While at Sea Otter you will always see something new that will be coming out soon or will be for the next year.
We ran into Trevor Gay from Airborne Bicycles and he was rocking a new prototype 650b (27.5) that Airborne has been testing.
With the advent of so many bicycle companies going to either 650b or 29er I could say that 26″ wheel may disappear soon except on low end bikes.

Airborne sees this and has been working on there first 650b. It will be around 5″ travel in the rear although they spec the prototype with a 150mm fork, one would guess it will be close. When ask if this would be the bike’s group spec, the answer was no. This was all set up to race this weekend.
The bike (as you see the photos)looks very impressive. If you notice the head angle you, will see the it looks very slack. It is a 66 degree head angle. I would say slack for a bike like this, but I see this as a good thing, as this will give better stability at high speed or steep drop-in’s, also a tapered head tube for a stiff front end.

The rear wheel will be thru axle which will give great stiffness when on the pedals and when hammering during that Enduro race or shredding your favorite trail. You will see that it will be able to allow a front derailleur for 2x 10 drivetrain or as you see it here set up in a 1x.


Its always cool to see the word Prototype on anything and seeing what Airborne has accomplished in a short time I for one am very pleased to see them heading in a great path. Having been a part of Airborne with our DH Web Team was great. They are coming up fast and doing it right for the consumer with great pricing and a decent product.
No word on release date yet, but stay tuned if your an Airborne fan on there website and Facebook fan page.

Race Report: Over the Hump Series

This summer here in Orange County at Irvine lake is a local mountain bike races series on Tuesday nights. The Over the Hump series spans about three months and is twelve races long. This past Tuesday concluded the second installment of the series.

Riders gathering before the race.
Riders gathering before the race.

The first race had around 600 hundred riders participate and there were 77 riders in my class alone. The course is a fairly simple one with no major technical sections, and only two longer extended climbs. The starting line is a fire-road type section overlooking a nice view across Irvine Lake. From the starting line the road makes a generally straight shot to the first climb, but it is subject to two way traffic from the riders (mainly expert/pros on the first lap) ahead returning from the first loop. The course takes a hard right hand turn up the first climb of the lap.

Waiting for the race to begin.
Waiting for the race to begin.

The climb starts the first part of the loop and at the top it levels off hits a added section that differed from the first week’s course. It went through a few turns and and headed down the other side of the hill from what we climbed and then back around and up to where we dropped down and back down the way we came up. After this descent was the fireroad that led back to the starting line.

Down the first descent of the course.
Down the first descent of the course.

Just past the starting line the course makes a left across the lake. After a short rise and matching decline the course leads into another flat. The flat leads around the back of the back the hill which holds the final big (relatively to this course) climb of the lap. From there a short descent leads to the the longest section of mainly single-track with some quick turns. The first week this area ended in a big very muddy section through the brush, but for the second race was a reroute through the sand. Once out of the brush a short fire-road leads to the finish line.

Finishing up the first lap.
Finishing up the first lap.

The first week I was in a rather large class, as I mentioned before, and I started near the back of the group. So for the second race I made sure to try and start closer to the front of the pack. Once off the line the leaders where in a full-out sprint. I sat and spun at a good clip and tried to keep the leaders in site. By my count there were about 7 riders ahead of me at this point and I was trailing the lead pack. We hit the first climb and I thought I passed about 5 riders on the climb. I stood the whole way through the climb hoping to put the other two riders back in sight, but to no avail. The first lap continued uneventful I didn’t see any other riders from my class.

As I exited the brush at the end of the first lap a I finally saw another rider from my class as he passed me. I made sure to stay tight on him through the flats to the first climb where I return the favor and passed him. I pushed hard up the hill to put as much ground as I could between us. Down and back up the back side of the hill I pushed hard before heading down and out of that section. As I crossed the lake the other rider in may class was able to pass me again. After leading through that section of flats I didn’t have enough to fend him off. I made sure to keep him in sight and thought I should be able to gain some ground back on the final climb. I did gain ground, but only cut the distance in half and it was not enough to pass him again. Only twenty yards or so separated us as we zipped through the remaining single-track. As we hit the sand he was able to get around a sport rider who was keeping a good pace. He was going fast enough that I didn’t have enough left to pass him through the sand. As I hit solid ground again it was a hammer-fest to the finish line I was stood the last quarter mile in a full sprint to the finish line.

Clearing the top of the final climb.
Clearing the top of the final climb.

I finish 14 seconds behind the other rider in my class, thinking we were probably about 4th & 5th respectively. Once the results were in to my surprise, I was way off. It turns out I finished 2nd, and once the results were finalized, after the first two races I am leading the series as well.

Airborne Bicycles is in SoCal, and we got to hang out with them! and a few members of the Race Team was lucky enough to get a chance to hang out with the guys from Airborne Bicycles. After spending the evening eating dinner, we then went out to the restaurant parking lot to check out their 2011 bikes.

Be prepared for shear awesomeness that you are about to experience in this very photo-rich posting. You ready? Here we go!

First up, the very sexy Airborne Delta CX (cyclocross). Laced with an EVO carbon fork, the new SRAM Apex compact drivetrain equipped with 46/36 chain rings and the extended range cassette. Race ready and easy on the wallet with a very attractive price point: $1099.

(Photographer-Jeremy Yang)

Airborne Delta CX
JKY-Airborne Bikes-7

JKY-Airborne Bikes-5

JKY-Airborne Bikes-4

JKY-Airborne Bikes-3

Disc Brakes!
JKY-Airborne Bikes-2

Carbon Fork
JKY-Airborne Bikes-1

Next up…

The Airborne Goblin 29er. Wickedly (as in good) priced at a very hot $1199; the Goblin comes adorned with SRAM X7 2×10 drivetrain, Avid Elixir brakes, Kenda Small Block Eight, Airborne cockpit(stem/bar) and a Rock Shox Reba fork.
JKY-Airborne Bikes-8

JKY-Airborne Bikes-10

JKY-Airborne Bikes-11

JKY-Airborne Bikes-13

JKY-Airborne Bikes-14

“Kool-Aid Green”
JKY-Airborne Bikes-15

Last but certainly not least, the Airborne Wingman. This badassery on two wheels retails for $749 and is equipped with a Marzocchi DJ-3 fork, Tektro hydraulic brakes, Alex rims,Funn stem/bar and Kenda K-Rad tires.
JKY-Airborne Bikes-16

Check out that beefy drop out…dang
JKY-Airborne Bikes-17

This is my favorite parts of the Wingman, the top and downtubes. Airborne decided to go with a 6061 aluminum alloy that was hydro-formed to create this very unique look and style of the tubes.
JKY-Airborne Bikes-18

JKY-Airborne Bikes-19

JKY-Airborne Bikes-20

JKY-Airborne Bikes-21

Here’s some “behind the scenes” photos by Khoa Nguyen.

From left to right: Priscilla’s leg, Rick Vosper (Airborne), Jeremy Mudd (Airborne), Art Aguilar, and Jeremy Yang taking the photo.

The Goblin was Jeremy’s favorite.

Here I am doing my part to help with the pictures as Jeremy works without complaining.
We hope that you enjoyed our little pictorial tour of the new 2011 Airborne Bicycles. If you’re going out to Sea Otter this coming spring, you should see them out there. They plan on having a large presence at the event, in fact, they are planning on selling bikes there too!

Oh check this out, we should be getting these bikes to review in the next few months!

For more info about Airborne Bicycles, make sure you check out their WEBSITE. You should also check out their Facebook Fan Page for the latest and greatest news.