2014 Race Team: Taking Sign Ups

Every year around October I start planning our race team roster. This is when I open it up to anyone that might be interested in racing for So you’re probably wonder, “What’s in it for me?” Well for starters you get access to Limo rides, more chicks that you can handle and access to the company jet and beach house in Laguna Beach. That part about the jet an beach house…I made that up. But you will become part of an awesome family of riders. We’re also planning on a new jersey design for 2014 that might just incorporate unicorns and something awesome like that.
SRC # 4 DH 2011
Anyway we’re looking to add a few good people to the roster. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Southern California or in Maine, we’ll still consider you. We do have certain requirements if you’re going to be on this team; keep in mind we would expect you to remain professional and be a brand ambassadors, so that means no angry drunks, drug users and douche bags.

If that’s something you think you can muster up, then feel free to send us your race-sume (resume) with the dates and events you plan on participating in. Send your info to us:


RL Policar