Chrome Kursk Pro-SPD Shoes-Review

In the beginning of March, we had received a pair of Chrome Kursk Pro-SPD shoes to review. Since then I’ve been able to put some miles on them. My rides have been a mixture of downhill, trail and even bicycle commuting.

From the get go I’ve loved the way they looked. I was excited to try them out because I’ve never been a fan of cycling specific shoes unless they look like skater styled shoes like Vans and even Converse All Star.
Chome Shoe Review

The Kursk Pro SPD retail for $95 and you can read all about their specs HERE.

One of the great features I liked about the Kursk is that they have a shoe lace “garage” in which you can tuck in your laces so they don’t get caught up with your chain rings or cranks.
Chome Shoe Review

I chose to use Shimano SPD cleats and pedals. But they should also work with Crank Brother Pedals. Notice how the sole of the shoe doesn’t interfere with the pedal surface. There’s enough clearance between the pedal and rubber to ensure that you’re not fighting to get clipped in or out.
Chome Shoe Review

You actually have a choice to use the SPD feature or not. If you don’t want to use clipless pedals, then don’t remove the rubber and use the shoes with standard platform pedals. But if you use SPD, you’ll need a box cutter and possibly a pair of pliers to remove the rubber cover. Keep in mind, once its off, its off.
Chome Shoe Review

Let’s talk about the overall performance of this shoe both on and off the bike. There’s no other way to say this, but the Chrome Kurks Pro SPD shoes are very uncomfortable. As much as I wanted to fall in love with them, my feet wouldn’t let me. I noticed a couple of problems with the shoes and I’ll explain all that in two parts.

1. When riding with them, I can certainly feel where the cleat sits beneath my feet. I’m not sure what it was, but my feet would ache within the first 2 miles of my ride. I can only only assume that the sole itself isn’t stiff enough to handle the pressure of pedaling so it would flex as I’m putting power to the pedals.

I even tried these with my Shimano DX platform/SPD pedals thinking that the platform would help add some stability, but it didn’t. The best way for me to describe this feeling is this; let’s say you’re wearing a pair of Converse or even Vans. Now get on your bike that is equipped with SPD pedals and start pedaling, see how uncomfortable it is. Well that’s the exact same feeling I was getting with Kursk. What sucks even more is to try and do downhill with these shoes. During a practice session before the race, I attempted to ride the race course while wearing the Kursk. Half way down the mountain, my feet were on fire because of the pain I was experiencing with the shoes.

2. When you’re not on your bike, walking in them is doable, but make sure you don’t do it for too long. The sole of the shoe makes the cleat sit a bit higher, so that means it sticks out more, therefore, you’re striking cleat to ground as you’re walking, clik-clak clik clak clik clak…just think of it as this…tap shoes.

You have to understand that I’ve tested other foot wear before and the last pair I tested performed wonderfully. The Sette Nix are almost half the price and far more comfortable than the Chrome Kursk Pro SPD shoes. In all honesty, I was pretty disappointed with the Kursk, I was hoping they’d be the shoe that I could recommend to everyone because Chrome has a pretty good reputation when it comes to their bags, unfortunately, the same could not be said with the Kursk Pro SPD.

Review Disclaimer

Which is uglier…

Moe and I were having a heated discussion earlier today…
moe argue

No actually it was about something else. Moe showed me a picture of some Vans that are butt ugly. He said they’re cool because they’re Vans and that they are rare to be found in SPD form. I said they are FUGLY and no matter if they were Vans, UGLY IS UGLY.
ugly vans

Then Moe takes a jab at me because I wear Crocs. He basically said that if a guy that wears Crocs can call Vans ugly…then he’s (me) got no crediblity since in his mind Crocs are super ugly.

Anyway, I think he’s wrong, for one, those Vans look like something old people would wear, secondly, Crocs are amazingly comfortable and people who wear them are all about winning!
Elderly German in velcro shoes

So we need your help, leave a comment to let us know which is uglier, the Vans or Crocs. Don’t say both are ugly because that don’t count…we’re only interested in the opinion of what people think about the shoes mentioned.

Sette Nix Shoe Review

I received the Sette Nix a while back and since then I’ve been able to use it in various riding conditions as well as a race.

Price: $49.99

Before testing:
Sette Nix

After testing:
Sette Nix Review

Product Description:

Sette Nix SPD Shoe

The all-new Nix from Sette is a great option if you’re looking for a little style in a clipless compatible shoe.

The Nix features a durable, high grip outer sole with a recessed cut-away mount that will fit any SPD style two bolt cleat. Inside is a highly rigid plate that will withstand flexing even under high stress full power situations.

On that note, the freeriders among us recommend using this shoe exclusively with clipless pedals. While the outer sole has a tread pattern that is platform friendly for those hairball moments when you need to unclip, the lack of flex means the Nix won’t “wrap around” the pedal to provide the feel you want if you prefer to run platform pedals.

The upper is made from synthetic leather and has a very clever Velcro strap to keep the laces out of your way. Reflective accents on the heel will help keep you visible if you get caught out after dark.

The Nix is cut a bit snug so for best fit we recommend going up a size.

The Sette Nix offers platform pedaling or SPD compatibility.
Sette Nix Review

You can use these shoes for bike commuting or night riding because they offer a reflective strip on the back that allows cars to see you.
Sette Nix Review

Are they stiff enough?
That has to be the number 1 question I get when people see the Sette Nix. My answer is YES! It’s plain and simple, the shoes are pretty darn stiff.

sette nix review

If you’re anything like me, the whole spandex, XC-Racer style of clothing doesn’t appeal to me. So that means I want to look as normal as I do on and off the bike. That would include my foot wear. Beside after a long ride, we typically go out to eat and that means I can just leave my shoes on with the Nix and walk around with out looking like a dork.
Bonelli 10/16/10
The Sette Nix offers 2 cleat locations on the sole that allows the rider to customize their pedal position. During the down stroke of my pedaling, the shoes worked great. The upstroke, this is when I made sure to give some force to see if the shoe’s quality would compromise. But after miles and miles of test riding, not one stitch or any other part of the shoe broke. As far as the insole, its pretty comfy, but a $5 upgrade from Wal-Mart might make your feet happier.

As I mentioned, I raced with the Sette Nix. At the Golden State Finals, did 5 practice runs on the DH course and 1 run on the Super D course. Keep in mind the weather that weekend was in the high 90’s and possibly 100. During practice, there was a ton of hike-a-bikes since I would session one section at a time, multiple times. By the way, the rubber sole offers great grip.
sette nix review

I also took 2 diggers during practice, both times landing on my right side. Yes, the shoes and the bike were ok.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the Sette Nix shoes. Not only have they proved to be reliable, but they are dang affordable! $49.99 , can’t beat that! Besides, check out the color scheme, black and white, that means it will match with anything you ride and wear. I like the fact that I can use the Nix to commute with since it has the reflective strip on the heel. Plus they look great! I love how they look like normal skater shoes. I like the look so much that I wore them with a pair of jeans to work, and I didn’t even ride my bike that day!

So if you’re in the market for new shoes, check out the Sette Nix, even if you aren’t get a pair, its only $50! Just keep in mind, you have to go a size bigger. I normally wear a size 10, so I had to make sure I got a size 11. One more thing, we’re on the cusp of the holiday season, the Sette Nix shoes would make a PERFECT GIFT! Dude, if I had gotten a pair of these for Christmas, I’d be pretty stoked. Oh by the way, I received a TON of compliments on the shoes. Anyhow, enough of my jibba jabbin’, buy these shoes, you’ll love them as much as I do!

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Crocs Yukon: Review in Progress

I was recently sent a pair of Crocs, the Yukon to be exact. You’re probably wondering what do Crocs have anything to do with a mountain bike. Well its simple really, when we have to drive down to the trail head, I don’t necessarily like to put on my cycling shoes while operating my vehicle. So I’ll typically wear some flip flops, or slippers. Also once I’m done riding, I want to take my shoes off right away and slip into something more comfortable. The Crocs Yukon will serve that purpose for me. Basically its a pair of shoes that can be my before and after ride foot wear.

Besides, I’m also a big fan of the Crocs look and I’d wear them casually. So if I need to go to the store, or need to go out side, I can just slip these on.

I got these on Saturday and have been wearing them every chance I get. They are super comfy! The heels on them are so soft and cushiony that I can even run with them. Not to say these are intended to run a few miles in, but the other day I forgot something in the house and I had to run from the car. They felt great!

I’m wearing the Crocs after a ride that we had on Saturday…