Ergon love

As most of you know the Team MtnBikeRiders has been representin’ strong in our first few races. The team has been training hard these past few months and we’ve been having a great time out there! RL has done a great job with setting us up with some of the best companies out there for sponsorships and we are so proud to have their names on our jerseys! 😀

This past weekend Jeffrey over at Ergon set me up with the girlie Ergon backpacks since the boy pack packs were a little big for Kim and I. I am a huge fan of Ergon grips and I wouldn’t ride without them….so I was excited to try out their backpacks.

I instantly fell in love when I opened the box! As much as I love the trademark green for Ergon, I have to say that the all black backpack is super sleek looking! Perfect fit for my curvy frame and I just love all the bells and whistles on this pack.

Here is the description for the boys BD1 pack:

A cycling backpack featuring a revolutionary carrying system. The central Flink® Link ball joint allows for huge freedom of movement for the upper body. Pressure is evenly distributed on both shoulders, protecting the back. This makes for a completely new and comfortable carrying sensation. Gender specific carrying systems each in two sizes. The BD1 is the perfect lightweight compact daypack. The BD1 features a large top opening design and includes one small external gear pocket, hydration bladder sleeve, helmet holder and integrated rain cover.

As a woman, I love small details – it really shows how much a company values their product when they put the extra time and money into small details. My favorite details in this pack – great padding on the straps, the built in whistle on the front buckle, the built in rain cover on the underside of the pack, the fact that it sits up right when placed on the floor, the design of the bag keeps it off your back…(no more sweaty back) and I love the flexible link system. If you ever get the opportunity you must try on this pack. I was amazed when I picked up the pack filled with items – it feels heavy in my hands, BUT the instant you put it on your back..AMAZING…it feels weightless! NO KIDDING.

I often hesitate when filling my backpack because of how heavy it feels on my back but that really isn’t an issue anymore with this pack. I can’t wait to put it to full use on an epic ride, filling it with all kinds of goodies! 🙂

Interbike 2008: OURY Red Lock-on Grips

New from OURY is the color RED lock-on grips.  They’ve had a lock-on grip in their product line, however it was just limited to one color – black.  New for 2009 is a red grip coupled with the ODI Lock Jaw clamps. 

IMG_9052 by you.


I’ve been a fan of OURY grips for many years.  I’ve used their regular Mountain Grip on several of my bikes as well as the black lock-on grips on my DH bike.  I have to say first hand from experience – they are comfortable! 

IMG_9055 by you.                                       Check out these huge pads! Comfort for your hands…

Here is a description from OURY: 

  • Anti-vibration
  • Large pad design eliminates numbness and slipping
  • The extremely soft rubber will give excellent control and maximum comfort
  • Package includes grips and ODI lock Jaw clamps
  • MSRP $25.00

Per my conversation with OURY at Interbike, they will come out with a new color each year;  however only for a limited time.  So once they run out of RED… that’s it.  Go get ’em while supplies last.  For more information visit

Twenty6 Products at Sea Otter Classic

We visited with Twenty6 Products to check out some of their goods to make your bike look super rad.

Here’s some of their different colored levers. Unfortunately they were under a red tent, so the colors didn’t come out too well, but they do have pink!
twenty6 products

Lockon bar ends for your ODI style grips.

Platform pedals.

They even have lifestyle clothing.

Jeremy is actually reviewing the brake levers, so you’ll be seeing a review pretty soon.

Thursday Tech Tip: Cookin’ Grips

That’s right, it’s supper time folks. Tonight on the menu are a pair of fresh Velo grips. This is a simple little recipe I learned for installing regular grips(not lock-on).

Lock-ons are nice but I like the simple and sleek regular grips for the dirt jumping bike(KHS DJ300) so I went with the flanged ones mostly to help keep the old hands on the bar, partly to keep more beer money in my pocket. Enough with the chit chat, let’s get cookin’!

All ready

The first step is to get a saucepan and fill it up enough to submerge them. Next bring the water to a rolling boil. Once the water is ready, slide your grips in. Keep the water at a rolling boil and stew your grips for 5 minutes. Be sure to stir occasionally! I use a spatula to keep the grips off the bottom so they don’t melt.

Grip Stew

After 5 minutes, have something ready to carry the grips to your bike with. Paper towels do the trick nicely. You’ll notice your grips are hot and pliable. Once your at your bike, simply slip on the grip while twisting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy your grips slide on. Repeat for the other side and you’re done! But won’t the grips be wet and slide around? Nope. After you remove them from the boiling water you’ll notice any liquid on the grips evaporate quickly. The heat helps dry any and all water inside the grip too. And once the cool air hits ’em they’ll harden up and be water-free.

Shiny new grips

I never was a fan of hair-spray or adhesives as a way to get grips on. Installing them doesn’t have to be a hassle or be messy. And if you ever need to remove the grips, remove your handlebar from the bike and, again, soak the grip in boiling water for 5 minutes(obviously deep enough to cook the whole grip) and twist off. No need to cut them and waste $5. Now you can re-use regular grips. In your face Lock-ons!