Another look at Northrock Bicycles

If you recall, we’ve talked about Northrock Bicycles before. In fact I was surprised that our server stats show that the keyword “Northrock Bicycles” gets the most amount of hits. So I figured I’d revisit the subject and provide you guys some better photos. Well for one let’s get one thing straight, I’ve called and called, sent emails and left messages for Northrock Bicycles to call me back to see if we can get a demo unit to test out. But they never got back to me each time I’d reach out. So going to Costco was the next best thing. Mind you this isn’t a formal review, it’s more of a snap shot.

This is the Northrock Bicycles XC6

It’s basically an entry level mountain bike.

24 speed drive train.

WTB Tires.

One thing that sucks about Costco, the assembly team that puts these bikes together don’t really pay attention to the details. Just look how overly rotated the handle bar is.

Price point is pretty hard to resist, $349

When you go to Costco, they’ll usually have one or two assembled, but for the most part, they come in boxes and you’ll have to put it together yourself. These bikes are 95% assembled. All you really need to do is put the front wheel on and the handle bars.

Here’s the spec sheet.

So there you have it. The Northrock XC6, like I said, it’s not much of a review since we didn’t get a chance to put it through the paces. Perhaps if Northrock ever got wind of this article, they’ll let us try one out.

This is why you shouldn’t buy bikes from Costco

bikes assembled at

This here thing is what they call a Northrock Bicycles XC6 mountain bike. It has a 24spd drive train, front suspension and retails around $299. Oh and they’re only available through your local Costco. The problem with buying a bike from Costco is that the guys who assemble these bikes have never been properly trained to build them up the right way. Check out this photo of the Northrock XC6. Looks good from far away, right?


But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that there’s something wrong with the handle bars. It was installed upside down.

Whoever assembled the bike from Costco, flipped the bar upside down, so now if you were to hit the right brake lever for the rear brakes, it will engage the front caliper, shifting would be confusing as well. So who’s to blame here? Technically the fault doesn’t lie on Northrock, but its Costco’s responsibility to make sure these bikes leave their establishment in proper working order. In all honesty, the XC6 seems like a decent entry level bike, but the assumption of lost quality was provided by Costco’s inept “mechanics.”