4 Expert Maintenance Tips to Remember for Your Mountain Bike


If you love mountaineering, your mountain bike is definitely close to your heart! Isn’t it? Also, you’ve already spent a pretty penny while buying one for yourself. Rather, if you are planning to buy one soon, you can just go to the high-end stores like Argos.

However, when you have a mountain bike which seems to be your favorite, you always want to get the most out of it. To do that, you need to keep your mountain bike efficiently workable and always in the same brand-new look.

Now, how can you do that?

Here are the four potent mountain bike maintenance tips from my end.

Just have a look!


  1. Examine your brake always


Aren’t the brakes seem to be the most significant part of your bike? You should certainly try to keep them in a great condition to avoid losing your control while driving which could, in turn, cause serious health injuries.


All that you need to do to keep the brakes in a proper condition is checking the brake pads. Don’t forget to use a flashlight to understand whether the brakes are wearing properly or not. If you think that they are excessively wearing, replace them.


  1. Keep an eye on the wheels


When it comes to a smooth ride, wheels seem to be actually significant! They can hold the bike’s tires in the right position. So, you need to keep them in a perfectly tuned condition.

For checking the wheels, you just have to elevate the bike and give a spin to its wheels. Both the wheels of the bike must move evenly. If you think that there is some denting or any kind of damage, just replace at that time itself!


  1. Scrutinize the drivetrain


What does the drivetrain stand for? Well, it is an amalgamation of everything starting from the chain, pedals, chainring to the derailleur, rear-wheel cassette etc. You should take special care of the whole drivetrain because it actually makes your bike to move. It transforms the power that your leg generates to the rear wheel.drive

For keeping this part of your mountain bike up, you need a bike stand to assist you. Now, just raise the rear wheel and give a spin. Don’t forget to sift through all the gears while spinning. Finally, check the chainrings, chain, derailleur, and cassette for any damage. If you find any problem, go for a replacement.

Moreover, when the problem seems to be with the chain, you should change it as soon as possible. It’s because if you wait too long, it will deteriorate the other drivetrain constituents quickly.


  1. Check out the cables


Cables do all the interconnections in the bike. So, without them, a mountain bike can’t move as expected. Thus, you ought to ensure that those cables are not having any crack, crimp, looseness, or dirt. If you think that you are not able to shift or take brake impeccably, it’s advisable that you get your cables changed or oiled at any local bike shop.


Summing Up


So, this is how you should take care of your mountain bike. Isn’t it that simple? Don’t wait anymore! Just follow these tips to keep your bike in a perfect condition and relish the heightened adventures without any obstacle.

Mountain bikes are expensive!

So recently I’ve been in the market for a new mountain bike. But I balked at the idea that a mountain bike can cost as much as motorcycle or a small car. The one I am interested in was over $3000! Back when I first go into riding…mmm about 15 years ago, a thousand dollar bicycle was crazy! Ya I know that there’s innovation and inflation and etc that come into play. But being the Brother on a Budget (BOB) that I am, I find it hard to let go of that 3 grand for a bicycle. Most people will say that it’s an “investment” into their health and etc. Yes true and I agree with that. But it’s still a lot of money out of my pocket.

According to the National Bicycle Dealers Association, there’s been a 42 percent decline in bike shops since the industry’s height in 2001-Outsideonline.com

Ok so this may sound like a poor guy’s rant, which it is. But I can’t help see the correlation to the decline in bike shops to the price of the items they sell. My first mountain bike…well let’s think about this for a moment, but if I go way back to the 80s, a decent mountain bike was roughly $200, sans any type of suspension. My first mountain bike as an adult set me back $300, it was a Gary Fisher Tarpon with a front RST shock. When I bought that bike I remember walking around the shop looking at the bikes that were around $1000 and thought “damn that’s expensive!” Fast forward to 2018 and geez…$3000 for a entry-mid range mountain bike. What sucks is most people can’t afford that so they either go one of two ways. The first option is to not buy a mountain bike because it’s so dang expensive. The other is to finance a mountain bike. For me, I don’t want to go into debt for a hobby. So the guy that doesn’t buy a bike, he’ll just walk away and not even get into it. Or he may even buy a lower end bike that can do the job, but it may not give him the best experience.

Oh one other option is to buy used. Craigslist is chock full of used bikes at a bargain. With that in mind, a sale is being taken away from a shop…because it’s cheaper. I know that many LBS’ use the argument that if you buy local, you support local. Plus they may even give you a discount on your purchase or throw in a helmet and water bottle.

Truthfully I’m all about supporting your LBS if you’re budget conscious. Here’s why, let’s say you are looking at a $3000, the mark up on that bike can range anywhere from 35%-40%, so if you ask your sales man, they may give you a discount. Let’s say they give you a generous 20% discount, they’re still making a 20% profit on your purchase. That means the $3000 becomes $2400 and the LBS still makes a decent amount of money on you. Some shops will even sweeten the deal by giving you accessories. It makes sense to buy from a shop, right? But I digress to the matter at hand is that bikes are expensive! Personally, if I didn’t have the disposable income to purchase the bike I mentioned, I probably wouldn’t even consider getting it.

Another aspect to this that some may not have even thought about would be the kids…What about the kids? How are they going to afford to get into mountain biking especially if their own parents can’t afford it. So what will happen is these kids who can’t afford the bike, they’ll just keep playing Minecraft or start eating Tide Pods because they’re so bored and have nothing else better to do.

So that’s about it. I think I’m tired from ranting. I’m going to have a beer and maybe go hiking

Clickity click…click…slip click

So you’re out riding, and you put some force down on the pedals and clickity slip! Ugh. You try again, but click…clickity slip! From my experience that usually means my drive train is worn out. If you’re anything like me, I usually look for the best value in parts. I tend to shy away from anything super high end because all this crap wears out anyway. So I might as well save money when I’m replacing parts.

Personally I like to go on Amazon or Ebay to shop for my parts. I’ve been doing this for years. Ya I know that we should all support our LBS, but I’ve got to support myself first. Anyhow, I ordered some value parts and it came in within a few short days.

What you see is the following:
KMC X10.93 10-Speed 116L Stretch-Proof Bike Chain fits SRAM Campagnolo & Shimano

Sunrace CSMS1 11-36 10-Speed MTB Bicycle Cassette 11-36T fits SRAM/Shimano Black

Red Derailleur Pulley Set Upgrade for Shimano & Sram 9/10 Speed Derailleurs


I went with the KMC because I’ve used this brand before and I’ve never had issues of them snapping. This is my first run with Sunrace. I honestly bought it because it was black. Then I needed some new pulleys since mine are cracked in half. I bought these, not because they have ceramic bearings, but because they were cheaper than the SRAM brand and they were red. My total spend was $66.35 with free shipping. If I had spent the money on SRAM branded stuff it would have been over $90, so going with the value parts I was able to save $23.99.

Once I get these bits on Madea, I’ll post a quick assesment on how they did. In the mean time, here’s a video to keep you entertained.

Mountain Biker with Short Arms Finds a Solution

His friends call him “Short Arm” Steve because he’s got short arms. He’s had a hard time finding a mountain bike that has a short top tube and a short stem. He’s been known to use a 25mm stem to help his reach problem.

Here’s Short Arm with his lady friend who doesn’t seem to mind his short comings…pun intended.

Short Arm almost gave up on mountain biking until he found a solution for short arm problems through an unconventional method. Back scratchers!

Short Arm Steve stated; “These back scratchers not only changed my riding life, but now I have more confidence to start racing this coming season. My wife also likes my back scratchers. Sometimes she wants me to scratch her back and that always seems to lead to some hot sex right afterwards!”

How to get big calves

If you’ve been mountain biking for a while but haven’t noticed any progress with the size of your calves. Here are some sure fire tips on how to get them bigger!

1. Ride more! Keep putting down the miles and when you are climbing, try standing up. That will get your calves working harder.

2. Do calve raises. Convince someone to sit on your back while you do this exercise. This will isolate your muscles and allow you to make some pretty big gains.


3. Wear slim/skinny fit pants. Nothing shows off your calves like some slim pants. Got these from Old Navy for about $30, worth every penny!

4. Genetics. If you weren’t born with good genetics, then you’ll probably be stuck with chicken legs and a balding head. Sorry, not really sure how to help you with this one.

5. Shave your legs. Last but not least. Shave them hairy legs. Porn stars do it with their genitals to make them look bigger. The same principle applies to your legs.


Hi Sexy!

That’s right, I’m talking to you! Yep, I called you sexy!

Now just to be clear, I’m not gay, far from it! I love vagina! But saying “Hi Sexy” to your riding buddies isn’t a gay act or saying. You’re merely acknowledging the fact that your friend is sexy. Nothing queer about that right? I mean, if you’re a male that is 100% confident in their sexual orientation, then saying such things isn’t going to be a big deal. Think of it this way, women do this all the time. They’ll talk about how some one is pretty or how someone is hot…all the time! But there’s nothing sexual about it, they’re acknowledging that the person they are talking about looks good.


I know what you’re thinking, you may feel uncomfortable calling your buddies Sexy. Hey, that’s ok…it does take some practice and getting used to. So let’s give it a try, below are some scenarios on how you can practice saying “Hi Sexy!”

  1. Boss: “Hi Sexy, I’ve got those TPS Reports ready for you.”
  2. Father in-law: “Hi Sexy, can I borrow your floor jack?”
  3. Grocery store clerk: “Hi Sexy, I’ll take paper bags.”
  4. Priest: “Hi Sexy, I need to confess my sins…”
  5. Barista: “Hi Sexy, I would like a grande, half calf, triple shot, upside down soy, caramel machiatto with 3 pumps of vanilla and whipped cream.”

See…it’s not so hard right? So make sure you start saying this to your buddies this weekend, you’ll find that they’ll return the favor and start calling you sexy or they might even use an upgraded term, a sexy bitch!

If we make fun of you, it means we like you

Over the years we’ve had some friends come through the thickness of MtnBikeRiders.com. The Moe and I were pretty much the ring leaders of our group rides. He and I share the same style of humor and when we rip on each other, neither of us get butt hurt. We then met Art Aguilar who shared the same humor that we had, with that in mind, our bond was formed. Through many years of riding together we’ve learned how to make fun of each other. We don’t do it to be mean or to hurt each other’s feelings, but it’s a sign of endearment. Basically if we like you, then we’d make fun of you. It’s basic boys life kinda stuff.


I was just thinking of all the people that we used to regularly ride with and some of them left because they felt like we were picking on them too much. Um…no man, it just mean’s we really liked that person. I remember one guy who we used to ride with, he became a vegan and so I wrote a post talking about he went back to eating meat…well guess what. He got butt hurt and stopped talking to us. That’s just one example of extreme butt hurtedness that occurred due to our humor. There’s actually a lot more. If you really look at it, we may just be mean…and people don’t like it. Eh, all I know is this, my closest friends who know me the best as are also my riding buddies. Humor is a major part of our riding culture and I’m cool with that. Another way to look at it is this, we may just have thicker skin and know when a joke is a joke.

If you ever get a chance to ride with any of us, you’ll see that we’re actually down to earth, very slow, and we have such a great time out on the trails. We constantly rip on each other out of fun. Nothing super mean like teasing about each other’s wife/gf/bf, small penis sizes or our kids. But more so we tease each other about our lack of riding prowess.


Area man convinced that mountain biking makes women wet

Gary Parsons is an avid mountain biker and he also loves to go camping. He rides his local trails once a week. You can tell he’s a mountain biker based on his Instagram and Facebook posts talking about how he’s able to tame his demons with one mountain bike ride. Gary’s best assets would be his colorful wardrobe of expensive mountain bike clothing from brands like Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Dainese and many more. Gary believes that by looking legit on the trails, it will garner him trail-cred with the trail bunnies, or in other words, the LADIES.

Gary thinks that his pheromones that his body emits while riding his mountain bike makes the women wet. He was quoted saying; “I know that there’s an odor if you will, that my body excretes that drive the women crazy and wet.” When we asked Gary if he has proof they’re “wet” he basically said that some of the runner women he rides past are sweaty.


When we asked him to clarify what he meant by “wet” did he mean vaginal secretions or sweat? He said “Sweat! Vaginas secrete? Eeew that’s gross! Why would anyone want that?!” So it turns out he thinks that the term “wet” means sweat. Technically he’s right, but we believe he’s using it in the wrong context.

In addition, this odor or what he likes to call his pheromones is actually BO…as in Body Odor. Gary says deodorant is for sissies and that natural body odor is man-musk, which drive women crazy.

Look what I got for Christmas!

Alright so here’s something totally unrelated to mountain biking. The Moe got me a super cool present for Christmas! This here is a mini oak barrel. The purpose is to age your own whiskey, tequila and other booze. So here’s the deal, you’re supposed to pour in moonshine and let it age. But I didn’t have any, instead I took a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon that I received from my friend for Christmas. It’s a decent bourbon, but a little on the light side. I let it age in the barrel for a total of 2 weeks and boy I tell you what, the taste is incredible!


The booze became sweeter! Yep, I could taste hints of vanilla and caramel. The color also got darker, it went from a piss yellow to a darker amber color. There’s nothing better than pairing a good whiskey with a good smoke. In the photo I paired it with a Acid Cigars Kuba Kuba, which is a delicious medium smoke that goes well with any whiskey. I also like to take bites of chocolate to help enhance all the flavors while drinking and smoking. Damn…all this talk about booze and cigars is making me want some right now!

Build Update

marin palisades 29er

As you may have read from my previous POST, my bike broke and I bought a new frame. I found a Marin Palisades 29er on closeout from Ebay for about $130. I pulled the trigger and the frame came in.

marin palisades 29er

I sat on building the bike up for a while because I had to order parts for it. I had to get bottom bracket spacers since I went from a 73mm shell to a 68mm. I also had to order a new headset since the Marin’s was larger in diameter than the Titus Rockstar. All that took a few weeks to arrive. Once I finally got the parts in, I got sick.

But laying in bed all day sick gets a man all bored and stuff. One can only watch so many hours of Youtube videos before he gets cabin fever. So I decided to get up, go into the garage and start building this bike up. I ran new shifter cables and housing, installed the new parts and got everything dialed in.

Voila! I’d like to introduce you to….MADEA!


Yes her name is Madea, just like Tyler Perry’s Madea. I named her that because she’s a tall bike! This is a small, but with the big honkin’ fork, I can’t even touch the ground flat footed unless I’m practically off the bike. I’ve yet to ride Madea, still recovering from my cough, but soon…soon.


Have some fun at Betting Top 10!