for Interbike

Posted by RL Policar On September - 14 - 2012

The handsome crew of and will be heading out to Vegas for Interbike! So stay tuned as we provide some show coverage to keep you busy during your work day.


Posted by Art Aguilar On August - 23 - 2011

OK the time is near, I feel it in my bones, like the birds that get the urge to go south for winter or the migration the whales do to baja, its time, time to make our trek to the city of sin, the city that never sleeps, the city where a beam of light shoots into the air and breaks into space never to be seen again. On the way we pass an old ghost, a road named Zyzxx, the worlds biggest thermometer. The pull, the pull its getting stronger. I start looking at the hills and mountains and think to myself how would I go down this hill, how would I climb it.

This place, this place in the desert that lights up so bright at night like a diamond waiting to suck the life out of some, but not me, not me for I’m on the way to my “MECCA”, my place of worship once a year where we gather, we the media, we the dealers, we the makers that give you the riders what you want.

Ohhhh I feel it, my place of worship, my “MECCA”, but the first stop at my “MECCA” is the place in the desert where we start our trek up and down the hills of this place that will torture our souls with dust, heat, beer. A place of tents with goods, but none to trade only to show, touch, and drool over, but this is only the start for their is much, much more to be had in the fallowing days. It is not just of feasting on what the makers bring for us to show you, but to also catch up with old friends, see new movies, go to feast, drink free beer, and more beer, and then some more AAahhhhhh, INTERBIKE is coming!!!!!

The Start of MECCA

And in this time it is up to us the media to show you as much as possible to entice you as we get enticed by all that the makers bring to show us and the dealers what will be out in the coming months. You will start to see the pre spy photos and new lines of gear, parts, and bikes ( I have goose bumps just thinking about it.), and as we pass through the gates where only the chosen are allowed we will bring it to you through email, tweets, Skype, Youtube, and websites, and all manner possible.

So to give you your pre shot you need here is a taste of last year’s travel to my mecca, “INTERBIKE !!”  Enjoy.

Pro's show there spirit being here.


Friends come to share smiles, we walk along in the wonderful sunlight and ride all that is new to us, oh what a wonder time we live

They just wait for us.


There is so much to see while you are here you will surly miss much.  One has to slow him or herself down to not miss anything, control, control, you must learn control.

If you love the things you do, do them to the fullest extent and never stop. I truly believe that you will remain younger at heart in your mind as well as your body.

My bro stash

While I’m here I make my peace with all that is cycling, from road to mountain, to BMX, cruiser, and yes even fixie ( The latest fade that has lasted for what over five years now, OK it’s not a fade anymore.)


Yes this was to be true 2010 was to be it for Interbike here in Vegas. The kegs were going off the parties were many, heck one group was doing it big by giving top notch whiskey shot as a toast fair well to the Vegas venue just about every hour and handing out mustaches to go with the toast. Now this is STYLE!!
And you would look for the popping open of the kegs of beer.


Pouring the necter of the gods.


As the show ends for the day it is time for us to venture out into the lands around us, to see the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people that walk about, ahhh it is quite the adventure here in our annul trek to our “MECCA” we call INTERBIKE.  All that we suffer to bring you the newest pics of the the best bikes and products, the stories of things to be and the things that never will.


Now I won’t boar you with all the same old bike pics you see, but rather all that we go through to bring you what you want to see. We go through the hardships for you our reader so you won’t have to. You see this is hard for us, up early,to bed late, all day meetings, talking to so many people and so much more. Yes this is the “MECCA” for seeing all things bikes for the new year to come and the pull to go there is strong to make the trek here every year.


I look forward to this, but this year it is different for me, for I am going as the media. Not as a exhibitor or dealer, so does this mean more work, well I will find out.

“I feel the pull in me to go to the city in the desert getting stronger, my heart is beating harder and harder. I can’t wait.”

Interbike 2010: Tough Chik

Posted by Lady P On October - 5 - 2010

I do love me some Interbike! Here is a newcomer!
Tough Chik is around a year young and had some cute styles for the ladies.
Tough Chik offer cycling, yoga, and casual apparel for girls only!

About Tough Chik:

As Team Tough Chik, we are designers, marketers, runners and cyclists that feed on creative expression. We are proud of our shin splints, scars and pedicures. We strive to support women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds who celebrate life and seek to conquer its challenges and adventures.

Love it!



This jersey would be one of my favorites.


Lady P’s Interbike Fav’s

Posted by Lady P On October - 1 - 2009

Here’s one of my all time favorite booths to visit: SkirtSports. I’ve reviewed some of their clothing line in the past and I LOVE their stuff. I get compliments all the time on my riding skirt. SkirtSports didn’t disappoint this year with some new patterns and updates to some of their classics.

New Skirt. This skirt is padded!

I’m hoping to get my hands on these soon! A new knicker for biking!

Trademark pink chamois. The knicker is lined with this as well!

I loved the fun colors and patterns they are are offering. Keep an eye on this company. They have really expanded and are offering a lot more selection for all athletic woman.

Interbike 2008: Nathan Rennie and Steve Peat

Posted by RL Policar On October - 10 - 2008

Syndicate Riders, Rennie and Peat tells the world what they really think of RL Policar.

Interbike Superstars

Posted by Lady P On October - 2 - 2008

One of the highlights of Interbike for me is meeting and greeting friends new and old in the industry. We also can get a little star struck every now and then. RL is a HUGE Melissa Buhl fan. Melissa Buhl IS super cool but I get a little star struck when I see Dale Holmes. After I stalked him for two days, Joe finally asked Dale if he’d take a picture with me. Thanks Joe! ;) He was kind enough to pose with me for a quick shot. I was too weak in the knees to say anything other then “Thank you.” *I am such a dork*

Note to self: When posing with World Champions, remove your backpack and put down the magazine!!

Dale Holmes is a UCI WORLD Champion with over 200 career professional wins!!! He is also a mountain cross rider for KHS. This guy has been racing since 82, and he is uber cool. My admiration is based strictly on his mad biking skills and his tattoos. lol.

His interests: Any Sports,working on the Free Agent World Team, hanging out with friends, Starbucks, working on his website

Ok. Ok. I’ll stop. :)

Also a little early “Happy Birthday” shot out to Mr. Holmes…… :)

Interbike 2008 Interview with Melissa Buhl

Posted by RL Policar On October - 2 - 2008

We caught up with Melissa Buhl, “World Champion of Everything” at Interbike. She answered a few questions for us. Did you know that she’s been dabbling in the Track Bike scene?

Interbike 2008 Tag Wheels

Posted by RL Policar On October - 2 - 2008

Mike Thomas of Tag Wheels talks about their new composite wheels. If you’re having issues with the video, make sure you let it buffer or go directly to our Blip.TV account to see most of our videos.


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