I don’t give a Shift!!! (Rigid SingleSpeed Complete)

That’s my new motto for 2009 as I ride my Rigid Single Speed.  Finishing touches on my rigid singlespeed were done over the holidays.  Last component needed on this project were the disc brakes.  I found a killer deal on Avid Juicy 5s right before Christmas.  Top it off it was free shipping and arrived on Christmas Eve.  Other components added to this beauty are:

    ·       Ashima Air-rotors.  160mm in the front and 140mm in the rear.  Weight on these are 85 grams (f) and 67 grams (r) – Sweet!

IMG_9734 by you.                                                 160mm Front rotors

IMG_9726 by you.                                                              140mm Rear rotors

           ·       SASO Carbon Seat post

IMG_9729 by you. 

    ·    Salsa Seat Clamp (non QR)
    ·       WTB Pure V, w/Ti rails
    ·    Bebop pedals

IMG_9732 by you.

Finishing up I hit several road bumps.  First was the Eccentric Bottom Bracket adjustment.  Fairly simple to adjust however unfamiliar to me I didn’t want to take a chance of ruining it before I could even ride it.  Second was play in my fork/headset/stem.  I’ve tightened all necessary bolts however there was still a little bit of play.  Turns out that there are two screws that need tightening on the compression plug (in-place of the star nut).  First a 5mm on the inner screw then a 6mm on the top-cap. 

These were both simple issues but new to me.  I went to my LBS – JensonUSA for assistance.  Props to Luis w/JensonUSA’s Corona store.  He is one of the most helpful guys I’ve ever met at a bike shop.  Very knowledgeable as well…

IMG_9731 by you.

Here is the complete spec:

Frame:                ZION EBB
Fork:                   SASO Carbon fork
Spacers:              Carbon
Headset:             Woodman Axis SL COMP
Stem:                 B52s 
Handlebars:         KORE Torsion bars 
Grips:                  Red OURY Lock-ons
Brakes:               Avid Juicy 5s
Rotors:         Ashima Air Rotors 160mm(f) and 140mm(r)
Seat Post:           SASO Carbon Seat post
Seat Post Clamp:  Salsa
Saddle:               WTB Pure V Ti rails
Crankset:            Race Face Deus, silver
Bash Guard:        Race Face
BB:                     Race Face ISIS spline
Chain:                 SRAM PC991
Wheelset:           Sun Ringle laced to XT hubs
Single speed cog: 16t Wheels Mfg SSK-3
Skewers:             SASO Carbon levers
Tires:                  Maxxis Larsen TTs 2.1(f)/1.9(r)
Tubes:                 various brands
Pedals:               Bebop
Misc:                   FSA Compression plug
H2O Cage:           WOOdman Carbon Comp
Weight:              23.54 lbs

IMG9738 by you.

I’m sure adjustments or changes will be made after I ride this bike, but for now it’s ready to hit the dirt.IMG_9728 by you.

Rigid Single Speed Update, Right-Sizing

This week I worked on right-sizing the steerer tube on my carbon fork and the width of my handlebars.  On my last update (#1) I wasn’t quite sure which handlebar/stem to use.  I’ve decided to give the KORE Torsion Bar and B52 stem a try.  Stock length of the Torsion Bar was at 800mm, so I’ve got some work to do in shortening it.

IMG_9660 by you.

The FORK: I finally got the courage to cut the steerer tube myself.  As I mentioned on the last post, the steerer is also carbon fiber.  Not having cut a steerer tube in the past I was hesitant in doing so.  For awhile I was debating on whether I should do it or take to my LBS.  Always trying to be self-sufficient I did a little research then bought a hack saw at Home Depot.  Following Richard Cunningham’s (Mountain Bike Action, issue July 2007) instructions, I measured the desired length then taped a spare aluminum spacer to use as a cutting guide.  I added an extra 10mm spacer to my desired length to give myself a little room for error.  Fortunately all worked well and the steerer tube was cut evenly.  I reinstalled the fork, added my carbon spacers, tightened the stem then installed the compression plug. 

IMG_9678 by you.                            Spacer taped on as a cutting guide.

NOTE: do not use the regular star-nut with carbon steerers; it will damage the insides. Use a compression plug which will expand inside the steerer tube.

The HANDLEBARS: Using the same method above, I proceeded to shorten the Torsion bars.  Original length is 800mm.  I decided to take off 3/4” on each end.  After measuring the desired length, I marked the handlebar, clamped on an old set of ODI Lock-on rings for a guide, tightened the screws then cut away.  Final length is 30.25″.

Once I’ve mounted the stem and handlebars to the appropriate position, I installed the red Oury grips.

IMG_9681 by you.                          ODI Lock-on rings as a guide.

IMG_9703 by you.

Above is the end result.  Not bad ehhh?  Here is where I’m at w/the build.  Almost there…

Frame:                 ZION EBB
Fork:                   SASO Carbon fork
Skewers:              SASO Carbon Levers
Single speed cog:   16t Wheels Mfg SSK-3
Stem:                   B52s 
Handlebars:           KORE Torsion bars
Grips:                   Red OURY Lock-ons
Wheelset:             Sun Ringle laced to XT hubs
Crankset:              Race Face Deus, silver
BB:                      Race Face ISIS spline
Tires:                   Maxxis Larsen TTs 2.1(f)/1.9(r)
Headset:              Woodman Axis SL COMP 
Tubes:                 various brands
Spacers:               Carbon
Misc:                    FSA Compression plug

Current weight: 19.74 lbs

Interbike 2008: KORE Torsion BFD handlebars & B52 stem

At Interbike I received the new super wide Torsion BFD (Bighit Freeride Downhill) handlebars and the new B52 stem for review.  For the bars, the model I have is a low 20mm rise and super wide 800mm!
IMG_9033 copy by you.
Based on its description, it is perfect for Freeride / Downhill.  However with its length, this can be well suited for a Single Speed.  With its wide build, this bar would be perfect for sawing back and forth when hammering up the hill. 
IMG_9034 copy by you.                                    800mm is stock but has lines for shortening/cutting the bars which will accommodate from 680mm to 800mm length.

Torsion BFD bars:

Model:                      Torsion Race
Center Diameter:        31.8mm
Bar Diameter:            22.2mm
Bar Width:                 800mm w/cut lines 790 to 680mm
Rise:                         0mm, 20mm, 35mm, or 50mm
Upsweep:                  5 degrees
Backsweep:               9 degrees
Material:                   al 2014 double butted
Finish:                      shot-peen+anodized black / + powder coat white
Logo:                       laser etched (anodized) or decals (powder coat)
Weight 0mm rise:      309 to 350g (680 to 800mm)
Weight 20mm rise:     315 to 356g (680 to 800mm)
Weight 35mm rise:     322 to 363g (680 to 800mm)
Weight 50mm rise:     330 to 371g (680 to 800mm)

The stem is a 65mm, 200g in shotpeen white paint.  This stem looks bomb proof!

IMG_9045 by you.

IMG_9044 by you.                               

B52 Stem:

Model:                     New B52
Steerer diameter:      1 1/8” (28.6mm)
Bar diameter:           31.8mm 4-bolt face plate w/PC logo insert
Rise / length:           (0 degrees) 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80mm
Material:                 3D forged AL 6061
Stack height:           45mm
Finish:                    shot-peen black or white paint
Logo:                     laser+polycarbonate co-molded insert in face plate
Special Feature:       KORE 34 (K34) compatible
Weight:                  176g for 55mm, 200g for 65mm, 224 for 75mm

I love the white paint job! It just has sleek written all over it.   I’ll be swapping out my DH bars on my Intense Socom DH bike and replace with the Torsion bars.  The color will definitely match my bike!  Look for a full review in the near future. There’s a chance these may go on my SS build as well.  I’ll keep you all posted.

DSC_0103 by you.

For more information visit www.kore-usa.com