Clif Shot Roks-Review

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I received the Clif Shot Roks to review. Here’s the “specs” (nutritional value)

One of the things I really liked about the Roks is that the outer coating doesn’t melt. So that means you can go on super long epic rides with the Roks in your pack or even in your pockets and they won’t get all melty and stuff. Shoot if you’re like me, you like to ride after work. That means I leave all my biking stuff in the car where it reaches up to 120 degrees. But Clif says it won’t melt so I don’t have to worry about them.

So how does this stuff taste? PRETTY DARN GOOD! Man, I have to admit, Clif Shot Roks have quickly become my new favorite in bikey snacks. They’re great for rest stops or for recovery. The fact that it has 20g of protein per serving makes it post-ride perfect. Plus there’s enough Carbs (28g) in there to help you keep going through out your ride. The best way to describe the texture/flavor would be this…take the chocolaty cover of a Whopper Malt Ball, and cover a chocolate Clif Bar with it. Bam! ROKS! It really is delicious and its easy on the stomach, it’s not heavy so its great for longer rides.

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Clif Shot Roks average $2.25 per pack or $$25 for a 10 pack.

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KIT’s Organic Chocolate Almond Coconut Review

KIT’s Organic Chocolate Almond Coconut was sent to use by the kind folks of Clif Bar to review.

Interesting flavor combo, Chocolate, almond and coconut. Plus it’s organic!

Here’s the specs:

Certified organic
Soy free
Dairy free
Gluten free
Scored higher in consumer testing than the leading fruit & nut bar in flavor, texture & appearance*

*Independently conducted blind taste test of Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar flavors vs. Larabar® comparable flavors

Ingredients: Organic dates, organic almonds, organic unsweetened chocolate, organic coconut, organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt.

Allergen Statement:
Contains almonds and coconut. May contain traces of other tree nuts. We source ingredients that are not genetically engineered. May contain nutshell fragments.

It has 190 calories per bar with a total fat of 12g, 25g of carbs, 4g of protein.

How does it taste? Have you ever had a Lara Bar? Well it has a similar taste and texture to it, but the KIT’s is way better. The flavors are more complex and you get small chunks of almond, and a bit of coconut pieces. The base of the bar is made from organic dates which delivers a sweetness that isn’t overpowering. The taste of coconut is very pronounced and gives it a nice roasted, flavor that compliments the almonds. In comparisson to the Lara Bar, KIT’s far exceeds the taste (flavor) and texture. At 190 calories, it kept me satisfied between meals and didn’t leave me feeling like I had a log in my stomach. KIT’s would be ideal for mid or late afternoon snack, or during a rest break at your local mountain bike trail.

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Clif Bar Gary’s Panforte Review

Clif Bar sent me a sample pack of their newest flavor the Panforte to review. On the label it stated it has fruit, nuts and spices. Hmm, sounds interesting, right? According to Clif Bar, this flavor was inspired by an 800 year old recipe.

One of the first things I check on any bar would be its nutrition value. 260 calories, 10 grams of fat, 44 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein. These numbers aren’t that far from other Clif Bar products.
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So how does it taste? Well let me walk you through the scenario that took place in my kitchen this morning. I opened the wrapper and found that this bar was packed full of nuts! I sniffed it and it has a sweet, chocolaty and obviously nutty aroma. Took my first bite, it reminded me of their Chocolate brownie Clif Bar. Then the fruit flavors started coming out. Just to give you an idea of what’s in the bar, check out their ingredients list:

Ingredients:Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Rice Crisps (Organic White Rice Flour, Organic Dried Cane Syrup, Organic Barley Malt Extract, Salt), Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Date Paste, Organic Figs (Organic Figs, Organic Oat Flour), Organic Almonds, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Organic Pears, Organic Zante Currant Raisins, Crystallized Ginger (Ginger, Dried Cane Syrup), Walnuts, Dried Citrus Peel Blend (Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Cane Syrup, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid), Organic Almond Butter, Organic Cocoa, Spices (Organic Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Coriander, White Pepper), Sea Salt, Natural Vitamin E (Antioxidant).

But I digress, right away you can taste some of the Orange Peel, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cloves. It’s actually very delightful because I’ve never had a bar that posses so many complex flavors in one bite. If anything it reminds me of the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Violet starts eating the gum that has a full course dinner…but with the Clif Bar you won’t turn into a blueberry. Overall the bar is really tasty, and somewhat reminds me of the fruityness that a Fruit Cake would offer.

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Gary’s Panforte would be a great meal replacement bar if you’re on a diet, there’s enough calories and goodness in the bar to keep you full. Plus if you’re out hiking, mountain biking or doing any type of activity that requires sustenance. Oh I forgot to mention one of the best parts about Clif Bars, they’re Organic! You can pretty much find their bars almost anywhere. So the next time you’re anywhere that sells Clif, look out for Gary’s Panforte and give it a try, you never know, this could become your new favorite!

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Mother’s Day Give Away

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have a contest that will make your mom pretty happy.

Win this gift pack from Clif Bar.
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All you have to do is leave a comment on why your mom is the best or worst in the world. We’ll randomly pick a winner. (US Only). Contest ends 05/13/2012 12noon.

MtnBikeRiders Holiday Gift Guide-2009

To help with your holiday shopping for the mountain biker in your life, I’ve come up with some great products that will make you a winner.

Clif bars holiday flavors. Yum. Out on the trail, you’ve got to have nourishment. Why not make it a Cranberry Orange Nut Bread, Sliced Pumpkin Pie or Iced Gingerbread? The holiday Clif bars are a seasonal item and make a great stocking stuffer for the mountain biker who has everything.

Uh, yeah. I want some pumpkin pie!

Wool socks: During the winter time our feet get cold out there on rides. I picked up a pair of Swiftwick Four Merino socks a couple of weeks ago and really like them. They definitely keep my feet toasty when out riding and they feel great with comfy sole support. OK, so this is Southern California so take the “toasty” comment with a grain of salt but a “prop” for the Swiftwick Socks is that the Merino wool socks are machine wash-able and can be put in the dryer on low.

Cold winter ride + Feet warm & toasty = GOOD

If the doldrums of winter are getting your mountain bike aficionado down, give him something he can upgrade on the bike. Changing new cables are recommended on a yearly basis, depending on the number of miles you put on the bike. For derailleur cables I like fully sealed systems but they can be pricey. Instead, I’ve tried and like Jagwire Ripcords. The Ripcords come in different colors including: merida green, white, red and SID blue to name a few.

White derailleurs cables, THAT’S HOT!

For those that have a hitch mount on your vehicle I cannot more highly recommend the Raxter Rack. This is the best rack system I have used and I trust all my bikes (and other people’s bikes) to it. I am always questioning the thought process behind purchasing a $3,000+ bike or two and transporting it on a $50 rack. Cheap racks are cheap for a reason: they have compromises. They compromise in how they hold your bike (rubbing the paint off your bike’s top tube… ask me how I know), they compromise in materials (cheap metal that won’t support the bike’s weight) or they compromise in design (allowing exhaust from the tailpipes to heat up a bike’s tires in transport). The Raxter rack holds the bike securely, by the wheels so no paint rub, uses sturdy materials (nearly 3 years: looks great, functions PERFECTLY) and is designed extremely well. It’s also really easy to use!

Did I mention that RL likes it too?

OK, this last one is spendy: if your mountain biker buddy has not tried a 29er, it is time to get ‘em on the big wheels. As proclaimed by one prominent mountain biking magazine, the 29er hardtail will replace the 26” hardtail. I can promise you, your mountain biker buddy will go absolutely gaa gaa with a 29er hardtail in the garage. I would personally start off with a Sette Razzo, which has a great balance of component spec and low price. Or, if you have money to burn, a Kona King Kahuna would be a great addition to any bike stable.

29ers ROCK!

Happy Holidays and please add your holiday suggestions in the comments section below.

Interbike 2008: Clif Bar-Shot Roks

There were TONS of food/energy drink companies at Interbike, but Clif Bar was the one that wowed me. They have a new product called “Shot Roks” that was introduced at the show.

Basically these things look like candy coated Whoppers with a chewy center. What’s cool is each Rok has 2 grams of protein and it comes in 3 flavors, Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate (my fav!)
shot roks
Here’s more information on it. CLICK HERE.

They even had a hot chocolate recovery drink…that was yummy!