Dear Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Maker…

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my concerns that full face helmets do not offer enough ventilation when it comes to breathing through my mouth. I have used several helmets and they only offer small vents on the mouth/chin guard.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever ridden or raced downhill, but nothing sucks more than to…uh suck in your own breath.

If you’re not certain on what it is I’m envisioning, I’ve attached a photo as an example.

Check out this helmet, it has ample vents on the mouth/chin guard, and it has a hydration system built in…now that’s awesome!

Please quickly design this helmet…oh and can you throw in a salsa dispenser and chip bowl on there too?

Thank you,

RL Policar
BAD ASS Mountain Biker and Super Cool Downhill RACER!

POC Sports: Cortex Full Face Helmet and Iris Goggles

While at Interbike 2008, met up with POC Sports or some of you may know them as POC Ski out of Sweeden. POC has been making products for snow people, and now they’re trying their hand in mountain biking. We received a POC Full Face Helmet and Goggles.


Cortex Full Face Helmet

* Carbon outer shell (DH version), Fiber glass outer shell (Flow version)
* PC inner shell
* Multi-impact liner
* Aramid penetration barrier
* Ventilation paths through the inner and outer shells, as well as the liner
* Ear chambers for hearing and balance
* Optimized chin bar for breathing and protection

Iris DH Goggle

* double lense construction
* Anti-fog
* Anti-scratch
* PE clear tear-offs
* Coolmax moisture wicking face foam
* Silicone gripper on band

poc helmet

Large opening allows you to breathe better. This is especially helpful when you’re sprinting to the finish.

These goggles are very comfy and never fogged on me during my practice runs or the actual race.

You might have seen me wearing it during the Southridge DH Race.

Stick around for a review as I put the POC Cortex and IRIS through the paces at the Winter Series in Fontana.