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Testing out the Drift HD 170

On Saturday I gathered the troops and decided to shuttle Santiago Oaks. Mind you anyone can easily pedal up the top of the ridge to enjoy the mild downhill sections,…

MtnBikeRiders.com “Rider Down” pre BBQ ride.

It was about three months ago when teammate Wes Castro shattered his hip during a practice DH run on one of the segments of the 2010 Winter Series. Since then…

Santiago Oaks with El Guapo

Last weekend some of my teammates (David, Kim and Tony) and I headed to the Santiago Oaks for some fun. We were joined by our friends Dan, Albert and Joshua….

Ride: The Path Sunday Ride 01-17-2010

This past Sunday, Tony and I decided to take advantage of The Path Bike shop’s Sunday ride. The ride location changes week to week so be sure to check The Path Blog for the current week’s ride. It’s a no-drop ride and has riders from pretty much every skill level but typically takes on at least intermediate terrain to keep the more advanced riders satisfied.

Ride: 12-28-2009 Santiago Oaks Solo Ride

I’m one of those fortunate souls with the week off from Christmas to New Year’s and decided to take advantage by getting in a ride today. I hate riding alone, but I couldn’t conjure anyone up for a ride this afternoon and I’ve also been meaning to go to The Path bike shop in Tustin for a few weeks to exchange some parts. So I decided to knock a few couple things off the to do list, loaded up the truck, ran a couple errands, headed over to the shop, and finally to play at Santiago Oaks.

Weekend Ride Report: Santiago Oaks, Sette Venom, walking up the 3Bs and a newbie crash

This past Sunday I headed back to Santiago Oaks, one of my favorite trails in So Cal.  Meeting me were RL, Val and our friend Khoa (this would be his…

Shuttlin’ Santiago Oaks

On Saturday Joe Sizzzle and I decided to shuttle Santiago Oaks. If you’ve ever been to Oaks, you know that there’s some sweet single track on top of the mountain….

Santiago Oaks with The Moe

While RL and Priscilla were enjoying their weekend getaway and Jeremy and Khoa were reminiscing about their Big Bear trip, I had the pleasure of riding with “The Moe“. Saturday…

Memorial Day Weekend Ride Report

This Memorial Day Weekend Joe, Priscilla, our friend Christine and I did some riding at a couple places. Our first destination was Fontucky to ride the world famous Southridge XC…

RL Vs. Sette DH Strike Saddle

When you take a husky rider like me and do something like this… With a seat like this…the Sette Strike DH Saddle… Then I don’t quite land the right way……