Redline has come out with a couple of new item that the BMX and Dirt Jump set will love.
Let’s start with the new PL-26 that looks like an oversize BMX cruiser. The PL-26 has that old school BMX heritage put into it that Redline is known for. If you want that full sized BMX feel this is the one for you, built with a full chromoly frame, machined BB. The fork is made with the same material and the frame and multi butted with tapered legs, Integrated headset 1 1/8, RL Aluminum HollowPoint 55mm stem, with Chromo bars.
You have the old school type pinch bolt crankset with retro sticker and Bear Cage pedals. Very cool indeed.









You can pick up the PL-26 for a cool $650.00


The new D26 is all Dirtjump. Made with full 4130 Chromoly with mid BB and integrated headtube. The front fork is a Manitou Circus Comp 26″with 100mm of travel and thru axle. Gravity Components for the cockpit, and a Avid rear disc.









Here is a look at one of Redline’s museum BMX bikes from way back.






So Friday night I’m sitting in the living room brain dead, contemplating all of life’s interesting paradoxes, enjoying a nice piece of beef jerky, while having a bowl of Tamalitos, chasing it down with a Lavern (that’s a Pepsi with milk all), trying to think of a way to get out of helping the wife clean the house when I’m saved by the bell or phone ringing. “Hello!” “Yes RL I would love to meet you at Aliso for a ride. Should I bring my Enduro bike are we going to go for it? No! The XC bike, are we going for a long ride then, I need that. What no bike, really?”
So He begins to tell me about this new Mountain bike discipline that’s all the rage and that the discipline is very precise in how you do it, plus you’ll get in great shape. RL begins to tell me that the other riders out there may not approve of us and look down at us. Well I’m in for losing a few pounds, besides I like going against the grain.


We meet up and this Saturday morning is like no other. The crowds are out in abundance, more so then usual. Large groups of hikers, Mountain bikers, and runners. I’m dressed to the Teee’s as RL is. Lady P looking at us thinking, they think they are so pro (always in our minds, lol).
RL goes over everything with me; I’m cool with it, so let’s do this thing. I know it will be the greatest thing ever. It makes me feel like I have new blood in me. We set up our rides, dial in our gear, go over our riding styles and how we will hit the jumps and ride the rough.


As one may expect, it came to know surprise that the main stream riders gave us looks of discuss, crazy, stupid, and even wonderment ( yeah Lady P did think we were crazy, but she went with it).
RL and I hit the trails “MTN AIR BIKING”, that’s right, you heard me, “MTN AIR BIKING”!
And why not Air Bike, the cost is low (only gear, and chances are you have that already) .If you plan on AIR BIKING good safety gear if monument. If you go down hard you can break a leg, twist an ankle, or worse hit your head on the ground.
We were having fun catching big air, riding rough rock sections, and hitting fast switchbacks. What an awesome feeling!!


At the end of the ride I was invigorated, though a little wiped out, as was RL.
This made me think of the guy who invented the wheel. I bet all his buddies thought he was a nut, next thing you know you have the Flintstones.
One must embrace change with vigor; after all we may owe Air Mountain biking to the great legends of the Air Guitar and let me tell you this, it’s big now, competitions, videos, the works
Just think what could be next, Air Mountain Bike racing Big Bear perhaps???

Am I considered OLD School?

Let’s talk about wheel sizes here for a bit. Everyone knows that 27.5 is like the latest rage in mountain biking. The argument is that this size wheel has the benefits of both 26 and 29ers…the best of both worlds. If you didn’t know, I own all three types of wheel sized bikes. I love the 26er for the fact that it’s super nimble and the 29er is feels like it just flows. But to me the 27.5 just feels like a 26, just slightly bigger. So for me that 27.5 is just, let’s see, how can I put this in a gentle way, “just ok.”


I really don’t see myself dropping almost 2k on a new 27.5 bike just because it’s the latest craze, heck I still like running a 9 speed cassette with my 3x crank-set. Why? Eh, I guess it’s because I like the way it works. Yes I do have a 2×10 set up on one of my bikes, it’s great and all, but it’s not my favorite. I like the range that a granny gear gives me as well as the big ring. For me, I like the idea of click 1-2 on my left shifter to dramatically change my ratios rather than click several times on the right shifter with a 10 speed set up.

I suppose we could go on for hours about why old is better and vice versa. Rather than argue, why don’t we listen to some actual old school…

What’s going on with the Two Tituses

titus rockstarWell it’s been well over a year since I received the Titus Rockstar 29er Alloy and about the same for LadyP’s Carbon Titus Rockstar 29er. Both bikes have performed flawlessly. No issues with the frames at all. The only thing that’s really gone wrong with these bikes is that we’re starting to wear them out.

What I mean is my drive train is now skipping, LadyP needs new brake pads and possibly new grips. So other than those normal wear and tear things, the frames have held up. If you recall I built up both of these frames. I absolutely enjoy riding the alloy (blue) because it’s pretty responsive, nimble and it does great on the steeps. LadyP loves the fact that her bike is full carbon. There’s actually a story to that…

Right around the time I got it for her, she mentioned to a friend that she might be getting a “carbon” bike. This friend scoffed at the idea that she’d even get one and even challenged her by stating, “It has to be ALL carbon, not just parts on it.” Well to his surprise she rolled up on the Titus with big smiles on her face.

Long story short, LadyP and I are very satisfied with the Titus Rockstars. We’ve had many miles of adventures with it and you know what, I’ve yet to get a flat on this bike in a full year! Dangit, I think I just jinxed myself!

Titus Rockstar Alloy 29er Update

Not sure if you’ve ever experienced this but when you own something that isn’t quite the norm, it makes the item so much more special. Take for example one of my old motorcycles, an 81 Honda CM200 that I built into a Cafe Racer. It was really unique and cool because there weren’t many of them around. But in terms of mountain bikes, I kinda have that same sentiment when it comes to Bon Jovi AKA: Titus Rockstar Alloy 29er.

For starters the fact that it’s a boutique brand makes it even cooler. I’m one of those that still likes to remain an individual and not go along with the crowd. For those that know me, I do this with almost everything I do. So when people see my Rockstar 29er they do that face where their eye brows go up, lips pucker and nod their heads in approval.
titus rockstar 29er review
Just last week, The Moe, LadyP and myself went to spend a day at Snow Summit Bike Park. I brought along the Rockstar in hopes to see how well the bike would do in DH conditions. Mind you this bike was designed to be an XC rig, but because I want to be different, I put on a 140mm fork and have used this bike for gnarlier trails.

Here’s the Titus Rockstar 29er getting read for it’s first run. titus cycles

We made a few runs through out the day and each time the Titus Rockstar 29er performed like clock work. Suspension was dialed in to soak up all the rough stuff and because it’s lighter than my DH bike, I was able to man-handle the bike even more. This bike really is a super fun bike and I’ve enjoyed every single mile I’ve ridden with it. Did I miss my DH bike that day?

Here’s a shot that LadyP took of me after jumping the little ladder step down at the bike park.
titus cycles 29er

Another example of great customer service: Airborne Bicycles

Not too long ago this happened…

The axle broke on my rear wheel. This wheel set came off LadyP’s Airborne Hobgoblin. But I’ve since sold the frame. However, I kept all the other parts to the bike. So when this happened I wasn’t quite sure where to go to find a replacement part. I didn’t see anything online that would render a place for me to buy a replacement axle.
broken axle
So I did the only thing I could do, I contacted Airborne Bicycles and spoke with Eric McKenna. He’s been our long time friend of the industry. I told him what happened and asked if he knew where I could BUY a replacement axle. He simply asked for my shipping address so he could send me one, for free. Wow! Even though I sold the Hobgoblin months ago, he still provided me excellent customer service! How cool and rare is that? I mean, c’mon! How many companies would support a former customer who doesn’t even own the product any more…

About a week later I received a new axle and my bike is back on the trails!

Big thanks to Eric, you’re one class act. It’s customer service like this that gives a brand a great reputation in the business.

Let’s give it up to Planet X/Titus for excellent customer service!!!

A while back Lady P and I were riding Rockit in Aliso Woods. This is a fun rock garden that we’ve ridden before. As we entered the trail, I see a little lip off to the side and I decided to take it. Boom I launch of it, land the rear tire first and then the front. I keep rolling but eventually I come to a stop to make sure Lady P was ok. Yep, I do that. I will stop at mid descent just to make sure my main squeeze is ok. Anyhow, as I’m waiting I hear a hissing sound. I’m thinking, “Oh great…flat!” But upon closer inspection I didn’t have a flat, but I had a blown rear shock!

Can you see what’s wrong with this photo?
Titus Rockstar, blown rear shock

To borrow a line from Bill Murray in Stripes, “BLOWN UP SIR!”
titus rockstar

Immediately I contact El Guapo over at Planet X/Titus. Mind you this was on a Saturday morning. He was actually at Sea Otter working as an exhibitor. I didn’t think he’d respond until Monday, but within a few minutes, he asked what happened and began the warranty claim for the rear shock. Come the following week, I was sent a #RMA and a shipping label so the shock could be sent back to Rockshox.
Blown out o-ring.

Not quite sure how my shock blew up like that. But it took about 2 weeks for Rockshox to send me a replacement. Yes I said a replacement. Oh by the way, El Guapo actually offered to send me a “loaner” shock until I got mine back from warranty. But I declined his generous offer since I had other bikes I could ride.

So this is my NEW shock. It’s similar to the oem shock, but the newer year model.
Rockshox Monarch RT3
So there you have it…a story about great customer service by El Guapo. It’s not like the Titus Rockstar failed, but he was on it when it came to getting an RMA from Rockshox. The whole process was painless, yes it was inconvenient to have the shock blow out. But I’m glad I had El Guapo on my side facilitating the warranty claim.

Top 50 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get into Mountain Biking

As much as I love mountain biking, I realized there are some pitfalls to the sport. But I found these out AFTER the fact that I started riding. Perhaps if someone told me about them, I may have gotten into bowling or mopeds….ya I can picture…….

With that in mind, don’t get into mountain biking because…

1.Expensive to get into.

2.Parts break all the time.

3.Parts wear out.

4.Flat tires.

5.Throwing up after a climb on your single speed.

6. Sweat.



9.Getting hurt.

10. Ticks.

11. Poison Oak.

12. Bug bites.

13. Moldy water bladder.

14.Walking after your bike breaks down.

15. Driving 50 miles to ride 10 miles.

16.Loss of money.

17. Poor resale value of products.

18.Addicted to mountain biking websites.

19.Always looking out for a good deal.

20. Getting into online fights about what is better, 26,650, 29er.

21. Convincing the wife to let you go riding.

22.Trying to get the girlfriend into riding.

23.Hoping that your kids will become the next world champion.

24. Sweaty balls.

25. Chamois…how come it’s not spelled SHAMMY?

26.Bicycle that cost more than my car.

27.Garage becomes your own personal shop.

28. Can’t decide on which jersey to wear.

29. Cycling socks…you don’t need them. There’s no Sock-Police to tell you that you HAVE to wear them. Just use regular socks.

30. You don’t like people.

31. You don’t like douche bags.

32. You are a douche bag.

33. Racing.

34. Jumps.

35. Rocks.

36. Air shocks.

37. Tubeless tires that leak.

38. Too many types of lube to choose from.

39. XT, XTR,XO,X7,STX,KKK,ABC, BBW,DEORE,RED…too many product lines to remember.

40. Not being able to breathe after a climb.

41. Can’t bunny hop.

42. Can’t wheelie.

43. Can’t change a flat.

44. Can’t fix your bike.

45. No power tools involved when fixing a bike….pssh. mOaR POWaH!!!

46. Garage full of bikes.

47. 1Bed Room Apt full of bikes, no room for furniture.

48. Bike hoarding.

49. Excess parts…you’ll never need that 7speed freewheel again, but you hold on to it just in case!

50. Fun. Yes…it’s too fun.

But don’t you worry, I’m not a Negative Nancy, I did find one reason why you should get into it and it’s probably the main reason why I tell people to try it…and that’s #50…yep, It’s fun! I can’t even count how many times I’ve had a fun time riding with Lady P and my friends. From all the memories of racing, biking trips and the great conversations I’ve had over the years, I simply love mountain biking.

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit: Review

Not too long ago I posted a photo of the new Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit that we received for testing. Since I’m a huge fan of Ghetto Tubeless, this kit caught my attention because it basically takes the same ideas as the Ghetto Tubeless, but it packaged up all in one bundle. It comes with all the things you need to go tubeless. From the Slime Sealant, Gorilla Tape, Valve Stems, CO2 cartridges levers and even a measuring cup.

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit

Taping up the rim with the Gorilla Tape included in the kit.


I used a tire lever to tuck in the tape and make sure I had a good seal. One thing you have to do is start from the valve hole and finish about 5-8″ after it. Then just use a razor to cut out the valve hole and install the stem.

Here’s the rim all taped and ready to go with the valve stem installed (not shown)

Valve stem installed.

I followed the directions on the amount of Slime to use per tire and proceeded to fill in the casing with the green goo. What’s interesting about the Slime is that it’s very slick but not too sticky. Unlike Stan’s, there’s no small particles floating inside the mixture.

Though the packaging stated “Tubeless Ready” I went with what I thought most people would be doing with this kit, converting their regular non-ust tires to go tubeless. Some may call it Ghetto Tubeless, I call it budget tubeless. Anyhow on the left you see a GEAX AKA 29 (in which I know works for ghetto tubeless-previous article) and the other is a Kenda Karma. Notice the green Slime leaking out of the Kenda? Well that never sealed.

In fact the Slime sealant it self just wasn’t that great in sealing either tire. I tried to let it set up and seal in a span of a few days. Basically I’d air it up, shake the wheel around to get the Slime sloshed around towards the leaks, but it just wouldn’t hold. I’ve done tubeless before with Stan’s and usually it’s a pretty easy thing to do. But with the Slime sealant just didn’t work.

Here’s how bad it got. After about 4 days of trying to get my tires to seal, I gave up and dumped out the Slime and replaced it with Stan’s. Guess what, that held. It worked so well that I’m currently running Stan’s sealant with the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit.

Now I can’t certainly say that this kit is a flop. Actually it’s pretty clever to package up all the things you need to convert to tubeless, but it’s that Slime Sealant that makes this kit pointless. The retail for this kit averages to $50. But what if we do the math and create our own kit, could it be cheaper? Keep in mind that the kit comes with C02 cartridges, and tire levers.  However, if you were to get the basic things you need to go tubeless, then it’s going to be way cheaper.

Stan’s Sealant: $15

DT Swiss Tubeless Valves:$15 ( for a set)

1″ Gorilla Tape: $4

Total of $34.00

Ghetto Tubeless is even cheaper

2, 20″ presta valve tubes: $12

Stan’s Sealant: $15

Total of: $27.00

So take it for what it’s worth, the Slime Sealant didn’t work for our test, but the kit is a great idea. If you decided to go with the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready kit, go ahead and get a bottle of Stan’s Sealant with it.

FTC Disclaimer

Study shows that mountain bikers don’t actually like going up hills

In a recent study done by Brown and Stone Research Group, they found that the mountain bikers who brag about “climbing is my favorite” don’t actually like it as much as they let on.  Dr. Brown stated, “Mountain bikers who say that climbing is their favorite is just an attempt to throw people off from their lack of downhill skills. In fact, they don’t like climbing at all. If anything they see climbing as a necessary evil to mountain biking.”

climbing sucks

In addition, Dr. Brown noted that the word “climb” irritates most mountain bikers in general. In fact 86% of mountain bikers agreed on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most), that when they hear “climb” during a conversation about a ride, they are more prone to irritability. “We even had 10 individuals that stated the word bugs them because it uses a silent B in the word. They all agreed that if the word is going to use a silent letter, it should just be eliminated. Their suggestion would spell; “CLIM” with a long I.”