And the award for the worst tires goes to….

WTB VelociRaptor !

It was voted unanimously by Staff Members that the WTB VelociRaptor are THE WORST Tires we’ve ever ridden on. Why?

Well for one, they don’t grip. Each of the riders that have used these tires (mounted on the Ibex Ignition) felt like the tires didn’t offer any sidewall grip and it felt like the tire would roll under off the rim while taking a corner. As stated, sidewall grip was lacking, thus causing each rider to wash out…prime example: CLICK HERE.

Though the rear tread pattern was conducive for climbing, it does well if you’re going straight up. But we all know that when you climb that we sometimes will cover multiple lines in order to get to the top. As soon as you break your straight line and the rear tire has to utilize the sidewall treads, the tire will slip.

The front tire does the exact same thing. Straights are fine, but turns are sketchy. It is difficult to feel secure when taking a berm or maneuvering through a rock garden when tires don’t grab at all.

So from one mountain biker to another…(actually there were 3 of us that agreed that these tires suck), don’t buy them! If you get them on a new bike you just bought, replace them right away…trust us.