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All done…almost!

Posted by RL Policar On March - 25 - 2014

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Ok kids, I now present to you the world famous…BURT REYNOLDS…again!

Here he is in all his glorified glorehh! You like his new bars? Those are the On-One Midge bar. I think I bought the last one since I checked this morning, they were out of stock.
redline d600 burt reynolds

This bar tape you see, it’s the On-One Micro Fiber Bar Tape. Easy to install, comfy on the hands, legit on the looks. The tape it self makes the bike look uber-fierce.
on one bar tape

I say that it’s almost done because I’m having chain skipping issues. Could be the chain I’m using because the line is perfect. Basically what happens is when its on the stand, it works fine. But as soon as I put pressure on the pedals, it skips.

Want a peak?

Posted by RL Policar On March - 20 - 2014

Don’t worry I won’t call you a peeping tom….Anyhow, do you remember the other day I posted some sort of Surly Singulator and a cog? Well here’s a sneak peak on what I’ve got going on. Here is Burt Reynolds in all his awkwardly gloriness!

Behold! A very confusing looking 29er mtb that sorta looks like a cross bike but not really.
burt reynolds redline d600

Before I go on with the build progress, let me fill you in on some history about this build. You see, the other day, our very own Adam Spik and I were working on LadyP’s new Titus Rockstar. I mentioned that I wanted to sell my 10speed shifters, derailleur and cog since I just wasn’t a fan of it. He said he’d take them. I told him that we should just do a trade. My 10speed Saint stuff for any single speed parts he has. You’re probably thinking that he made out in this trade, ya probably, but he’s a homie and homies help homies. Anyhow with this trade I received a Surly Single Speed kit, Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes and rotors as well as a couple of cogs. Well now that I think about it, I may have gotten the better end of the deal.

Ok, let’s go back to the main reason why we’re here. We’re you wondering why it’s missing a front tire? Well the other day I was watching that show Hoarders Buried Alive and that got me motivated to do some spring cleaning in my garage. I’m actually what you call a Bike Hoarder. I’ve got well over 15 bicycles in my garage and shelves of bike parts. So I make myself watch Hoarders to keep me in check. Apparently I may have inadvertently thrown out my front tire and tube during my TV-Inspired surge of cleaning since I didn’t want to be a hoarder. So now I’m sourcing a new tire…

Right, now that you see what I’ve got going on, there’s already a few changes that I’ve made to this configuration. First up, I ordered me some Midge Bars and a luxurious set of micro fiber bar tape from Planet X.Why the Midge? Well just look at it! It’s bad ass. Besides the shallow/flared out drops allow for better control and leverage.
midge bar planet x
I’ve also swapped out the stem for something shorter, I’ve got short arms so it doesn’t make sense for me to be all stretched out on the bike.

I do have to thank Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney for donating the set of Tektro drop brake levers to this build. He did have a concern that they wouldn’t have enough leverage to work with the mechanical brakes I had. Fortunately, they were a matching brand and actually provided all the reach that I need to ensure proper stopping power.

So for now that’s where this project is at. I’ve bee subjected to waiting for parts once again. However, once I get those things in, I’m hoping to get Burt Reynolds back on the trail in no time!

Why oh why do I like to torture myself…

Posted by RL Policar On March - 14 - 2014

So there I was in my garage looking at the bare frame of a machine that I once belovedly(not sure if that’s a word) called…(say it with a deep voice) BURT REYNOLDS. I was saddened that it just hung there on a hook, not being used. I started having flash backs of the fun filled rides we had together. How we rode some of the toughest hills and how he never broke down on me and how he simply would make me smile every time I rode him…wait…that sounds too much of a bromance. Well if that’s what it’s called, then call me guilty!

Anyhow, I got this idea to reinvent Burt Reynolds once again with parts laying around. So here’s the first clue on what I plan on doing with him….
burt reynolds

Ok by now you should have guessed he’ll be a single speed once again. But not just a single speed…a different type! Yep. If my plans fall into place, I should have a very unique Burt Reynolds by next week!

Hard as in hard tail. Rigid to be exact! Check out the Soma Juice 29er.

Soma Juice 29er

Pretty water bottle mounts. I like added touches like that, brings a level of class to a frame.

Did I mention that it’s steel? Yep!

Beefy steel fork.

Soma provided the frame, seat collar, fork, headset and stem.

Dang forks looks so burly!

Slider dropouts give me the option to go single speed at a later date. I may just take them up on that offer.

The build plan basically has a budget in mind. I don’t plan on spending any money on it. I’ve got some newish 1×10 drive train parts that I’m planning on using as well as an WTB i9 wheel set.  The build itself shouldn’t take long. We’re planning on having it done by next week.

Hurt my back, no ride, got bored and built up a bike

Posted by RL Policar On January - 4 - 2014

Yep that’s how my Saturday turned out. So without boring you with some lame details, here’s some pictures. But first, let me tell you about my Bro-Date with Art Aguilar. He’s so dreamy! We had some tacos by the beach.
Art McDreamy Aguilar

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what I did. So ya, I hurt my back moving stuff the night before and I woke up with my back still aching. Oh sorry, I forgot that I said I’d spare the details, oh well. So let’s get to it. Since I wasn’t riding, I decided to spend some time in the garage. Pulled out the Retired Burt Reynolds. I had some parts laying around I figured, I’d build him back up again.

First thing to deal with was to remove the Plasti Dip that I put on a few months ago.
burt reynolds
That whole process took me about an hour. Crazy how long it took. Actually I’m so A.D.D or ADHD…not quite sure which, but one of those, that I decided to leave some of it on the hard to reach places like the drop outs, and other nooks and crannies that the plastidip got into.
plastidip bicycle
One of the things I like to do while working on my bikes is to smoke cigars. I didn’t feel like using up one of my premium ones, so I opted for a “daily smoke” cigar. I realized that a bike frame makes for a great cigar tender.
cigar and bicycles
The Plasti Dip did a great job in preserving the paint on the frame.

Yep this is the same 1×10 drive train that came off the the Titus Rockstar. I didn’t want it to just sit there and gather dust.

Here’s how it looks now with the 1×10 and honestly, it looks like how it did before I dipped the bike.

For the kids that like to weigh everything, here’s the weight of Burt Reynolds. 25ish pounds.

The “Who’s idea was this” Race Report

Posted by RL Policar On February - 23 - 2013

Before we get on with my race report, I’d like to give you some background on how I got into this mess. You see a few months ago I started doing really well at XC. Allot of it had to do with the fact that I was riding a really fast bike, the Airborne Goblin 29er. With my new found confidence on two wheels I some how convinced myself that I should give XC racing a try. My racing background has primarily been in DH and I figured racing XC would take me out of my comfort zone as well as make it a challenge. Good attitude to have, right?
Airborne Goblin
Fast forward to 02/23/2013, I somehow convinced team racer, Art Aguilar to join me on the condition sponsors his race fee. He was riding LadyP’s Airborne Hobgoblin for the event.
airborne hobgoblin9
Oh and guess who else I was able to convince to race with us. Our very own Albacore!
Albacore of
I almost forgot, Super Dan was there too! But he was going to tackle the Super D event. Don’t you just love how he color coordinate’s his jersey with everything on his bike…and his cell phone case!
Super Dan
Now I don’t have any actual race photos of any of us since we were…racing. But I managed to snap a picture of my results as well as Art’s. By the way we both entered as Beginners.
Low and behold we got medals! I took 4th in my category and Art took 3rd!
Did you all notice that Art and I matched our outfits! We certainly got compliments from people who could appreciate a sweet looking jersey.
pink tuxedo
Here’s our rigs that we used to get to our medals. The Airborne Goblin and the Airborne Hobgoblin.
Airborne 29ers
While we were waiting for the awards ceremony, we met up with Olympic BMXer and Airborne Bicycles Racer, Barry Nobles. He was on the new Airborne Toxin 7″ bike.
Airborne Toxin
Barry was kind enough to let Art check it out.
Airborne Toxin
Here’s a shot of the rear linkage. I probably should taken it from the other side to get a better view.
Airborne Toxin
So there you have it my XC ride report. I guess you can say it was my idea to do it. As tough as it was, both Art and I agreed it was pretty rewarding to race. We felt great after and heck you never know, this XC racing thing could grow on me. As I headed home, Art was pulling double duty and went out to go practice the DH course on his Taka.

Something bugging me…

Posted by RL Policar On August - 14 - 2012

One of my pet peeves in life is lack of effort. I can’t stand it when people see an opportunity or challenge and don’t even bother trying. I’ll give you a bike related scenario, I was just at 2 different bicycle shops in my immediate area and I walked in looking for a frame within a certain budget. Shop #1 told me with an arrogant tone that there’s no way I can get frame for that price and recommended that I just save up my money and put it towards a new bike. I explained to the guy that this was not the direction I wanted to go. So I asked, “are you guys a Santa Cruz dealer?” He hesitantly says yes and follows it up with, “ya we really don’t do too much with them but if we HAVE to, we can order something.” So I tell them that I know for a fact (because another shop quoted me a price, but they are a bit further away) that the SC Superlight was around my budget. He then says, “Ya that’s cool…but we don’t have anything in stock that would be in the same price range. You’re better off going to Jenson USA or something like that.” WHOA whoa WHOA! Did I just hear an LBS tell me to go ONLINE to find what I’m looking for? Don’t LBS people complain all the time how people SHOULD buy from their LBS to help support them? At that point, I just said my goodbyes and was super disappointed with the lack of effort the kid made.

So I drive off to shop #2 and I ask them the same question. The sales rep gave me the reaction that Don would have had from Napoleon Dynamite…

Then he goes on to tell me that Trek carbon XC frames start at over $2k…annoyed I walked away. Like I said, lack of effort is something that REALLY bugs me. I’ll be honest, I shouldn’t be too surprised because I’ve been to these shops before and have had the same experience. What am I going to do now? I mentioned earlier that another shop, though further, has offered me a SC Superlight within my budget. Unfortunately, that one in particular just got sold. But here’s where EFFORT comes in, the gentleman who I am dealing with put in a call with SC to see if they have any other frames available and he’s checking their inventory for another frame that would suit my needs. See…that’s what I’m talking about, EFFORT!


Posted by RL Policar On July - 11 - 2012

If we went back 10 years you’d see that I NEVER stretched before riding. I always thought that I needed my legs fresh for the ride and all stretching ever did was make my legs tired. I heard it from Lady P and other folks that stretching will help prevent injuries and yada yada yada. Did I listen? Nope. In fact when I started DH racing, I never would stretch and would always poke fun of my team mate, Dan Burdett because I’d often see the dude in fancy Yoga poses where the bottom of his feet would be touching his head. Heck I’ve even seen his wife take his foot, pull it behind him and then she’d grab his arms and put her foot into his back just to “stretch” out his quads and pecs…


But now that I’m a bit older, 35. I’m starting to notice that my muscles aren’t as strong or quick to move as they used to be. I’ve found that I often will need to stretch before and after ride. Man what sucks about this whole business of getting older is that I developed Tennis Elbow just from doing bunny hops and that if I don’t stretch my calves out, they’ll ache like crazy!

So if any of you readers are around 25, start stretching now because you’ll end up like me at 35, all messed up because I didn’t stretch and because of it, I’ve got some messed up muscles…

One from the weekend

Posted by RL Policar On July - 9 - 2012

A shot that I took from my ride on Saturday that I thought I’d share with you all.


Just in time for Father’s Day.

Posted by RL Policar On June - 15 - 2012

Just in time for Father’s Day, Adam Spik talks about a Manatee, a spineless creature and manipulation/mind-control. He also encourages our readers to procreate. It’s a real good read and makes you grateful to be a dad. Great job Adam!

Father’s Day is this Sunday. I know many who read this are fathers to little princesses like RL and I are (we have our own daughters with our own respective spouses. This ain’t My Two Dads).
Becoming the proud father to a daddy’s girl happened without me knowing it and certainly with me intending for it to happen. This parasitic creature that turned my wife into an emotional, cheesecake craving, manatee would turn me into a spineless pushover. Relax, my wife knows she was a manatee. The word to focus on here is was, not manatee. I think it was my daughter’s 2nd birthday when my spine ceased to exist and I became wrapped around her finger.

Long before we had kids my wife and I discussed what kind of parents we would be. We knew we wanted two. We knew we wanted to expose them to as much as we could and provide them with all we could while still keeping them grounded, respectful, and honorable. Like many men I had hoped our first would be a boy. I imagined him growing up as I would teach him to ride a bike, throw a spiral, explore nature, and fix anything. You can imagine my pleasure when we were told our 1st born would be a boy. Then along our 2nd — a girl. I was pleased. I had my boy and I figured my wife would now have a girl to buy pretty dresses, braid her hair, and paint her nails.

From the start my son and I bonded. Our daughter; not so much. One of my favorite things when our son was a baby was to have him sleep on my chest. Every time I put our daughter on my chest she would squirm and fight to get back to mommy. I was convinced that for her first 2 years of life the umbilical cord was still attached. After her 2nd birthday she came to me more and more. We always said we would not spoil our kids. However, I think it is ingrained in the female psyche to butter-up men to get what they want. She would preface her requests with, “Daddy, I love you. . .” For example, “Daddy, I love you. Can I have a string cheese?” Of course she would pair her question with the cutest face she could make. She is currently 4 so she is not yet in school. When I get home from work in the morning and walk through the door she runs full bore and jumps into my arms. No matter how bad or tiring work was I instantly feel like it is now the best day ever. I want to hold her forever. I am certainly not going to let her date. At the very least she can’t date before she turns 25.

Dad Against Daughter Dating.

Just as we put our son in soccer, and baseball, and tae-kwon-do, and everything else under the sun; we keep ourselves busy (and broke) driving our daughter around to various activities too. Currently she is ballet and hula dance lessons. I think it is just and excuse for my wife to buy her more clothes. She has a recital coming up next week. Part of the recital is a Daddy-Daughter Dance. We went to our practice last Friday. The dance instructor was carrying on about how it is a crowd favorite. She said we were going to walk through the steps first before we learned the music as the music makes hers cry. C’mon I thought. It is a short little number danced to Steven Curtis Chapman’s Cinderella. Well, after practicing it several times, looking into my daughter’s sweet face I felt my lip quiver and my eyes water slightly. I thought to myself, “When my princess here grows up and is ready to get married I am going to lose it.” We left the studio excited to go home and show mom what we had learned. I told my wife how the instructor always cries when watching this dance. I said I thought that was ridiculous until we started dancing and I nearly cried. My wife grabs the video camera, I cue up the music, and my precious angel and I dance for mom and brother. Of course, being the 7 year old boy he is, my son starts to laugh and rolls around on the sofa. Then I notice my wife is crying. She says it is her allergies. My ass it is. Becoming a daddy’s girl just happened. I love my family more than anything on earth. That love will make you do a wide spectrum of things. It will make you do things you never thought you were capable of — like dancing with little ballerinas and crying and sharing it on world renowned bike site. Hug your kids this Father Day. If you don’t have kids then go out and make some. Part of the fun of being a dad is the legwork in becoming a dad.


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