If You’ve Got Rukus, then bring it!

Evomo Clothing (team sponsor of MtnBikeRiders.com) is in need of some help from people that aren’t sissies.

If you ain’t a sissy, and you’ve got a pocket full of rukus, then vote for them.

Here’s what they need you to do:

Everyday small business are leading our country and their local communities to a new and better way of working and thinking. Through good times and bad, their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit can serve as an inspiration to us all.

American Express, in partnership with NBC Universal, has invited small businesses that are inspiring. These are businesses that have adopted an innovative approach to surviving tough times. They believe in a customer-first mentality and give back to the community.

Three Finalists will be selected by judges and one Winner will be selected from the three Finalists through user voting.
We need everyone to Endorse Evomo to win the Small Business Award from American Express Card and NBC…

Its real easy, just follow the link to the Evomo bio, create a free user account and cast your vote to endorse Evomo.

GOX goggles by Eks Brand

New from Eks Brand are the GOX goggles.  Eks is a new brand hitting the motorcross scene and we at MtnBikeRiders.com have the privilege of being one of the first mountain bikers to test the GOX goggles for our downhill use.  The Eks Brand was created by two guys that have a long history in the motorcross and ski world.   They have had many years of input into major brands such as Smith Goggles, Cebe Optics and Scott Goggles. 

IMG_2778 by you.

IMG2874 by you.

Now comes their own brand with excellent features.  Below is a description of the GOX goggles:

· Revolutionary face-fit frame

· Clear & mirrored anti-fog lenses

· 4 layer sweat absorbing face foam

· Ultra soft anti-static cloth bag

· Race quality for the ultimate value

3565935054_70b2384e2e_o by you.                 RL flyin down Fontana wearing the GOX clear lens.

The GOX goggle comes standard with an anti-fog coated mirrored lens and an anti-fog coated clear lens. It also has integrated tear-off posts, four layer sweat absorbing face foam and a unique face forming, polyurethane frame material.  All Eks Brand lenses are made from the best polycarbonate material and are all anti-fog coated. The tearoff’s work on all of the EKS brand goggles.


WoodwardWest5x5_2 by you.At Woodward West with the mirrored lens.


I’ve had a chance to use the GOX on two races – Sea Otter and Woodward West.  The lens provided unsurpassed clarity as I raced through the dusty conditions.  The anti-fog coated lens worked really well during my eary morning practice runs at Sea Otter.  The fit of the GOX was well balanced accross my face and the pressure was evenly distributed. It stayed in place at all times with no slipping.

3565935366_5dbbf32a99_o by you. 


The GOX comes in a variety of cool colors: Black, Blue, Cherry, Clear, FLO Pink, FLO Orange and FLO Green.  MSRP $44.99Eks Brands also has the FLAT OUT series goggle. This is the same frame as the GOX but it’s only offered in flat colors and it comes with only a clear lens.  MSRP is $35.00.


Check back as we put these goggles to the test through several of SoCal’s downhill races.For more information visit www.eksbrand.com

Surface Guard by ISC Racers tape

Tired of seeing scuffs, scratches and dings on your precious bike? Well here is the solution – Surface Guard from ISC Racers Tape.

2E8J7996 by you. 

It’s a clear tape made to protect your frame/paint from cable rubs, paint chips on chainstays, rock chips on the underside of your downtube or anywhere that you feel it can damage the paint of your bike.  Look at my poor bike… 🙁


2E8J7991 by you.                Rock chips


2E8J7990 by you.Cable rubs


Description from ISC:


Surface Guard Tape comes in Blister Card Packs.  Surface Guard is a clear paint protection film designed to protect any surface prone to scratching, chipping, or weathering.  Virtually invisible to the naked eye, Surface Guard is made of super tough 8-mil urethane film.  Surface Guard conforms to painted surfaces that are vulnerable to the damaging elements that can ruin your investment!  Nothing on the market today compares to this!  Has a removable backing so you can cut shapes and sizes then remove the liner and aply.  Protection for your investment for years to come!

Use Surface Guard for your bike – new or old.  I wish I had Surface Guard when I built my bikes.  As you can see from the pictures above I can certainly use it.  It’s perfect for keeping your frame looking new.  For the older bikes, use Surface Guard to prevent further paint damage on your frame.  You can use it as a chainstay protector.  Get rid of the old intertube wrapping or other types of wraps.  Surface Guard works well and much lighter.  It’s also perfect for carbon frames!


Two convenient sizes:

2″ x 12″ – $24.95

4″ x 12″ – $34.95


Surface Guard is also applicable to other things like cars, boats, and motorcycles.  ISC Racers Tape has been manufacturing a wide range of tapes for different industries for the last 25 years.  For more information on Surface Guard and on their other products, go to www.racerstape.com.


Also look for The Moe’s new build – The Dillinger 29er.  He’ll have the Surface Guard on key places to keep that frame looking pretty!  

Review: 2009 Kona King Kahuna

The Kona Bicycle Company designs, manufacturers and distributes more than 60 models of purpose-built, high-performance mountain, road and urban bicycles. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Ferndale, Washington, USA, Kona bicycles are distributed worldwide in more than 60 countries through independent specialty bicycle dealers. Kona funds several professional road, mountain and cyclo-cross racing teams that include World Cup Champions, World Champions and National Champions.

Kona King Kahuna, freshly built up

Product Tested:
Kona King Kahuna

Website’s MSRP:

Frame sizes 16″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″
Frame tubing Kona Race Light Scandium Butted
Fork Fox 32 F29 RL 80mm
Headset FSA Orbit DL
Crankarms Shimano SLX
Chainrings 44/32/22
B/B Shimano SLX
Pedals Shimano M520 Clipless
Chain Shimano Deore
Freewheel Shimano Deore (11-34, 9spd)
F/D Shimano SLX
R/D Shimano XT Shadow
Shifters Shimano XT
Handlebar Kona XC/BC Deluxe Riser
Stem Kona XC/BC Deluxe
Grips Kona Race Light
Brakes Shimano SLX Hydraulic Disc
Brake Levers Shimano SLX Hydraulic
Front hub FSA XC-290 Wheelset
Rear hub FSA XC-290 Wheelset
Spokes FSA XC-290 Wheelset
Tires Maxxis Ignitor 29×2.1 Kevlar
Rims FSA XC-290 Wheelset
Saddle WTB Rocket V Comp Cromo
Seatpost Kona XC/BC Deluxe
Seat clamp Kona Clamp
Color Grey Metallic/Pearl White

About Me:
6’1” 210lbs, 29 year old male. I’m a mountain biking enthusiast who enjoys XC riding.

Clearing a long climb on the King Kahuna at Fontana’s XC Winter Race Series

Testing Grounds:
Whiting Ranch, Fullerton Loop, Southridge and many other trails in Southern California.

First Impressions:
The Kona King Kahuna is a looker. The build up was easy as most of the bike was pre-assembled. The brake lines were a bit long. They were not so long as to cause any issues while riding but they were long enough that they look a little awkward even though functionally they were fine. If this were a bike I was to keep I would have invested in shortening the lines but since this was a 3 month demo I decided to leave them as is.

I have to say that the Kona King Kahuna is one knock out bike. It is very pretty if you’re into those things which I happen to be. The color scheme is excellent. The graphics on the bike are top notch and very cool. The paint job held really well even after I ate it a few times out on the trail. The blue on the top tube has a sweet metallic finish that shimmers in the light. White forks have always been a plus in my book and I personally like the look of the SLX crankset as compared to Shimano’s LX or XT cranks.

Dropping into a local trail, taken by Mr. Ivan, photog extraordinaire

But what sets the bike apart from other bikes is the Kona branded parts. House brand parts can be hit or miss especially when there is very little information about the parts. You really can’t stack them up against the Race Faces, Eastons and Ritcheys of the world with such a short review period. Over the testing period the parts worked fine which is always a plus but where the Kona parts really shined was the look. The stem, handlebar and seatpost drew rave reviews from virtually everyone who stopped to look at the bike. I was even asked if Kona sold those bike parts separately from their bikes. All I knew was that they were on the website, but without pricing details, I wouldn’t know if they could be purchased sans bike.

Beyond the superficial and subjective opinions on the look of the Kona King Kahuna, what makes the King Kahuna really stand out at this price are two things: 1. the Scandium frame and 2. the Fox fork.

The frame rode surprisingly well for a Scandium frame. Coming off of riding a steel hardtail I was expecting the Scandium frame to be brittle and harsh, but over the testing period I never thought twice about the frame. I was very impressed at how great it felt for not being steel. I wasn’t able to get an exact weight for the frame as the bike came 80% assembled to me but the full bike was probably at least a pound less than my similarly built steel hardtail.

The geometry used on this frame seems to be the “standard” 29er geometry right now. The 71/73 degree head tube/seat tube angles respectively seems to be the norm for 29er hardtails and when I jumped on the bike, I felt pretty much at ease. About the only thing I have to point out is the slightly taller standover height. Most bikes at 19”/Large size do not sport the 32.5” standover height. This, thankfully, did not rear its head in testing, but it is something to be aware of when considering what size to buy.

The Fox F29 is a very good fork. It is stiff and plush for being only 80mm of travel. It took me only a ride to get it fully adjusted to the way I like it which to me makes it easily adjustable. The surprising part to me about the fork is how well it worked on pretty much everything I threw at it. I wasn’t able to get out on really rocky or long technical descents rides but I did ride a lot of my favorite trails. On the trail, there were many times I would just look to find the gnarliest line and send the King Kahuna down it. During those sections I never really wished for more travel which sort of surprised me. The travel is really good on the F29, so much so that the 80mm advertised seems incorrect.

Dropping the King Kahuna in to Cactus at Whiting Ranch

I was able to get the King Kahuna out to Fontana for a XC race during the winter series. The bike carried me to a fourth place finish on a course that had a little bit of everything including muddy climbs, rocky climbs, sandy descents, switchbacks, singletrack… The King Kahuna did a great job of navigating me through it all.

I really had no issues with the Kona King Kahuna from beginning to end. The geometry is good and the bike is a looker. The components are good for the price, all the way around the bike save two parts.

About the only thing I can nitpick on are the two Deore level components on the bike: chain and cassette. These are two “hidden” components that, at this price point, should not be spec’d on a bike. At $2,300 I feel that the minimum level of componentry should be SLX and higher. From our friends in the industry, I know that spec’ing bikes is a difficult process. Getting the best parts for the price is a difficult task but Deore level components, which although not bad are still two steps below SLX, in my opinion should not be on a $2,000 plus hardtail bike.

Steep downhill section at the Fontana race, see the Pro rider behind me? j/k. He was on his 2nd lap… me just finishing my first.

The Kona King Kahuna is Kona’s high end hardtail 29er. It comes with a great Scandium frame that combines surprising comfort while also keeping things pretty light weight. The Fox fork and strong components make for a durable well rounded bike that can withstand some hard trail riding while also easily slipping into the racer mode if you so desired.

For more info on the Kona King Kahuna, click here.

More Evomo Bad-A$$ne$$!

The Evomo crew are basically the bad boys of mountain biking. Rock Racing may hold the bad boy image for road racing, but for mountain biking, no one captures it like Evomo. So what makes Evomo so B/A? Well it starts off with some pretty sweet product and a couple swigs of JD. You may have seen the interview already that showcased their new 08 product line, but I wanted to feature a few more products that was really cool and you should definitely get.

This is the 3D shirt…yup 3D! You also get a pair of 3D glasses when you buy it. Being the team player that I am, I donned the 3D eyewear to see if this shirt lives up to its purpose…
evomo 3d shirt
Here’s a shot of me tripping out on this shirt! It really does pop out at you.

Here’s another 3Dish product, its their new hats. Bryan Thombs, Mastermind of Evomo actually gave us some for the show.

Now I don’t know if this is available to anyone other than cool people and team members, but this jersey is super cool. Here’s Bryan showing it off.

Oh did you see this…oh hey, who’s logo is that? Oh whut? No way! It’s the MtnBikeRiders.com logo! Now that’s B/A!
evomo team jersey
Moe has one and I know its one of his favorite jerseys!

So if you’re curious about any of the products you’ve seen, feel free to hit up Evomo.com and order stuff. Don’t worry we don’t get commission or anything like that. We just like Evomo and their products.

RateMyBicycle.com is now Open for Business!

A while back…about 2 weeks ago, Moe and I were talking about building a new site that would allow our readers a chance to show off their bikes! Well, in all honesty, between Moe and I, we probably have over 30 bicycles in our possession…and we wanted to show them off… not in a “neener neener neener” way, but in a fun way. Most of our bikes have gone through some sort of customization where they are so far from stock. We knew that we weren’t the only ones that have this type of passion for bikes. I know for a fact that our readers LOVE bikes as much or maybe more than Moe and I do and probably have done some pretty amazing custom jobs on their rigs…. Tim S….I’m talking to you!

So without further adieu, I present to you…www.RateMyBicycle.com!

Now hold on — before you start thinking that this is just for commuters or mountain bikers…NO! All bicycle types are welcome to be posted. Here’s the the best part. YOU the READER can create an account on RateMyBicycle.com and post photos of your own bikes! Simply sign up, upload your photo to your Flickr or Photobucket account, use the URL they provide you and post away!

The site pretty simple to use (simple instructions are included on the homepage) and we’ve made it into a blog format so you can see the newest postings of bikes all the time. You can also click on the specific category you want to see and only those bikes will show up.

Once we get things moving on the site, we’ll be hosting monthly contests to see which bike gets the most votes. Yes, you can vote for yourself, but there’s only one IP address per vote so it may not let you do it more than once.

Go on…have fun!

MTv and MTnBikeRiders.com

mtvNot too long ago MTv’s Parental Control Show contacted KMX Karts and asked if they can use the trikes as part of a date during an episode. Since KMX US is based out of Ohio, they contacted me to see if I can coordinate with the MTv producers and provide them a set of KMX Karts for the show.

So I call up my partner in crime,Moe as well as my buddy Scott Sweeney (no relation to Ghost Rider) to see if they could help me out during the taping. We loaded my little hatchback with the KMX Karts and drove down to a place called Aliso Canyon Park out in Porter Ranch.

Once we got to the location, we were treated to a catered lunch that served us Messican food, grilled Sword fish and the best bread pudding in the world!

Here are the KMX Karts. Magally and Brian at Pricepoint.com were kind enough to provide the show a set of Sette Impact Knee/Shin guards and elbow pads.

At one point, the camera guys set up the KMX Kart with a point of view camera or POV.

Part of the show required a vehicle to be used in the scene. So my little Hyundai became an immediate star! When this airs, and you see this car, just remember its mine!

Moe and I spent some time with one of the “daters” of the show teaching him how to operate the KMX. We jumped on the golf cart and followed him around while giving him pointers.

Here’s a random shot the crew hard at work.

A scene where my car was used.

So here’s your two “daters” going on their KMX Karts Date. Cool guys named Ronan and Shaun.

Scott helping one of the camera guys with the POV camera.

This was the last scene of the day where the two daters were chit chatting and trying to get to know each other.

As the day came to an end, we were at least two hours away from home. The LA traffic didn’t help but today was certainly a great day. We’ve never been part of any type of TV show, so this experience was pretty cool! Our main job was to make sure the guys were ok and that the KMX Karts were in working order during the whole shoot.

I’d like to thank MTV and staff for having us there, KMX Karts for giving us the opportunity as well as PricePoint.com for providing the Sette Impact protective gear for the show.

To see more photos of the taping, click HERE!

BTW the show will air in 6-8 weeks!

Shimano American Buys Pearl iZumi for $70M

By Jessica Lee
Orange County Business Journal Staff

Vancouver, Wash.-based Nautilus Inc. announced today that it is selling its Pearl iZumi apparel line to Irvine-based Shimano American Corp., a division of Japanese cycling and fishing equipment maker Shimano Inc.

Shimano American makes electronic gear shifters for bikes, along with other bike parts and accessories like specialized biking shoes.

Shimano will pay $65.3 million in cash for Colorado-based Pearl iZumi, which Nautilus acquired in 2005 for $74 million. Shimano will assume $4.2 million in long-term debt from the buy. The deal is expected to close by the end of March.

Pearl iZumi employs some 130 workers. It makes clothing and accessories for biking, running, and other outdoor sports.

Nautilus, which has a market cap of about $124 million, announced that it would be selling Pearl iZumi in October.

Formed in 1986, Nautilus employs 1,450. It has operations in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Virginia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, China and Australia. The company laid off 140 employees, including about 80 in Vancouver, in October.

Courtesy of the OCBJ

Great Customer Service Continued

Customer Service has been an on going discussion on MtnBikeRiders.com. I wanted to feature another company that has proven to have one of the best customer service in the business. That company is PricePoint.com

I’ve been a customer of Pricepoint.com for years. In recent times, we’ve asked them to send us some Sette products to review and after talking to Magally, the Marketing Super Star at Pricepoint.com, I usually get my items via UPS within ONE DAY! Now mind you, they send out their packages via UPS Ground 5-7 days and that I only live 40 miles away. But still…I’m just impressed that it gets to my door the next day…no extra charge.

I know what you’re thinking, “well its because you’re working with the Marketing/Promotions department, that’s why you’re getting stuff right away…” No…thats the case, In times where I’ve ordered products for personal use, I get the same great service, prompt shipping and the prices are always lower at Pricepoint.com than anywhere else.

I’m not so sure how Pricepoint.com is able to make a profit due to the low prices they sell their products for, but that’s what they’re good at, getting you the lowest prices, heck their motto is, “Pricepoint, where PRICE is the Point!”…nuff said.

So overall, Pricepoint.com has proven to be a great place that offers awesome prices, and amazing service. By the way, their Sette line products is pretty legit, plus they have TONS of single speed products that they sell.

St. Patty’s Day Feast Downhill & Super D Mountain Bike Event

Our buddy David “Crash” Collins of Crash Innovations sent us an announcement of an event he’ll be hosting…


• Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada (a designated IMBA Epic site)
• Super-D & Downhill Racing – Open to the public
• Crash Innovations (presented by)
• Complete event insurance (MCKAY Insurance Co)
• Saturday Night Street Party featuring The “Stoney Curtis Band? and big screen highlights of Saturday’s racing
• Spectator Friendly Courses
• Sponsor owned sections for both Super D & Downhill Courses
• Concessions (food & sponsors, etc.)
• Sponsor announcements with music and more
Racer discounts at local Motels, Hotels and Casinos
• On-site Mechanic support by Stan the Bike Whisperer
• FREE Beginner MTB Clinic taught by World Gold Medalist & National Champion, Doris Matyasovich (Saturday Only) Bike rentals available @ All Mountain Cyclery
• Race Meal Deals throughout the town
• Super cool trophies for all classes / Cash prizes to the elite racers
• Event T-Shirts
• Sponsor Giveaways & Raffles
• Award ceremonies following each day of racing
• Estimated participants both days total = 400
• Mail-in, on-line and same day registration available (All Mountain Cyclery in Boulder City will also have onsite-registration)
• ***Free*** camping (restrooms and showers)
• Race DVD’s available

You can get more info on the Crash Innovations MySpace Account.