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Sea Otter Night Life

Posted by RL Policar On April - 20 - 2011

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While at Sea Otter you’ll get invited to a ton of parties or film premieres. Usually we’re all too tired to attend any of these these. But once again we fueled up on more energy drinks and headed to town. But this time it was just Priscilla, Art and I. The rest of the crew were back at the condo at Pebble Beach resting.

We wound up at some sort of birthday party for some Giant Free Rider guy. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure who we were singing happy birthday to. But the great part about this venue, chicken wings and shrimp cocktail! Art and I made sure we ate stocked up. I ate so much wings and shrimp that I had to use my second stomach to make room.

Since I was the designated driver for the evening, I couldn’t imbibe my favorite alcoholic beverage until we got to our condo. So that meant a quick stop at the local quickie mart and got some Four Loko! Love this stuff. I shared with Art, Priscilla didn’t want any because she had a bad experience with it the last time she drank some. Four Loko is so strong, that I can only have about 1/4 of it before I feel the effects of the spirits. Art thought it tasted kinda gross, thus the face he’s making. No wait, I think he was already buzzed by then. Perhaps that look is a combination of the Four Loko working and the reaction to the flavor…who knows.

While we were chit chatting in the kitchen, we heard Dan grunt. We totally forgot he was sleeping on the couch. Dan complained that he had a hard time falling asleep without his wife (I can certainly relate), so the last time we saw him that night, he was busy pounding away what he called “sleeping juice” (beer and wine).

That’s about the extent of our experience with the Sea Otter night life. I wish we could have done more, but we were all far too exhausted to do anything but eat and sleep. So there ya have it, we’re pretty boring, well I take that back. Art is an exciting guy, you should see him dance after a few beers. Oh and in the morning, Dan and I made an “Art Sandwich!”

Sea Otter Pump Track!

Posted by RL Policar On April - 18 - 2011

This was probably the best part of my trip to Sea Otter. The pump track this year had some pretty tall obstacles and to be honest with you, it was hard to get 1 lap completed. It’s a full body work out and for those of you who have one of these in your neighborhood, you are lucky!

Here’s Art getting ready to roll down into the track.


People of all skills and ages were on hand to enjoy the pump track.

Just look at the smile on his face!

There’s even a wall ride incorporated.

I gotta be honest, I was kinda intimidated to try it out, but Eric Jackson, was cool enough to show me how to ride the track.

Right next to the pump track was a stunt track. These guys were doing some amazing stuff.

Will White was doing back flips all day long. He was the crowd favorite.

In closing, if you ever get a chance to go to the Sea Otter, make sure you try out the pump track, its way to fun to miss!

Sette Bikes: Sea Otter 2011

Posted by RL Policar On April - 18 - 2011

We paid a visit to our friend Brian Cleveland who was working the Sette Bike Booth at Sea Otter. Brian took the time out to show off the new bikes, check em’ out!

The Sette Derro is a 4″ XC mountain bike mated with Fox suspension, Kenda Nevegal tires, XT and SLX drive train.

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Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

Posted by RL Policar On April - 15 - 2011

Greetings from the happiest place on earth, nope its not Disneyland or your mom’s bedroom. But we are at Monterey, Ca. to celebrate the sport of cycling. We made our early morning trek through the heart of California and arrived safely to our destination. Intoxicated on unhealthy levels of caffeine and sugars, we have been pushing our bodies just to make sure we provide you a glimpse of the event.

Rather than try and post important news worthy info about products we figured we’d just take it easy and just have fun. Without further adieu I give you our Friday morning at Sea Otter Classic 2011.

Here we are between the legs of this old guy. We were very impressed with the cabbages…WOW! Check out Art, he wanted to get a gander at them things…Look Dan and I are short twinsies!

We’re amp’d on Redbull and ready to rock! Later we discovered that our new found energy would only last until noon.

Got the bikes unloaded and packed up our bags ready to hit the scene.

But before we got rolling, we needed to make sure we had plenty of fluids. Art working on filling up our “canteen.”

Met up with Redline Bicycles, they’ve got a prototype Belt Drive Monocog that we caught on video (coming soon).

After our first few hours, we were worn out! We decided to break for lunch. Free food for Media folk…mmm.

Keep checking back because we’ll be posting more info as the weekend goes on.

Sea Otter 20 Ten: Abra Cadabra

Posted by Chop Chop On April - 26 - 2010

Kona = a quality bike company that conjures up images of coffee, my other favorite hobby.

Kona was represented at Sea Otter 2010 in a small way via a booth, not a big diesel rig and huge bike display with a lounge for the employees and guests to hang out. Kona came to Sea Otter allowing their bikes to speak for themselves. What I heard calling my name was a 24.75 lb Kona Abra Cadabra, a 6” travel all mountain trail bike, wait a minute, 24.75 lbs, are you kidding me?..for a 6” travel bike?

Standing still, it is not meant to be...Yoda, supreme Jedi and MTBer

This bike was a custom build by one of the Kona employees to showcase just how versatile a frame the Abra Cadabra can be. He told us it was available for a demo so I quickly scheduled a time. The bike features Kona Magic Link suspension design, FSA SLK components, a Sram XX 1×10 drive-train, (that’s right a 1×10), Sram XX brakes and a Stans Podium MMX wheelset. The drive-train was the new SRAM XX with only a 35 tooth chain ring up front. The paint scheme was beautiful with a polished/grey look and a solid clear-coat.

When we hit the trailhead I noticed how easily this burly bike pedaled and how comfortable it was. When I say burly, I am comparing it to my 4.7” Trek Fuel EX that just crosses the line from XC race to all mountain, the Kona is definitely closer to the downhill side of business than my Trek. The Magic Link works as advertised. Climbing puts the shock in a near vertical position with less travel and a more efficient pedaling experience. Going down hill puts the shock in a more relaxed position and allows for more travel via the extra spring in the magic link. For a video of the Magic Link in use and an explanation of the design theory, please click here.

The Magic of the Magic link

I ended up riding this bike behind a fellow SO goer who was proudly riding an older hardtail Trek. What a huge difference there was when the bikes were pointed downhill, I caught up to him so fast that I caught myself braking just to avoid a crash. Braking was easily handled with Sram’s XX brakes and the rear suspension made sure the rear wheel kept in rotaional contact with the dirt. I’m the type of rider that likes to brake as late as possible (which goes for Grand Turismo as well). I definetely felt confident in my braking decisions.

The purpose of this bike is to be the “one” bike for someone who does not have the pockets for several bikes. This bike proves it can be done. Are there there other manufactures that make a bike in this category? Of course, but this bikes deserves to be at the top of the short list. The frame weighing it at around 6.75 lbs is neither lite nor is it too heavy but is versatile enough for several MTB categories. I was a bit surpised at the frame weight, just looking at it I would have guessed north of 7 lbs. Kona uses their Scandium tubing which is both light, strong and stiff.

I’m a fan of buying a frame only and then selecting the parts that work best for the intended purpose. This frame would be a great starting point for either a freeride oriented all mountain bike or built up closer to xc. If you needed something designed for either category, then you might need to look to the Coilair or the Hei Hei. I really need to get more time on the Abra to get a long term take on it but based on my short ride, it definetely looks like a great bike.

Sea Otter Classic Race Registration Discount!

Posted by Jeremy Yang On December - 15 - 2008

Sea Otter Classic, one of the best mountain biking events of the year (if not THE best), is offering a 15% discount for those registering for the races.

Click here to watch the video and get the promotion code for 15% off.

By the way, the Sea Otter Classic is going to be held on April 16-19, 2009 and guess who’ll be there?

See what you can win!?!

Posted by RL Policar On May - 13 - 2008

Remember that contest that I posted where I asked people to guess what part of my body this photo was from?

Well after getting some entries…all with the wrong answer! Chris Arnold, a loyal reader won! I had promised in the contest that I would give the winner something from my garage. After looking around, I felt guilty in giving the fella some stickers and pens. So I told him to hold his horses and promised him something from the 2008 Sea Otter Classic.

So here’s Chris showing off his commemorative 2008 Sea Otter Classic Messenger Bag. All the media folks were given a goodie bag and one of the items was…this bag! It’s a sweet messenger back and I wanted to keep it, but I remembered that I made a promise to Chris. So I gave up my swag and shipped it to him as soon as I got back. See how happy he is!

Bad Ass Coffee for some Bad Ass Guys

Posted by RL Policar On April - 28 - 2008

On our last day at Sea Otter, we packed up our bags and loaded up the truck to head to the show. But before that, we wanted to get some coffee to help wake us up. But we weren’t satisfied with just regular coffee, we wanted Bad Ass Coffee! We actually found a place that catered to our needs…

Here’s Jeremy showing the burro who’s the boss…look at the guy next to Jeremy…

Here’s my Bad Ass Coffee. Jeremy and Moe both ordered some sort of espresso drink where they were required to say…”with a shot of Bad Ass Espresso.”

This place had all sorts of knick knacks, this one was my favorite.

We thought that this place was just a one location store, but they actually have branches all over the place. I guess it all started in Hawaii. Check it out HERE

Video: Mavic 29er Crossmax

Posted by RL Policar On April - 18 - 2008

First Impression: Raxter Rack 2 Bike Extension

Posted by Jeremy Yang On April - 14 - 2008

For our trip to the Sea Otter Classic this week we needed to bring along 3 bikes for the festvities. SO is a huge “Celebration of Sport” with tons of riders, exhibitors and people spread out over a huge area. Just getting from the media center, located on a mild hill on the far west side of the festival, to the exhibitor area, smack in the middle, takes a 15 minute walk/ride. SO is actually so big that there are shuttles running around the perimeter to get people from place to place.

In order for us to bring along our 3 bikes we contacted our good friends at Raxter Rack. Raxter Rack, if you remember, had previously sent out the highly recommended 2 bike rack which we did a full review on here. Raxter Rack sent us their very nice 2 bike extension giving us the ability to bring up to 4 bikes to and from SO. I pulled it out of the packaging a few days ago and was very impressed with the glossy black paint which looks great. The previous glossy black paint found on the folding arm has held up with nary a scratch or chip in over 10 months of constant use including a long round trip from Southern California to Colorado.

Same design, just in glossy black

Here’s the description by Raxter Rack:

2 Bike Extension for 1-1049 (2″ 2 Bike Rack), 1-1047 (2″ Single Bike Rack) or 1-1110 (Folding 2″ 2 Bike Rack). Quick installation and removal with only 2 bolts to attach to the rack and 4 more bolts to attach your crossbars! Gloss black . Ships in two boxes.

I got the rack installed onto the original 2 bike rack that Raxter sent out to us last year for testing. The gray rails are the original rails – which still look good – while the black rails are for the new 2 bike extension.

Three parts here: 2 Bike Rack, Folding Assembly & 2 Bike Extension

Some quick first impressions:
- Good quality product. You know you’re getting a good quality product when everything fits PERFECTLY. This is not Ikea stuff where you sometimes have to bend, shim or realign parts to get their products to resemble furniture (don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea as proof by our Ikea furniture. They’re just tough to assemble). With this 2 bike extension everything slips into place gently and you lock them down with the nuts/bolts provided. No need to bore out bigger holes or do the “bolt finding hole” dance.

The new loading trays

- Other than the paint I don’t think Raxter Racks has changed anything… this is a plus as the gray system was easy, quick and secure. I took this rack out with three bikes a couple of days ago and I’d say the most time consuming part of securing a bike is actually walking from one side of the rack to the other! The velcro is so simple and secure I’m surprised so many companies are still using the rubber straps with holes in them method.

Little lonely but we’ll fix that when we drive 700 miles round trip to SO

- Attaches/detaches with two bolts to the original 2 bike rack. The whole 2 bike extension is simply attached by pushing through two bolts through two holes on the original 2 bike rack. This simple procedure takes just a couple of minutes with a couple of adjustable spanner tools or something similar. Below I circled where the 2 bike extension attaches to the original rack. A very clean look.

Two bike extension attachment point

Keep checking back for the full review as we take a few bikes to Sea Otter and back using the new extension.

For more information regarding Raxter Racks, click here.


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