This is how we do it…

We’re taking a page out of Montell Jordan’s song for this article, hit play as you read the rest of the stuff.

Now that the song is playing, we’ll use it as a sound track. On Father’s Day, Art Aguilar and I met up for some product testing and photos. You see, Art is testing a water bottle and we decided to go all out on this simple product. Yep, this is how we do it on…all out. I was hoping you’d catch that on the previous sentence, but wasn’t sure so I added it again.

Art was showing off his new helmet and glasses. I think they look sharp on him.
art aguilar

When we got to our testing spot, we wanted to show you how serious we take our jobs at Notice our serious face? Ya, that’s real serious. Just look at Art, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen him this serious, so that means it’s legit and when it’s legit, it gets REAL serious, like a heart attack, but heart attacks aren’t funny because those are pretty serious. In fact, Art only gets serious for a few things. 1. Product Reviews 2. Business Time     3. Downhill Racing 4. Drinking Beer and last but not least 5. Bowel Movements, this should have actually been #2…get it…#2. If you’re not sure what a bowel movement is, Google it.  By the way, see that right there, where I’m pointing to, that right there is where we left our bikes. Serious. free product reviews

As the test was going, this product fell off Art’s bike. He had to hike back up to grab it.

The camera doesn’t do this hill much justice. This was some SERIOUS steeps we were dealing with. Just look how Art had to climb back up…for reals, yo, STEEP!
art aguilar
Then next thing you know, this chump gets in my shot. Karma got him back because the climb was sooooooo steep, that he fell over because he couldn’t get his foot out of his pedal in time and plopped right over. He was succumbed to fits of rage that had included several profanities and vulgarities that only people who drive a Ford or a Dodge would do.

But I digress. Check out how Art shows how he does product photos for his reviews. Full on SLR camera. None of this smart phone crap that take INSTA-SUCK pics, he goes ALL OUT because he’s SERIOUS YO!

So now you see that this is how we do it. We take our job seriously and we’ll go all out just to test a water bottle. I’m actually looking forward to seeing this review that Art is cooking up, should be a good one!

I’ve got a bike project with half of a frame

If you recall this was the front triangle of the frame we used for our rear triangle on the Double Banger Tandem Project. Not wanting to have it go to waste, I decided to use it for a project that I’ll later reveal. But for now, here’s some pics of it. I used some Mother’s Mag Polish on it to bring out the mirror finish I had laid down a while back.

I’ll probably touch it up with some 2000 grit sand paper and do another round of mag polish. So this project of mine, you might be able to see what I’m up to in the photo below. There are some obvious hints.

Midweek Ride with Cuz’n Joe

On Wednesday Cuz’n Joe and I hit up a trail that I haven’t ridden in more than 5 years. I remember riding there, but I can’t find any evidence of us doing so…weird. Any how, I really wasn’t looking forward to riding because I felt so tired that day. I ended up getting at the trail head early, this allowed me to take a quick nap in the limo…my mini van. What you see there would be my lower half and Burt Reynolds anxiously waiting to hit the trail.
Redline D600

Notice how Cuz’n Joe and I are matching with our Orange? I’m giving a thumbs up for our colors, not so much for his butt.
schabarum park

Nice view of LA County. Cuz’n was checking into Facebook. You know what they say, “if its not on Facebook, it never happened!”

During our ride we saw 2 snakes! The first one had Cuz and I screaming like little girls. The second one, Cuz actually ran over. But it was fine. Notice how the snake is going towards Cuz…I’m sure it was pissed at him. I’m sure if someone ran me over, I’d be mad too. Fortunately the snake slithered off the trail.

Cuz and I ended up riding nearly 2 hours on a Tuesday afternoon…ya I know I’m sure you’re jealous and you’re also thinking about what you were doing between 2-4pm on Tuesday. I bet you were sitting at your desk working on those TPS reports…

What can I say, I’m a colorful guy.

Often enough I’ll roll up to the trail matching everything or looking as if it was laundry day. jersey

I know plenty of folks who spend quite a bit of money on their jersey, shorts, shoes and helmet just so they can look good. Hey man, I’m all for that, but sometimes I just let my personality show. So why do I show up looking like I came out of a 90’s Cross Colours Ad? Here’s a few reason.s

1. I really don’t care what people think.
2. It’s laundry day.
3. It’s comfortable
4. I think the colors are pretty.
5. Makes LadyP laugh or shake her head in disapproval.
6. It’s what I have.
7. I do it to bring brand awareness for

Let’s discuss a couple of the points above. #1 is probably the most obvious reason why I do it. People’s opinions of me don’t really bug me all that much. I’ve had guys comment on my pink tuxedo jersey in a sarcastic tone, “nice jersey..(as they chuckle)” I’ve said, “thanks your mom got it for me.” Or I kill them with kindness and say, “Thanks, I like yours too!”

Then there’s #5. One of my greatest joys in life is to make LadyP laugh. If it’s at the expense of my appearance, then so be it. Lastly is #7, people see the bright colors or mismatch outfit, that means they’ll pay more attention, thus them seeing the logo and hopefully when they home, they’ll remember to check out the site.

So there you have it, if you run into me at a local trail, most likely I’ll be looking as sharp as I did in the photo above. I know, you’re jealous. 🙂

Valentine’s Day is coming!

Alright fellas, listen up! It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day is on it’s way. The 14th to be exact! So what are you going to get your better half? A box of chocolates? Jewelry?
Ya those things are good, but it’s pretty much predictable. Just go to any grocery store and they’ll have aisles and aisles of Valentine’s stuff and a good 80% of that would be boxes of cheap chocolates. So why not get out of the mainstream of Valentine’s gifts and get her something bike related? This will only work if your significant other is into bikes. If not, then it would be similar to that episode where Homer getting Marge a bowling ball named “Homer.” If you didn’t see the show, it turned out bad and caused Marge to get tempted into having an affair…so do you really want that for yourself?

Anyhow let’s get back to bicycle gifts. This all depends on your lady and how much she’s into mountain biking. For some, new apparel would be great and others may even appreciate some carbon  parts or even color matched components. Heck a new bike will have the same effect as an expensive piece of jewelry!

Here’s something I’ve always believed in and most men don’t realize. For starters, don’t give her your seconds. Meaning, don’t give her your old bike gear. If your wife/girl friend really likes riding, why not better her experience by getting her own stuff to enjoy her rides? I recently had a conversation with a friend where we talked about riding our motorcycles together with our wives on a date. But his wife wanted her own pink helmet. Mind you, he’s always wanted her to ride on the back of his motorcycle for a while. But he responded by saying that she can use his old helmet…the response he had could have been a missed opportunity to get her more into riding motorcycles. It’s the same thing when it comes to riding mountain bikes. Make sure she’s enjoying her ride by getting things that is meant for her. Apparel that fit nice, components she likes, and even tires that would help her have more grip show’s that you care. One thing I’ve learned over the years, our significant other love it when we make a fuss over them. It’s the reality of women in general. If you show genuine interest in making her experience in what ever you do as a couple, that effort goes a long way.

My own brother does this for his wife. Though they don’t mountain bike, they do like playing paint ball together. In fact they’re part of a team that plays in a league. So when she showed interest in playing, and found that she likes it, he went out and bought her own gear and even a pink anodized paint ball gun.

So I hope you’re getting where I’m going with this. If your wife/girl friend loves to ride, consider getting her stuff she’d really like for riding. Besides if you get her a box of chocolates, she’ll get mad at you because she’ll think you’re trying to make her fat..


You’re riding like Betty White…

Taking notes from some clever Snickers commercials…

Do you ever wonder why there are some days you just feel extra specially-slow? Well take it from me, a guy that can easily be like Betty White or a Diva if I don’t eat. Make sure you have something in your stomach at least 1-1.5 hours before your ride. It’s going to make a big difference in your performance and enjoyment level.

Fat is Where It’s At

Another Adam Spik Original. This one talks about my favorite subject, FOOD!

So with the recent Memorial Day holiday the weekend lent itself to the charring of flesh. Like any real man I like grilling and barbeque. Yes, there is a difference between the two. Perhaps I will give you an education on the two in a future post. On to the present. Several years ago, my friends had a party to celebrate the end of their PhD program. High science brainiacs they are; chefs, not so much. On the counter sat a mound of ground beef. I inquired as to their intention, already knowing the answer. “We’re just going to make patties,” was the response. What are we, heathens? No seasonings? This ain’t the dark ages. I cracked a few cupboard doors and perused the fridge. A little diced onion, a few splashes of worchestire sauce, quickly made bread crumbs, toss of spices, and an egg were all thrown in and massaged into flavor. The burgers were a hit.

So Dirty calls me up Saturday and says, “Remember those burgers you made at the UCR party? What’s the recipe?” I gave him the original recipe as well as a dozen different iterations I’ve tried over the years. I am not one to follow recipes verbatim. Nor am I one to write down a good recipe I’ve created. Soups and sauces are the worst for me. I throw a bunch of stuff together, it turns out great, then a month a later I ask the wife, “Remember that **** I made awhile back? Do you recall what I put in it?” If you have the pleasure of of sitting down to a meal from me, and you like it, savor it. It might not be the same next time. What was I writing about? So I tell Dirty all ways I have tried to change-up the simple burger. I’ve added everything from various barbeque sauces, mustard, liquid smoke, chiles, and a plethora of seasonings. Then I realized I was no longer making burgers but instead making meatloaf on a bun. So I pared it down to the essentials. What do want to taste in a burger? Exactly! The beef.

So now I tell him my current recipe is beef, sea salt, cracked pepper, onion powder, and that’s it. There are however two very important keys to getting the most out of your burger. One is how you cook it. Rare. You want well-done, then go to Carl’s Jr and buy a hockey puck. Two is the beef itself. Forget your diet. You’re eating a burger, so enjoy one. There is no buying “lean” ground beef. You want 80/20, no leaner. Obviously fat is flavor, but it is also moisture. Once that scant amount of fat burns off from your lean beef you are left with a dry patty that should be served from a clown in a drive-thru. The byproduct of ol steer’s laziness will reward you with delicious juiciness. It truly does melt in your mouth as it melds with the cheese. So good it doesn’t need extra accoutrements. A slice of tomato, cheese, and the bun. . . mmmm, tasty. You know who you thank for that? Fat.


So Dirty says the burger V2.0 was great. I say thanks for all the epic rides we’ve been on and all the ones to come (Downieville next month). I pay homage to you by starting each paragraph with “So.” Any story of importance from him begins with “So . . .” as in so there I was, so I riding *** trail, or so RL has this bitchin website.

Airborne Wingman

Jeremy Mudd talks about the new Airborne Wingman during the Sea Otter 2011.

Art Aguilar had and I had a chance to test out the Wingman on the pump track. Super fun bike!


How to get excited about mountain biking…again.

We’ve all been there, the first time you get into riding you are super excited and willing to get up as early as 4am just to make sure you’re ready your ride that day. But what happens over time is we get burnt out. Perhaps you just don’t find the joy in riding anymore or you’re just not having any fun. So what do you do? Do you sell your bike and get into another hobby? Hells no! Here are some tips to help anyone that is in a riding funk.

1. Shift the focus to others
As you know, mountain biking is an individual sport and you rely entirely on your own efforts. Rather than focusing on you, try getting a newbie out on the trails. One of the things I like to do is introduce people to the sport of mountain biking. In fact, I usually send out a mass email inviting newbies and seasoned riders to a weekly ride on Saturdays.

Mountain biking to any new rider becomes a full on adventure. Everything they do on that ride, they’ll be talking about it for a long time. Some of the things you may find easy to ride, a newbie may find it difficult and as their guide, you can show them the proper techniques to be able to conquer that obstacle.

2. Join group rides
Check your local mountain biking websites, forums and shops. You’ll most likely find a group that is going to ride a certain trail. This is a great way to make new friends and discover new places to ride. By the way, if you join a shop event/club, some of them will offer discounts on products before and after the ride.

Joe is a great ambassador when it comes to group rides.

3.Become mindful
Volunteer your time to build and maintain your local trail network. Become involved with organizations like International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) or any other local mountain biking advocacy groups. Sometimes having a sense of purpose in what you do gives you that extra motivation to get things done.

Borrowed from

4.Change up the scenery
Are you tired of XC riding? Try downhill mountain biking, single speeding or vintage mountain bike riding (rigid steel bikes). I actually own one of each type of mountain bike. I’ve got an XC, DH, I used to have a SS, and I own a vintage mountain bike. On any given ride we do, I may have a wild hair and show up riding one of the bikes mentioned.

5.Be thankful you can ride a bike

Take the opportunity to be grateful for the fact that you have the physical ability to ride your bike. So many of us, including me, take it for granted that we have able bodies that allow us to enjoy the awesome trails that God has given us. I strongly believe that of you are grateful, your actions will show it.

New Year, New Slogan

During the last 4 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve used an awesome slogan, “Dirt is Good.” Though this is a timeless saying, I thought to myself…“Gee RL, you’re so fantastic and smart, but wouldn’t it be great to come out with a new slogan?”

I wanted to make sure that whatever slogan we came up with, it’s something that would best describe who is. So I found this photo that depicts our position in the Interwebs, you see we’re not quite small and we’re not quite big like (fantastic site). But we’re somewhere in between.
we're the other guys

Our new slogan for 2011….“When you visit popular mountain biking websites…just remember, we’re the other guys,”