Mark “The Polish Hammer” Tomas

Memoirs and Musings
as interviewed by Monsieur Ciseaux

Recently I had the privilege to spend a few minutes with one of MTNBikeRiders newest team racers, Mark Tomas otherwise known as “The Polish Hammer”. Before our interview I wasn’t to sure what to make of a guy known as “The Hammer”. Would he eventually get tired of all my petty and persistent questions and “drop the hammer” on me? Would he flail his arms wildly and strike my forehead like Jackie Chan?…or maybe he is the opposite of his nick name and he will be as gentle as a butterfly. Our readers and our dedicated fans deserve to know so today, I put my life and my artistic penmanship on the line for you.

The Hammer

Mark was raised in the Golden State, Chino to be exact. Not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he valued the simple things in life, friends, family, sun shine and extreme sports. He started his foray into outdoor sports before high school where he learned real quick how to ride a skateboard. Doing fancy tricks on his board was a rush but it was that very rush that would put him the hospital after performing mind bending tricks on a half-pipe (skater talk for a wood contraption that you ride in) that defy all natural known laws. The injury however, was Gods way of getting him off the Skateboard and onto a bike (biking is not a crime!). Before biking however, Mark went through a rough patch in his life where he surfed, primarily in high school. The rough patch was not personal, it was just a time where he thought he was a dude that wanted to hang ten or something. He enjoyed it but is was not his destiny……
Pass that foo Mark!

I almost forgot, he did race Vespas for a while too; he actually got really good at it and was the West Coast #3 champ for a while. It was clear by now that Mark needed to be in the outdoors and involved in something where he could seriously get injured. Fast forward to 2007 and we now have Mark riding a mountain bike, he has found his calling. He first rides his father-in-laws vintage GF carbon hardtail with some crazy geo numbers, but guess what? he’s hooked. He quickly upgrades to a more modern bike and the rest is as they say “all down hill from there”, or in his case, going uphill quickly.

So let’s talk about the modern Mark. He’s been described by some as debonaire, dashing, mysterious, enchanting, dreamy (by the ladies) and known by some as el guapo. What I found him to be was, well just a cool humble guy. He’s married, 33 years old, the father of 2 (one is on the way) who loves Cream of Potato Soup. By trade, he is a new flavor engineer for Kellogg Pop-tarts, have you tried the Blueberry?, thank Mark for it. He lives back in his hometown of Chino where he often rides to Chino Hills State Park for a ride. He goes to church at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley where most of his friends (including myself) attend and is very active. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter and just enjoying the simple things in life. Mark is known as a “giver” and the dude will give you the bike off his rack anytime.

Mark likes long rides on the Beach...

I asked Mark about training and how he is preparing for this years Triple Crown. His training regimen is highly secretive and very complicated….he just rides and eats good stuff including Soup and Pop-Tarts. He tries to ride a route that will be at least as long as his up-coming race, that’s about it. I have feeling that there is more to his extraordinary performance that just that, but I guess for now the secret will stay with him; he is by the way the reigning Triple Crown champ in his class. Oh, I almost forgot, he did read a MTB skills book once but he forgot what was in it.

Please welcome Mark to the team and support him at the races. He is a dynamic rider that is as good at going up hill as he is at going down. As for his future, Mark says it is “uncertain” but I’m sure he has big plans. He would like to get in to road riding one day but just as a way to be more physically fit for mountain biking. Super D is not out of the question and a few epic trips are definitely in his future but for now, he just wants to do like the rest of us….just ride!

California Golden State race #3 race report

My race weekend started on Friday when I went to scope out the course right after work. I walked to the top and recognized some of the course that Tom had laid 3 weekends ago.

Lower rock garden

The course was totally different from any previous races,we had a couple of rock gardens and a section so loose that claimed more than a few riders.

“Widowmaker” section, photo courtesy of Sharky.

I arrived early on Saturday, Wes was there and he already had done a couple of runs. His main comment was that the trail was really loose. Joe showed up a little later and we both decided to do our first run. As I arrive to the “widowmaker” section, I crashed but just a little down the trail, Wes was there too, on the floor. Widowmaker:1, Moe:0.

The other sections were fine, the last rockgarden before we cross the road was a little intimidating, but I managed to roll it just fine.

Lower rock section, photo courtesy of Sharky.

On my last practice run, I was a little more confident until I hit the “widowmaker”. Unfortunately, there was a rider down so I stopped and realized that it was David “Crash” Collins from Crash Innovations. I saw that his knee was scrapped up and he was in a lot of pain. Since he was unable to stand up, I raced down to get some help, unfortunately, I was so out of focus that I ate it hard twice. I quickly told the first aid guys that there was a rider down on the loose section and they promptly took off to tend to him.

I went to base camp and was trying to cool off when I noticed something weird about my bike, turns out, a bolt from the main pivot went missing. After consulting with Quinton, he pretty much told me that I was S.O.L. Since Joe happens to have 2 bikes that can handle DH, he was kind enough to lend me his Intense Socom.

I was only able to have one practice run with the Socom before race time. I was a little nervous since it was tough course for me and I was riding a totally different bike. Thankfully, on my first run I had a clean run, my time was not great but I was happy that I didn’t crash. My second run was another story, I washed out on the “widowmaker” section and I had a hard time trying to get out of the loose silt. By that time, Joe had already caught up and Wes was hot on his heels. Since there was no way I can catch Joe, I decided to let them go through so they can improve their times.

I was a little disappointed with my performance, but the rest of the team did an excellent job. We also had a “guest” racer, Albert Vinas, he happens to be my CPA and the dude can ride! He took 3rd place on his first race ever, not too shabby!

Next stop: Mammoth Mountain!

I would like to knowledge our generous sponsors: KHS Bicycles, Ergon USA, Evomo Clothing, HossMTB, and our new sponsors: Serfas and Icetoolz.

Review: Sportlegs

sportlegs received several bottles of SportLegs. Basically I wanted to have our race team use them in a real race setting. We had the opportunity to test how these pills worked during the Shimano Winter Series as well as Counting Coup and Traverse.

Cost: $26.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules.

What’s in it?

Here’s some testimonials from the race team and staffers.

Eric “The Animal” Hunner

Eric Hunner

I believe the Sportlegs worked for me during the 2009 “Counting Coup”. I took six before the race at 4:30 am and started at 5:30am. 25 miles later crossing the top of Saddleback I took a few more.

After 44 miles and 5 plus hours of single speed riding I was feeling good with no signs of leg cramps that I fought off in the same event the year before. I intend on using them from now on in long distance races such as “The Traverse” on May 9, 2009.

Kim Finch (Team Racer)

As a mountain bike rider & Cross Country racer, I have been using “Sport Legs” for a few years. I first tried them while attending Nationals in Mammoth Ca. I would not ride without them even on my casual rides. I found that my legs do not tire as soon as they normally would and have less recovery pain the following day. At first I thought it was just that I was getting stronger but when I ran out of them a few months ago and realized how much they really helped.

I had found out, without Sportlegs, my legs would become fatigued much quicker on the climbs and the next day they were sore & stiff. I will NOT ride without them. These are not some energy pick me up type product, they are natural way for my legs to continue to do what I am demanding of them! I use them prior to rides and races and always after I have finished. On long endurance rides I even take a couple in the middle of the ride to stay strong. It really does help keep the Lactic Acid build up in check.

Priscilla Policar (Team Racer)

Sportlegs helps my legs recover faster after long rides. It used to take me a couple of days to start feeling better, but if I take Sportslegs before and after the rides, I don’t have any negative effects from the ride the following day or two.

Jeremy Yang (Staffer)

Anybody who has ridden with me knows I have a nasty habit: at the two hour mark of every ride my body goes into “hate” mode and painful cramps begin in my legs. It doesn’t matter if it is a moderate 2 hour or a hellacious 2 hour ride at the two hour mark my body begins cramping. People who know me also know I’ve done everything in my power to cure this. I’ve invested in sports drinks, drank 20 cups of water the day before, considered pickle juice/mustard (ewww) and even tried sleeping early! All to no avail.

Things changed when I started using Sports Legs. Before a 4 hour ride, I decided to take the recommended amount for my body weight (4). During the ride, a singlespeed/rigid/hilly ride (think hellacious), I went past the three hour mark before the cramps set in. This was phenomenal. I have been dealing with this issue since I began riding years ago and Sports Legs has allowed me to get past the 2 hour barrier without cramping.

This past weekend, I rode on back to back days, a rare occurrence for me. On the second day, my legs were feeling sore from all the miles put in the day before and since I was running low on Sports Legs, I decided to forego them on day one. I took the last of my Sports Legs on day 2 then proceeded to hammer out the longest climb of the weekend (over 5 miles with a few thousand feet of elevation gain) without any issues. Actually, I felt pretty good afterwards. I’m a Sports Legs believer. No more cramps for me.

Well there you have it…from racers to staffers. They all seem to agree that SportLegs work. So don’t hesitate, get yourself a bottle and see for yourself how they work. Race Team-Winter Series ReCap

As you all know, members of the race team have kicked butt all winter long! We started racing in Fall of 08 and started the Shimano Winter Series on January 5th,2009. Since then we’ve basically had a race weekend every two weeks until the end on March 22nd, 2009.

Our team consisted of our core crew of Priscilla Policar (XC), Kim Finch, (XC, Super D and DH), David Sanderson (Single Speed XC), Eric “The Animal” Hunner (Single Speed XC), Tony Finch (DH and Super D) and Joe Solancho (XC, Super D, DH). Then there is Moe Ramirez and yours truly, RL Policar. Moe tried his hand in XC racing in 08 then decided to race Super D and DH for 09. I raced my first DH event in 08 and continued to race for 09.

Before I go on, I’d first like to thank our sponsors,, Evomo Clothing, Hoss MTB, and Ergon USA. These companies have supported our team since the beginning and truly deserve some love. So do us a favor, click on the links, buy their stuff, why? Well honestly, its because their products rock! Evomo has some sweet mountain bike related clothing and jerseys, Hoss MTB makes some of the best riding clothing such as shorts, and jerseys. Ergon Bike…need I say more? Ergon makes super comfortable hydration packs and their world famous grips will literally change your riding…trust us!

One of the things I’ve often mentioned to the team and on the website is our chemistry. Not only do we all get along, but we actually like spending time with one another. In fact, on my birthday, almost all of the team showed up for the surprise celebration that Priscilla set up. I also have to mention that we all chip in with the responsibility of each race. Usually we would have a BBQ or some sort of potluck and we could easily rely on the team to bring what was needed or what ever they promised to bring.

Encouragement was also key to the success of our team. We cheered each other on during the races and while some of us were on the podium. One of my favorite things to do was to keep tabs of riders in each of their respective categories. So that meant I would keep a tab on the riders in Eric and David’s SS group, and as they passed by the feed station, I’d give them an update on how each rider was from them. After the races, our team would do so well, that they would often times get the opportunity to stand on the podium. This is when more cheers and praise from the team would come out in support of our rider. I think we were one of the loudest groups during the awards…

Our mechanical support system has been amazing. Tony Finch was our roving bike shop. He had just about any part you needed in his car. Plus if we needed advice about our bike, tire pressure or the terrain, Tony was the man to go to. With his years of racing and riding, Tony was like the living/biking Wikipedia for bikes.

As we raced through out the months, there were times when we all felt like the races had started taking a toll on all of us. It’s not exactly easy to race every other weekend. Some of us live far, have kids and the preparation as well as the effort to get to each race can be taxing after a few months. But I have to tell you, once we got on our bikes…all that seemed to not matter. We were all doing something we loved…riding bikes!

All in all, our team performed really well at Fontana. We took home a few championships and it also cultivated something much more out of each of us. I think if anything, I saw each rider push through some tough times on the trail as well as in our own lives.

I can’t really get into details, but some of our team members had gone through quite a bit during the series, yet they persevered and kept coming back. I tell you, our team is great. I actually look forward to seeing all the guys and gals. There’s just something about seeing Eric’s strength come into play whether off or on the trail. David’s enthusiasm was infectious, Joe’s photos and heart to race has been pretty awesome. Tony Finch’s knowledge and fatherly qualities was great to see because he really made sure he coached all of us newbies. Kim’s tenacity was very impressive. In fact Moe often viewed Kim as his racing role model. Then there’s Priscilla, she has been very supportive during the series. Not only was she out there giving her best, but she was there to support the rest of us during our own races.

I also want to take the time to say how proud I am of my buddy Moe. For this guy to race downhill is nothing but impressive. I’m not saying he rides like Eric Carter, but the guy is out there giving his best. Each race Moe isn’t holding back, he literally gives DH 100% of his heart and doesn’t stop working hard until he crosses the finish line.

Though the Winter Series is over, it doesn’t mean we’re done racing. There are a few more events this year and I am just as excited as everyone else to get back on the bike and compete. Besides, we get to hang out with each other again!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed our racing adventures through videos and race reports. We certainly have. I know that racing has brought something new and different to the site’s content. If anything, many bike companies we deal with are really happy to see us out there racin’ and having fun. How do we know this? Well…some of then will either tell us during the events, or we’ll get emails stating they love what we’ve been doing. Don’t worry, we’re still the same set of people that do reviews, articles and all that jazz.

Thanks again to our readers for choosing to visit and for your continued support in what we do.

Shimano Winter Series Overall Results:
Tony Finch Sport Men 43-50 2nd Place
Kim Finch Beg Wmn 35+ 1st Place DH, 1st Place XC
Joe Solancho Beg Men 35-42 2nd Place, Super D 2nd Place
Moe Ramirez Beg Men 35-42 3rd Place, Super D 4th Place
RL Policar 200 Club 1st Place
Priscilla Policar Beg Wmn 34 under 2nd Place
Eric Hunner SS 34 Under 2nd Place
David Sanderson SS 34 Under 4th Place

Shimano Winter Series #3: Eric “The Animal” Hunner

RL Policar-Eric “The Animal” Hunner is the team’s power house. Not to take anything away from the other riders, but we all would agree that Eric has to be one of, if not, the strongest rider we have in our arsenal. So it brings me great pleasure to present to you a short, but sweet account of the Animal’s SS race at Southridge.

I had a good feeling about racing Southridge Winter Series the week before the actual race on Saturday. I was training and riding I thought a good amount, I was eating correctly up until the night just before the race my Dad took my family out to dinner, we feasted on some tasty Chinese food. I love any kind of food with meat and a side of rice, you could say a have a weakness for white rice. It was raining buckets of water while were eating, I kept thinking to myself, Wow I am racing tomorrow Rain or Shine. I think I was in a Rainy Day mood, I kept shoveling food down the hatch.

I started the race with a great start and then reality set in, or should I say dinner did. I didn’t feel sick, I just didn’t feel like I had the juice to stay with the leaders. Two weeks before in the SRC winter race #2, I was leading almost the entire first lap with Rod Leveque, hot on my heels. He pushed me to go even faster in that race, the two of us left a rather large gap between us and the other SS’s. That was not the case in this race the 35 and older group was on fire this round. Two things happened to me that I learned from this race, Don’t eat like an “Animal” before you Race, and don’t Train so hard that when the race does come you still have some gas left in the tank to perform. My training leading up to Race was pretty intense, I believe I over trained and was feeling a little burned half way though the race.

Later on, one of 35+ racers said to me “I didn’t know who you were but you sure did take off at the Start of the race”. I replied back to him “Did I start the fire on your seat because you killed the water tower hill” he laughed and called me an “Animal”. I then told this fellow racer [I think he name was Timothy Sparks] that won his class in the 35+ SS that “Animal” was my nickname on my MTNBikeRiders Team he said something like that is fitting.

Timothy asked me about riding/racing a rigid SS. I told him that going downhill is challenging, but I LOVE riding a rigid bike for cross country, especially uphill mainly for the fact it Pedal Bob is Not riding with me. [Pedal Bob = crushing suspension while climbing and transmitting your pedal strokes to your suspension , it is like being robbed at gun point when you are heavy weight]

This brought up the “Question”, exactly how heavy are you? “240 weighed myself this morning.” Timothy gave me props for fetching second place in my class 34 and under, Timothy said,” I thought I was heavy @ 195 pounds and you are riding rigid SS to boot”

The Moe’s Race Report: SR Winter Series #2

Under the threat of rain, most of gathered under a couple of ez-ups and got ready to race. Saturday was my turn to be Señor Team Manager since RL was out on a retreat, that meant I had to be the photographer and race support.

As usual, the XC racers gave it 110% percent and were able to bring home some trophies. Joe (doing double duty) and I raced SuperD, this time, the course featured 3 climbs including ‘Sandbagger’s hill’. The rest of the course included parts of the XC course and a little of the Downhill.

Order No: 4377964

I’ve been getting out of work late so I didn’t have any time to ride for 2 weeks, it definitely showed; I was sucking wind on the second uphill and lost a lot of time on sandbagger’s hill. I also rode more conservatively this time, I still have some of the scabs from the last time that I raced. I ended placing 8th, not one of my best races, but it was a fun ride.

For me, Saturday’s highlight was my 8yr old girl entering her first ‘race’. She was racing on a KHS Raptor, a sweet 1X7 kids MTB.

Although she had an unfortunate fall, she bravely got up and finished up the race, she was really happy about her first MTB race medal. Look out Priscilla, she will be taking your place on the podium!

Photo courtesy of Sharky

We thought that Sunday was going to be a dry day, it was, sort of… a quick rain shower (dust control according to the PA announcer) left the trail nice and tacky. Unfortunately I only had time for one practice run, but I was a little more confident since I’ve raced DH before and the KHS DH200 is a superb bicycle that compensates for my lack of skill.

If you would have told me 2 months ago that I would be racing Downhill, I would have laughed and said hell no, I’m not that Nucking Futs…. But thanks to my buddy Vince Calvillo for having the confidence of letting me ride the DH200, I was rewarded with making it down the hill in one piece and I achieved a 5th place podium finish.

My personal goal was to make it to the podium since I was the only rider that had not achieved taking some bling home. Well, I finally did it, although I was surprised to have done it on a Downhill race instead of SuperD.

Big thanks to the team, KHS bicycles,, HossMTB, Ergon and for their support.

Priscilla’s Race Ride Report: MT SAC

To say that I was anxious about this race is an understatement. This past month since the Bonelli race has been spent trying to get over soar throats and runny noses. I have been sick for four weeks now which has left me with very little riding time and training. Lucky for me I paid for this race a month ago so as much as I wanted to back out of the race I just couldn’t stand the thought of throwing away 35 bucks!

When I woke up that Sunday morning to rain clouds and sore legs I wasn’t feeling too good about the race. Sore legs you ask? Yeah, sore legs. In an attempt to avoid burning out my legs the day before on the pre-ride, I opted to hike a bike up a few hills. Well, in an attempt to “save” my legs I made it worse because I used different muscles to hike up those hills. My legs were hurting that morning.

Anyways, we headed out early that Sunday morning because we wanted to make sure we were there to encourage Joe and Eric since they had an earlier start then the rest of us. It sure does make a difference to hear the encouragement out there during the race so we wanted to make sure the boys got some much deserved team love out there. And I was glad we were able to get there and set up. It gave me a chance to relax with the children and help with pictures.

I was also relieved when Kim shared some of her anti-lactic acid build up pills with me. Not sure what they were called but I am buying a case of them! They really helped with my legs. I also popped a couple of FRS chews. These were great. No nausea and I felt like I was able to keep up my energy during the whole race.

At some point that morning I surrendered to just having a good time out there. I didn’t feel too confident about making podium becuase of my cold but I really just wanted to have fun. I decided I would just pace myself and ride my ride.

And enjoy the ride I did! The race had a good number of participants. About 6 women in my category (34 and Under) and 7 in Kim’s category (35 and Up), amongst 100 other men. I felt like I had a strong start, the only drawback is probably our positioning in the crowd. I think starting with the head of the pack would have given us more of an advantage. There was a single track portion of the ride early in the race where everyone just bottlenecks and comes to a dead stop. So for those of us who got a later start it really cost us some time. There was a great climb though soon after that was able to give a few of us the opportunity to make up time up the hill. It was shortly after this climb that I was able to catch up the the 2nd place rider in my category and haul butt to get past her.

I really enjoyed this race. I had a good energy and a good vibe for most of the race. It was super encouraging to see the mtnbikerider crew spread out throughout the course. Sometimes I spotted Joe or Jon out there snappin away with their cameras and offering words of encouragement. RL really went out of his way to make sure we were takin care of too. He even tumbled up a hill for me to make sure I got my sugar blocks. 🙂

Kim gettin some team support from RL

I really felt like this was one of my strongest races. It felt great to catch up to one guy right after the other and pass him! Hehehe. I of course offered my words of encouragement as I rode on by. 🙂 I made sure to take advantage of every portion of the trail that I could hammer it and every opportunity to rest on the fun downhills. I was hootin and hollering all the way down the hillsides! I had such a great time out there and it really seemed to go by faster then I had expected. I also want to mention a couple of us were able to throw on our new Ergon grips! Love these. If you haven’t tried these out yet – DO IT! I don’t know how I ever got by without them! I also rode with my new
pack. Great stuff.

At the last hill I actually caught up with Nehr who was nursing some bad cramps. I offered some more words of encouragement after I pulled some souvenirs out of my derailleur hanger and rode on down the hillside as fast as I could to land me a 2nd place win.

Comin in for the finish!

I was really proud of the team. Kim put some hurt on those girls with holding strong during the race. And the boys did an awesome job. Eric and Joe – those guys are animals! I don’t know how they rode 3 laps!! Crazy!!! And so proud of Moe, Nehr and Val for finishing the race! Way to go guys. I think Nehr has a promising future as a racer!

The girlz rocked it!

It was just a lot of fun hanging with the crew and the kiddos too. Good eats, good ride, good “refreshments” (thanks Eric!), and good friends! Now on to Fontucky!!! Woo hoo!

And a special thanks again to KHS (for my frame), ERGON, EVOMO, HOSS, and BikeCommuters of course!

The Worst Dream Ever

RL thought I should share my dream. I woke up this morning because of a knock at my bedroom door. And I had the worst sinking feeling. I don’t always remember my dreams but being that I was in the middle of it, it was very fresh in my mind.

I had this dream that I was getting ready for a race. I registered and realized they had placed me with the wrong age group. You ever have those dreams where you are wandering and can’t get to your destination? Well I had a hard time finding the registrar but eventually found him and got it taken care of.

Then came a loooonnng wait for the race to start. I think I slept in the car while we waited? In my dream it was race day at Mt. Sac again (same race as last November). And then came the worst part. All the sudden the race was over!? And I placed 3rd, which was worse then the last race! I had no recollection of actually riding the race. No memory of any of it. It was just done and what had previously taken me 38min to ride had just taken me 90min to ride!!! What in the world?! I was so upset in my dream that I couldn’t remember any of it. I couldn’t analyze what took me so long, or what had happened out there on the trails because it was like I was never there!! Arrggghh. I felt so frustrated. I remember RL being there and me trying to ask him all these questions about the race. Although my body was in the race my mind/spirit was somewhere else. Weird.

LOL….Aye, maybe it’s time for a little break…maybe a day at the spa or something….hahaha. Am I the only one that dreams about bike riding and races?!?!?

Brownie Points

You know guys, Valentines Day is just around the corner. Some guys wait until the last minute to run out and buy those chocolates or flowers for their special lady. Why wait until the last minute? I’ve always told my husband the romance starts early in the day with the way you talk to me or treat me. I am a simple girl. It’s simple gestures of love that move me. Chocolates are good, but hold the door open for me or throw away my trash for me, and I am putty in his hands. 😉 So what does this have to do with mountain biking? Hang on! I am getting there. 🙂

Well, it’s January and it’s time for me to burn off the “Winter Coat”. The crew here at have big racing dreams for ’08 so we’re all working hard to get in shape. I like to cross train to prep myself. And I really love to run. It builds up my lungs and my legs for mountain biking. But the problem is I love to run at night. And as a female that isn’t so wise to do in the dark by my lonesome self.

Tonight I NEEDED to get in a good run. RL wasn’t feeling his best after the car accident. His back has been hurting him so he was in no condition to run with me but he did offer to escort me on his bike. Awwww. What a nice guy.

You see, RL really had nothing to gain from this short ride. He really wasn’t going to get in a good workout by riding alonside my slow-paced 3 mile run. I don’t even think he broke a sweat! But he wanted to make sure I was safe out there. That means the world to me.

Bbbbrrr. It’s 48 degrees out here. That’s cold for California!!

Well, I was encouraged tonight, and just wanted to share. Have you seen that commercial where the woman is training on her road bike and her husband and kids are driving alongside her just to support her? I love that commercial. Well, that’s how I felt tonight. I had my biggest fan cheering me on while I trained.

So what does your wife or better half like to do? Run? Dance? Bike? Play an Instrument? Well get out there and show her some love! It’s a great way to score some brownie points! She may even be so encouraged that she encourages YOU to go get in another mountain bike ride! 😀