Team Roster for 2013

We’re happy to announce our team roster for 2013. There’s been a few changes, but the biggest news is that our very own Lady P is back on the XC scene! Lady P will be competing as a Sport Level XC racer. Lady P
The rest of the team will consist of the following riders: Corey Pond, Art Aguilar, Jerry Hazard, Neal Bryant, Dan Burdett, Bryan Doney, Nick DiBlasi,Wes Castro and RL Policar.
2013 race team version final 2012 Race Roster

For the 2012 race season, the Race team added a few more names to the list.

Bryan Doney of Murrieta, Ca. is the youngest member of the team (age 17). He’s also my adopted son, so by default he’s on the team. However, for a kid that just got into mountain biking in the Spring of 2011, he’s taken to DH way better than any of us has expected, he’s got natural talent and he plays a mean trombone.. He’ll be competing in Beginner 16-18.

Stacey “Got it Going On” Stone of Orange, Ca. will be racing in 4x and possibly Super D. He comes to us with years of BMX racing experience. In fact there’s pictures of him racing BMX when all they had were black and white film! All joking aside, Stacey has to be one of the smoothest guys on the BMX track I’ve ever seen.
stacey stone

Jerry Hazard
is our first out of state team racer. He hails from Colorado where everything regarding mountain biking is EPIC. Not only is Jerry a great downhill racer, but the dude has so much creativity flowing out of him that the photos and videos he creates are enough to motivate anyone to try mountain biking.
Jerry hazard

The rest of the roster includes previous members of the Race Team

RL Policar-Team Director, Sport Downhill
Art Aguilar-Expert Downhill
Corey Pond-Expert Downhill
Wes Castro-Sport Downhill
Dan Burdett-Single Speed, Sport XC
Mark Tomas-Single Speed, Sport XC
Nick DiBlasi-Beginner XC, Super D and 4X

We look forward to the 2012 race season.

Want to join the Race Team?

We can’t promise you groupies, a salary nor fame. But we do promise you a few cool perks such as Helicopter Shuttles for DH practice, pet monkey, beer at the races (provided by Art), mani-pedicures, and an unlimited supply of peanut butter(1 jar per person).

So if you’re interested in joining the Race Team for 2012. Then hit us up by sending your racing resume along with your race schedule, photos, and discipline (XC, 4X, DH or Super D) to

Winter SSeries FinalSS:

This past weekend was host to the fifth and final race of the Southridge Winter Series. The weather however did not get the message that this was still the winter series. Temperatures were in the mid 80’s, a significant change from the previous races where layers to keep more were more typical. On the way to the course, I got a surprise phone call from fellow team racer Mark Tomas. He was able last minute to join in on the final race. Mark, who brought out his new SS, and I were in the same class with the SS’s being an open class. In our class we were joined by Bruce Dupriest with Incycle and Byant Mena with ODI. With all the registration paperwork completed, Mark and I headed out for a warm-up spin.

Spinning through the flats.
Spinning through the flats.

Normally the SS class is released for their start just after the expert class. There were a bigger group than normal of expert ladies, and somehow they missed their correct start with the group ahead of us. Donny called the SS’s up to the line and notices that there is still a group of ladies mingled in among the SSers. He tells them that they had missed their start. Some of them started to line up as if he’s going to give them a fresh “GO”. Donny tries to clarify by telling them, “No, go now!” This gets about half of them moving and the rest catch on after the first few take off.

First section of the Hike-a-bike.
First section of the Hike-a-bike.

Now the SSers actually get their start. I got the out in front off the start and through the first turn and into the flats. Mark caught me at the beginning of the single-track, and all of the SSers proceeded to loop through the single-track leading to the hike-a-bike. I have Mark about 20-30 yards ahead of me on the start of the hike with one other SSer between us. I pushed up the hill trying to close the gap between us. I wasn’t able to catch Mark, but I was able to catch and pass the other rider by the top of the climb. I reached the top and started the first descent. This is where I really notice that I was having trouble finding a rhythm. I was forcing myself through the turns not flowing through them. Through the next two climbs and down the back side of the hill, I continued to struggle to find my rhythm.

Finishing off a single-track climb
Finishing off a single-track climb

I finished up the downhill section and headed out to the flats. I cleaned the steep climb before the last bit of single-track leading to the end of the first lap. There was a change made to the final turn out of the chicane leading to the second lap, and evidently some of the riders didn’t catch the change and rode directly into the tape. Luckily, Mark & I pre-rode this section in our warm-up, so it wasn’t an issue for us. As I passed the finish line, I noted my time for the first lap. Not really a faster pace than the previous race, and I wouldn’t be setting any PR’s today. As I started the second lap, one of the other SS riders was creeping up behind me. I could not manage to maintain my lead heading to the HAB. I followed him up the HAB section. It was definitely quite warm and I was definitely feeling the heat. I noticed another rider using his water bottom to cool his head. Best idea ever! For some reason I had never thought to do this. I don’t normally drink much during the race, just a mouthful here or there to keep my mouth from getting to dry. It worked well to cool me off on the hike.

Last decent of the lap.
Last decent of the lap.

I knew I could gain ground on the downhill sections to help make up the gap. This time around however, I did have any issue finding a flow with the trail. I was able to pass him at the bottom of the descent as he had to reset a dropped chain. I pushed up the next climb to try and put some distance between us. As we approached the single track climb he was still about 30 yards behind me. I stood up and sprinted up the hill till my lungs were ready to burst. This lead to some rolling single-track and one last steep section that completes the majority of the climbing for the lap. By this point the other rider was out of sight and it was time to enjoy the long descent and put more ground between us. As I reached a short fire-road climb about halfway down, I came up on the rider I had already passed. He was gotten a flat and walked straight down the hill (I assume). I offered to stop and help him repair the flat as I had a tube, but he was not interested. I dropped down the rest of the hill, and toward the back flats. Up a steep short loose climb, and then I headed out to finish out the rest of the lap and on to the finish line.

Finishing up through the chicane.
Finishing up through the chicane.

I powered through to the finish line and placed in third for this race behind fellow team racer Mark who won the race. See his race report here. As this race completed the winter series, the series overalls results were available shortly after the race. Having had participated in all five races, I had accumulated enough points for a series win. The final results for the series had me in first place.

Dan Burdett To Race for in 2011

Dan Burdett is a new addition to the MtnBikeRiders race team. Here is a little more background on the most recent addition. He is currently 32 years old, married with no kids, and a small business owner. He grew up in Riverside, CA rode the local trails there in the days before suspension on an old rigid mountain bike. A bike destroying crash gave him a few years off from any riding. Around 2005, Dan bought a Trek 4300 HT to starting getting back into riding, and slowly began to build his MTB chops at Aliso Woods having recently moved nearby.
In 2009, Dan first met the MtnBikeRiders crew, and also upgrade to a full-suspension Giant TranceX. He continued to build his mountain biking skills entering his first race late that summer at the Triple Crown Series where he placed 5th overall. This year Dan has dropped a few pounds, and was able to increase his standing the 2010 Triple Crown Series overall result to 3rd place. With the addition to his stable of a Niner Sir9 SS, he looking forward racing in the Southridge Winter Series in the single speed category.

Sneak peak of the 2011 Jerseys

This Labor Day Weekend, we busted out the new jerseys for 2011 during a few rides. The photos below are from a DH session in a super secret location.

Here’s the rear of the jersey.

A frontal view of the jersey (RL and Joe) with the KHS Lucky 7. By the way, you know that ghetto tubeless video I made, well it’s applicable to DH/FR bikes. The Lucky 7 has it currently set up and it worked just great on the trail.

OTH Series: The Polish Hammer working hard at this week’s race.

Who ever said that racing was supposed to be fun? Apparently, it is! Check out Mark Tomas’ race report from last week’s Over The Hump Series.”

Tuesday August 3rd, I headed out to Irvine Lake to take part in race #8 of the Over The Hump Series. I arrived with enough time to pre ride the course, which was the same as the week before, just backwards. This made things interesting with a 30 yard hike a bike in deep sand, and a some super steep short climbs. Also Cannondale was on hand with bikes for demo. Crank Brothers had a display of all kinds off goodies, SDG had a bunch of saddles to look at, and there were also some local shops offering help to any racer that needed a hand.

Before the start, Hans Ray shared a bit about what he is doing to bring bikes to parts of the world that need them. Also Tinker Juarez was out to show everyone how is done. When the horn sounded, I got a good start. When we got to the first climb, I down shifted, and dropped my chain. Six guys flew by as I got it back on. This was my story for the rest of the race.

I lost my chain 4 times in 2 laps! I was a little frustrated, but determined to finish. I put my head down and grinded out the last lap. When it was all over I ended up 14th of 28, in the Sport 30-39 class. Wasn’t my best finish, but I had a great time!

Here are pictures from the event.

Crank Bros were on the scene with new CB stuff.

Cannondale demos available.

Pretty Turner on display

OTH presented by Verizon Wireless Race Team adds Corey Pond and Art Aguilar to roster

Corey Pond

Corey has been mountain biking on the local trails in Orange County for a short time, pushing himself to learn more, staying in shape, and racing, but always having fun.

” I’m looking forward to having a good time with the team and I’ll have my work cut out for me next year in the expert class. Good times!”

Corey has been with Dianese’s retail D-Store for 4 years as a Sales Associate. Corey doesn’t just sell their product’s, since he has keen knowledge of the products inside and out, from their moto line to the mountain line, and snow lines, also AGV’s helmet product line.

He also assist marketing at events by talking to dealers, magazines, or customers about product features. All this comes from an understanding of the product features, but form using them on the street, in dirt, and on the snow.

Corey Pond first started racing as a sport racer in 08’, and had his first full season of racing in 09’. His first full season paid off by constant top five, top ten finishes,  rewarding him with the SRC number “ONE” plate

This coming 2011 Corey Pond will be moving up to the highly competitive 19-26 expert class.
Art Aguilar

Art Began racing in 97’as a beg, 98’ moved to sport, and 99’ moved to expert racing for STORM Cycles. 2000, 2001 he was picked up by DIRTWORKS Bicycles, by 2002-2004 he raced and help co-manage the ATOMICBIKES dh team.

Racing highlights consist of:

Top five, and top ten overall finishes in Am-Cup, Cal-State, and SRC.

Top ten, top twenty finishes in National events.

Top twenty finish at the World Masters Championships

Overall winner Urban Cyclocross (beg class)

Placed second in SRC overall expert class 43-50 in 2009.

He currently works for Agv / Dainese USA’s warranty department, he also helps with the mountain bike product line at races.

“I’ve had fun racing and riding, and meeting new people all around the mountain biking scene and it’s always fun working with great people. I look forward to being around a great group of guys and gals in 2011, Thanks for welcoming me aboard”.

Win a Team Kit (Small Jerseys and Medium T-shirt)

Ok folks, for those of you that didn’t win last week’s contest, here’s your chance to take him a team kit. Yes you read it right, this kit for the smaller, streamlined, more athletic rider. Don’t ask for any other sizes…cuz I don’t have any!

Anyhow, if you can fit into a Medium T shirt and small jerseys (jerseys fit more like mediums). Then make sure you enter now. All you have to do is leave a valid comment with your real name and email (email required for comment). You must be from the lower 48, I will not ship international nor to Alaska or Hawaii.

So here’s what you get in the team kit. 2 full sublimated jerseys, STEALTH and Punisher (skull). You’ll also get a T-shirt and finally you’ll receive a genuine 3 foot sticker to go on your car, truck or SUV! contest

Contest ends on 03/20/2010 @ 11:59pm. We’ll pick the winner by drawing names and contact him/her, we’ll also announce it the following week.

Good luck!

Sette Vexx Race impressions

Sette Vexx Downhill Bike

Wes Castro on the Sette Vexx

Moe Ramirez:Since I’m still on the disabled list, Team rider Wes Castro got to take the Sette Vexx on its maiden ride. Here is his race report along with his impressions of the frame:

Well lets start this race report with the weather, it was a great southern California day (sorry east coast riders). Great weather and great Friends equals one thing: a great Day to ride downhill.


On to the race report, practice Saturday I was a little nervous, first time out for the Sette Vexx and my first time on an 8inch travel bike with a dual crown fork. Well, onto the first practice run, I told myself just go with the flow of the course and have fun. All day long run after run I felt great on the Sette Vexx. One full day of practice with a total of five runs and each area of the course was getting easier to navigate.

On Race Day, I had two practice runs and I was feeling great. Donny calls my name and as I get to the starting platform, I smile (Thanks RL, it works!) and off I go and before I know it I’m through the first rock garden on the upper section and on to the first straight away and I’m pedaling hard, second rock garden and I rock that section like I have never done before.

As I reached “The wall”, what can I say, my heart is pumping, my legs are tired but I get up off the seat and I pedal as hard as I can. At the time I had no Idea how I did all I know is that I felt great as I crossed the line I see RL and he tells me I caught the last guy in the class before me. I was stoked with my run!!!!!! As we waited for the results to be posted I still really had no Idea how I’d done. Results where posted and I heard several of my friends say my name and that I placed 2nd. My best finish yet!!!

Well what can I say about the Sette Vexx. Let me start by thanking the people at Sette for releasing a great frame, Moe and RL for the opportunity to ride a great bike. At first look the bike looks strong and has a mean race look. The welds and all the pivots look real good, seems to be a very solid frame. As I took the Vexx on my first run, I took it easy and flowed the course but the Sette Vexx just begs to be ridden hard so I found myself pushing it just a bit through the lower rock garden and an area that I’m familiar with and WOW the frame’s Rock Shock Vivid shock with its 8.5 inches of travel in the rear soaked up the rocks like they where not even there. The single pivot of the Sette Vexx worked great very stiff and giving the rider a lot of confidence to push it when the rough stuff comes at speed.

I pushed the bike through every rock garden as hard as I could and every time I was more impressed, but just when I thought that I couldn’t be more impressed, I was proven wrong. I noticed that the bike is very easy to handle in turns with an easy brake check into the corner and then rolling the apex under control. The Sette Vexx pays you back by the single pivot compressing and shooting you out of the corner with easy and efficient pedal strokes getting you up to speed in no time. Which brings me to the dreaded wall, the Sette Vexx was very easy to pedal with very minimal pedal bob, like I said the bike is fast and efficient.

The Sette Vexx frame gave such confidence on the trail that I was able to step up my game comfortably, my reward: 2nd place on my category!

I want to thank the Team sponsors: Sette, Serfas Optics, Hoss MTB, Evomo, KHS bicycles, Spenco, Icetoolz and Ergon, they make racing fun.