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That’s right folks, the videos we shot and edited made it to the Sea Otter Classic Home Page….AGAIN! This is the second time they’ve used our videos to showcase what you can see at the event.

The videos were a collaboration between the work of myself(footage/editing), Jeremy (photos) and Moe(videos), in other words it was a team effort. The videos they featured were of Ryan Leech’s show and the SRAM Dual Stunt Show. You can check out or watch them below to relive the experience.

Thursday Tech Tip: How to Remove A Crank Arm…or two

This week’s Thursday Tech Tip was proudly presented by Jeremy Yang. He needed some help with the Redline Mono9’s crank arms. So rather than giving the boy the fish, I taught him how to catch a fish…and placed him in front of the camera for the whole world to see!

So with out further adieu..I present, Jeremy Yang and this week’s Thursday Tech Tip!

You can see more Thursday Tech Tips at

How to build your mountain biking confidence

The best way to build up your mountain biking confidence is to start working on your own bike. Working on your bike isn’t rocket science….well truing and building wheels might be. But having the knowledge and skills to repair your bike on the work stand or on the trail will greatly increase your cycling confidence.

Think about it, if you were so worried about breaking every little thing on your bike…which causes you to slow down or not ride as hard…then you’re robbing yourself of the fullest potential a trail, your bike and your biking abilities can dish out. On the flip side of that, if you knew how to work on a busted chain, mis-shifting derailleur, flat repairs and many more…you’re more likely to go balls out on your rides.

In order for you to start building your confidence, you need to learn how to fix your bike. We offer a weekly How To called, “Thursday Tech Tips.” We started with our how to’s with regular article format, that included photos and step by step instructions. Which I may add, we have over 65 How To’s posted. We’ve recently started doing a video version of the tech tips on In fact we’re filming one tonight…ya its a bit late, but this one is really good.

If need more help, you can certainly talk to your LBS and see if they offer FREE clinics. Most LBS’s that I know offer basic bicycle repair sessions after the shop closes. Another great tool is to get the Video Bike Repair DVD. Those folks that created this DVD did a great job in covering things from disc brakes to bottom brackets.

Now if you don’t have access to either of the two, ask your mechanically inclined buddy to show you the ropes. Usually they’ll be happy to oblige, but sometimes a 6 pack wouldn’t hurt.

Confidence has to start with knowing every aspect of your bike. Sure knowing how to handle your bike has some value, but knowing how to fix it will bolster your over all mountain biking experience.

Thursday Tech Tip: Scouring Pad

Here’s a little trick I learned recently. Yes I know that the bike I’m using for this tip isn’t a mountain bike, but if you have a bike that uses Canti-levers or V brakes, this should work for you.

Check out the Video HERE.

For you mechanically declined people

Our buddy RS Brown of sent me this press release. is now showing videos from their
popular bicycle repair DVDs for free!

‘Round-the-world’ cyclist Darryl Kelbrick and Certified Mechanic Jeff Dustin teach you exactly how to get the most from your Road Bike and Mountain Bike with clear, close-up shots, tips and advice that enable you to do a professional job – even if you have no experience. With easy step by step instructions, you can now set up, repair and maintain your mountain and road bikes yourself.

Topics will include how to replace cables for brakes and derailleurs. These will include how to adjust front and rear derailleurs for Shimano and Campagnolo derailleur systems. There will even be a segment on the “reverse shift” or “rapid rise” derailleur! Many of these techniques can be applied to other derailleur brands too. Threaded and Threadless Headset adjustments will be covered including cartridge and loose bearing styles. Brake videos will include brake systems from Avid, Shimano and Hayes including pad replacement, installation and bleeding. Bottom bracket replacement will feature Hollowtech 1 and 2 describing all the tools needed for these repairs. Additional repair clips will include cassette and crankset replacement, wheel building and truing, tire and tube replacement
and repairs that you can make while you are out on a ride. The company says it plans to have the entire video library on the website within a few months with new clips coming on line every week or two. Even though they are reduced in quality for rapid web viewing, viewers should be able to gain the knowledge and insight needed to keep their bicycles in tip top shape. Of course, viewers who want to be able to watch the repair videos in
full resolution can purchase the DVDs from the website which offers free worldwide shipping.

To see the free repair videos, go to