Mountain Bike Gear to combat the cold

We received a Guest Article from our friend Stuart from the UK about riding in cold weather. Read below and you’ll see he’s got some great tips!


Mountain biking in winter typically isn’t a very pleasant experience with the limited daylight hours and cold weather and for many riders the biting temperatures are too much, preferring to hang up the bike and bide their time until conditions improve.

However, if you’re living in an area with such a variable climate throughout the year as the UK,  that could mean not riding indefinitely until an all too brief summer, which would be a shame as winter rides can still be very rewarding provided you’re fully prepared.

We’ve put together a list of essential items for mountain biking in winter, much of which can be retained for the months of spring which can still be wet and on the chilly side, depending on where you live.

MTB Jacket

Picking the perfect mountain bike jacket isn’t always easy but it will be an essential piece of kit for colder climes. The perfect jacket is one that will keep you very warm whilst also allowing your body to breathe enough to maintain comfort whilst riding.

Arm Warmers

Working as either as a base layer under a jacket or on their own, arm warmers are great pieces of winter kit, providing warmth and protection against the wind as well as being easy to remove and pack down should you get too warm.

Leg Warmers

As with arm warmers, leg warmers are excellent for keeping your limbs warm when temperatures drop. With a range of brands on offer and a variety of different fibres and fabrics available, leg warmers also benefit from being easily removable and not taking up valuable bicycle storage space.

MTB Gloves

Many MTB riders will wear gloves all year round but it is particularly crucial in winter. We would suggest wearing full-finger gloves in the winter and then switch to finger-less gloves as the warmer weather approaches.

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