The idea that actually happened

As you may recall I talked about Burt Reynolds getting a facelift. So after giving it some more thought and double checking with LadyP to make sure I can part out her old bike, I went to town on Burt the following morning.

After spending some time to strip the KHS XC604 of its parts, I started doing the same for Burt. I removed all of his single speed parts. The process was pretty seamless. The KHS had the same cable stops as Burt. So that means when I installed the cables, it went in easily. I did have to trim some excess housing to make a perfect fit.

I took me less than an hour to do the whole conversion. To my surprise, the bike came in at 26.5lbs with my DH pedals.
Redline d600

Here he is looking all sharp and stuff with his new drive train and brakes. I guess I lucked out that the color scheme that LadyP picked for her bike ended up working for Burt.
redline d600 27speed

The white and black really go well together with bits of red to accent the whole bike. Burt also got a set of Avid ElixirR brakes, way better than the mechanical brakes that he came with.

LadyP was pretty good to her drive train. It just needed to be lubed and it was ready to go!

Later that afternoon Burt and I headed out at the world famous Fullerton Loop. First thing I noticed with Burt and his new drive train, rides nothing like the 2×10 that’s on the Airborne Goblin. One thing I’ve come to love on the Goblin was the 2×10, it just feels more efficient on the flats. But one thing Burt did well in was climbing, thanks to his granny gears of 22t/34t.
redline d600 on
I found that on Burt, I was on my big ring quite a bit and noticed that I was cross chaining by using the 28t-32t. I am assuming I was doing this because it’s what my legs have grown accustomed to while riding the Goblin. Just like with any bike I test or have ridden, it will take some time for me to get used to everything about Burt. When I converted him over to a single speed. It took me at least 5 rides to finally like how everything was. From cock pit to gearing, it all took some time to get dialed in. I figured it’s going to be the same story with Burt this time around. One thing I did change, and will probably change again by the end of the week is the handle bar. I’ll need something wider since I like my bikes to have short stems and wide bars.

Though Burt Reynolds isn’t a new bike to me, having this new configuration sure feels new and it’s got me all excited! I’m working on procuring some better parts for him, so who knows what he’ll end up with in the next few weeks.

New Bars on Burt ReynoldSS

One of my favorite things to do is take an existing bike and make it more interesting. The Redline D600 is a prime example of it. This bike started off as a 24speed, 29er, then it got transformed into Burt ReynoldSS…the rigid single speed that you see below.

But this morning I was in the shop (my garage) and looked at Burt and thought, what can I do to make this bike even more interesting and fun to ride? Then it hit me! New bars and stem. I grabbed the Fyxation Alterra Cafe Bar off my commuter bike and installed it on Burt.

Here’s how it looks.
redline d600

A better angle to show you the bar position.
fyxation alterra cafe bar

The riding position is actually quite comfortable.
Burt Reynoldss

Reminds me of those “Mary Bars” or “M” bars that other brands sell.
mary bar alternative

A great angle to show you how far the bar drops.

Though the Fyxation bar isn’t really meant for the rigors of mountain biking…especially in a rigid setting, I figured it might be fun to see how well it holds up. I’ll be trying this set up in the near future!

Can you see what I see…

Yesterday during my lunch ride I decided to take Burt ReynoldSS out for it’s maiden voyage. I was pretty excited about since it’s been a while since I’ve ridden a single speed.

But during my climbs the chain was skipping. Ugh…I thought I had addressed that issue by placing the rear cog further out and spacing my tensioner with a set of washers. However, if you look at this photo below the tensioner is pushing the chain in and when under load, it will cause it to skip.
redline single speed

With this in mind, I’ve got two choices. 1, I can tray and mess with the chain line by putting the front ring inside of the crank arm and align the rear cog a few spaces back to see if the chain can fall within the roller from the tensioner. The other option would be 2, that’s to get a new tensioner that allows some adjustment on the roller.

Getting a new one seems to be the best option, probably the easiest. But you know me, I’ll find a way to make what I have work and my last resort would be purchasing a new tensioner.

Another issue I found was the stem height. Not a big deal, just have to move it down a bit since it felt really high. It made it difficult to climb when the bars feel like they are up to my chest and it makes it tough to gain leverage.
Redline d600 singlespeed

The latest Project: Burt Reynolds SS

The reason why I came up with the name Burt Reynolds is simply this…the Redline D600 color scheme totally reminded me of the Trans Am in the movie Smokey and the Bandit.

Ya I know we just announced a new tandem bike project on the site, but this one is something I needed to get done to start training for the upcoming Winter Series XC Races.

Here’s what I mean by color scheme. Gold and Black! Here you see the Redline D600 converted to a Single Speed that I’ve dubbed as Burt Reynolds.
redline d600></a></p>
<p>I picked up this matching Redline Monocog fork that was used only once by the previous owner. The OEM fork weighed 6lbs! The rigid fork only weighs 3lbs.<br />
<img src=

Upgraded the cock pit to a Shimano PRO carbon bar and a new Sunline 50mm stem for my short arms.
redline d600 single speed

I used the existing 8 speed chain to save on money. No need to spend more when I can use the stock parts.
redline d600

Installed a Surly 21t cog and it’s working great with the new 32t chain ring up front.
Redline Single speed

If you didn’t know, I love pink. But I think I may look for gold grips and possibly a gold chain…you know make it more like Bandit.
redline 29er

Originally the Redline D600 weighed over 33lbs. But after swapping out the fork(the heaviest part of the bike), cock pit and stripping off all the shifters derailleurs and cranks. I got this baby down to 26lbs (with pedals). I still need a few things like chain ring bolts which should be here by Tuesday and probably a new tensioner. I just don’t like how the one I have is working. Besides, I’m missing a bolt on it.
26lbs single speed

Ya I know that there are full suspension 29ers that weigh this much, but for what I paid in parts to do this conversion, $40, I think I can live with a 26lbs single speed 29er…