Ibex Ignition 3: RL’s Update

It was my turn to have fun with the Ibex Ignition 3. Joe and Jeremy both had turns riding this bike and each of them had one thing in common they didn’t like about the Ignition (Iggy). The long stem and riser bar. One of the things Joe mentioned in his previous articles about the Iggy was having to lower the stem the lowest position possible. After doing so, he still felt like the rise was a bit too high.

Enter RL’s garage. I took the reigns of the Iggy a while ago. Since then I’ve made some changes to accommodate my size (I usually ride a medium) and riding style. First up was the bars and stem. I opted for a 1.5 rise and shortened the stem by using the Sette Stumpy stem from Pricepoint.com. This allowed the large cockpit area to become more compact so that my short arms could easily reach the bars. I also did away with the swooping seat post and went with a standard post and scooted my saddle in. Now this baby was getting closer to what I like as far as sizing goes.

I then did away with the front WTB Velociraptor Tires since I didn’t care for them. In its place I installed a Maxxis ADvantage, 2.4 tire. This was perfect for tackling some of the most technical trails SoCal can offer, besides, the ADvantage grip like nothing I’ve ridden before.

Here’s how the Iggy looks nice. The front tire was replaced (yes I kept the back on for now) with the Maxxis ADvantage, shorter stem, lock on Intense grips, Oh I also replaced the rear cassette with an 11-27 Dura Ace cassette. It’s the same one Priscilla has on her bike, but that’s for another article…So there you have it. This is an ALL Mountain bike that I plan on using as my DH Bike. I’m thinking about getting rid of the big ring and placing a bash guard on it since I really won’t be using it for DH purposes. Eh who knows…

Idyllwild Mountain Biking Day 1

We arrived at Idyllwild late last night. Ah there’s nothing like driving a compact car through curvy mountainous roads. Friday night was a full moon and it sure was pretty too see the mountains glowing. I had to pull over and get a shot. Dumb camera sucks so the quality is bleh.

From what I’ve learned, Idyllwild has tons of trails, but the main one is Hurkey Creek. Priscilla and I rode part of this trail a few years back. So we decided to go back and see if we can finish it off this time around. After the first few miles of climbing, we were greeted by some sweet single track and beautiful scenery.

We ended up in the bottom of a valley and what we were surprised by was how green everything was during the middle of the summer.

You may have noticed that I was riding the IBEX Ignition 3. Joe S. should have a review on that bike soon. Though the frame is a large, I installed a Sette Stumpy stem to help me fit on the bike a bit better.

The IBEX Ignition was a BLAST to ride! I was really blown away on the performance of this bike. It is a bit chunky compared to my single speed, but the gears were there to help me clear some of the harder climbs. What I liked about the IBEX was the ability to absorb absolutely everything I put it through. There were many times that we went through a chute like single track that had 1-2 foot sidewalls and at the same time rolling over baby heads and in each turn was a nice deep berm.

That type of riding conditions is where the IBEX really excels. As soon as I rolled through the first baby heads and handled a few berms, I knew that this bike was ready to rock. Throughout the downhill single track, I purposely looked for bumps, jumps and anything that would make this bike respond.

Just think of it this way, you know when you have some sort of new power tool such as a drill or power saw, you want to find more uses for it since screwing the cabinets or cutting the legs off your picnic table to make them even is getting boring. Well that’s what I was doing with the IBEX.

Joe S. tested this bike for the review and one of the things he mentioned was the Ignition’s ability to be more than a great trail bike, but in reality you could easily use this bike for DH stuff and really technical riding. After today’s ride, I do have to agree. I honestly felt like the IBEX can handle WAY more than what Hurkey Creek gave.

Priscilla loved the downhill single track so much that she wants to go back tomorrow! More pictures to come!

I Did That on Purpose

Going from one trail to another via fireroad. No leg pads, just the arms as they’re pretty comfortable.

I got to put my new Sette Strike pads I purchased last week to use when I rode at Aliso. As I was coming down Rock-it I slowed down way too much and my front wheel got stuck in a gargantuan hole. Over the bars I went but thankfully into some soft terrain. Some people know this soft terrain as rock. The pads did a great job keeping me from getting all beat up. The pads did get a little dirtied from the rock but none the worse for wear.

Some people might think that I intentionally ate it just to test the pads abilities. These people would be absolutely correct. I am not the type of rider that falls down ever unless it is purely intentional. In fact, I only fall down when I want to fall down, and never before or after that. That is why I know EXACTLY when to put on the pads and when to take them off.

Right before I donned the leg armor again

Taking the pads off and on had a bit of a learning curve. I only tried to put them on once before this ride, when I initially received them from UPS. The first time I really got to put it on was at the top of the first climb before the first descent down Lynx. No mishaps on Lynx, as I planned it. At the bottom of the Lynx, I stripped off the leg pads as they were not conducive to climbing.

At the top of the next descent on went the leg pads. I dropped in and chose about the midway point of the rockiest section to test out the pads. Off the bike I went landing with a primal yell or was it a girly scream? Which brings up the question: “If a mountain biker falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make sense to tell everyone you ate it?”… or something like that.

After a quick check of the faculties I got up, dusted off the pads and jumped back on the bike to meet up with everyone else. When I caught up, a quick check of the pads showed that they had done their job, just like I planned it.

Showing off where my elbow crushed the rock

Ibex Ignition 3:Review Initiated

As you saw on my teaser photo, we received newly designed for 2008, an Ibex Ignition 3.
ibex ignition 3

Price: $849.00


6061 Aluminum w/ 5″ Travel

Marzocchi MX Lockout – 120mm
Rear Shock:

Rock Shox BAR 2.1 Air*

Shimano Deore Rapidfire (SL-M530)
Front Derailleur:

Shimano Deore (FD-M530)
Rear Derailleur:

Shimano LX (RD-M581-SGS)

FSA Gamma Drive (44/32/22T)

FSA MegaExo

Shimano HG 50 9-spd (11-34T)

KMC Z9200

Avid BB-5 Mechanical Discs
Avid 7″ Roundagon (185mm)
Avid FR-5

WTB SpeedDisc All-Mountain
Formula Disc
WTB VelociRaptor (26″ x 2.10)
Aheadset STS-2K
UNO Alloy OS (50mm Rise x 670mm)
UNO OS Alloy – 3D Forged
UNO Microadjust Alloy ( 31.6mm dia.)
WTB Speed V Comp

Shimano M505 Clipless w. Cleats

More photos:

Weighs about 35lbs…give or take a few grams.

Lance will be reviewing this bad boy and we’ll also hand it over to Jeremy “Mr 29er” to see how it favors against his hard tail 29er…perhaps we can convince him that 26″ bikes are superior to 29ers….