Sette Reken, another bike project.

Last time you may have heard me mention, the Sette Reken was a 1×3 then most recently a 1×8. That was cool and all, but II kept dropping my chain when it was set up as 1×8.

So last night, I wanted to do something with the Sette Reken…again. I figured I’d try and convert it to become my Xtracycle. Below was my original set up with my Ibex/Xtracycle.

The Ibex frame was cool and all, but that top tube would get in the way when dismounting the bike. I tried to install the sub-frame of the Xtra on to the Reken, but the reken doesn’t have a small bar that most bikes would have where a kick stand would be installed onto the stays. The Xtracycle idea for the Reken was scrapped.

I then turned my attention to my 1X crank set. I got tired of the chain drop and went ahead and installed the granny gear, big ring, front (XTR) derailleur and front shifter. The XTR was a bit over kill since my shifters was an Alivio and my rear derailleur was a Mega9 Deore…but its what I had.

Anyhow, I took the Reken out for a quick jaunt in the neighborhood, making sure I was jumping off the curb to see if my chain would drop, all good.

I weighed the thing and it came in shy of 25lbs. Not exactly anemic, but the parts I have on it aren’t on a diet. I have some WTB ALL Mountain wheels, a Spinner Reason fork, TruVativ 31.8 stem, Hayes MX3 Mech brakes and TruVativ cranks. One lite weight thing I have would be my seat post…a Ritchey Comp…oh an my rear Kenda Small Block 8!

By the way, right now the Sette Reken frame is on sale for $79.98 at

I Reken a 1×3 would work…

This Thanksgiving morning I decided to take my trusty Sette Reken Single Speed and convert it to a 1×3. I’ve had this project in mind for a few months and decided to execute it this morning while the family was still asleep.

First step was to get a cassette and remove all but three cogs. I left on the 17,20 and 23t cogs.

I also mounted a Shimano Deore rear derailleur. I like how it matched the frame…hehe

I used an Ultegra chain…cuz that’s how I roll.

I also grabbed a Shimano Alivio 8speed shifter that I had laying around.

I finished it off with some hot pink Jagwire shifter cables/housing. It goes great with the black!

Here’s the finished product. I plan on using this set up at the next Tour De Tryptophan, also known as 24 hours of Fullerton.

I brake for Black and Whites

Black and White on my bike that is…I simply love the color combination. Recently we mentioned has some white lock on grips for about $10. Jeremy and I ordered a set for our bikes and I finally was able to install it on my Sette Reken Single Speed.
sette reken single speed

Like my Cow Horn? I figured it would match the theme of the bike.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I also upgraded from V-brakes to Disc.

These are the reliable Avid BB5’s with Roundagon rotors. I’m using a set of WTB Speeddisc wheels.

Ride Report: Fullerton Loop, with a Special Guest Appearance! set up a last minute ride at the Fullerton Loop. Priscilla, Moe, I as well as our friend Anthony decided to get a quick ride in for Father’s Day Weekend. I normally send out a weekly ride invite and one fella said that he’ll try to make it. Well what do you know, the dude actually got up early enough and made it…Vince Rodarte of KHS Bicycles. That’s right, my weight loss nemesis and friend, was able to join our ride today. It’s not all too often he gets to come along, so this was a definite treat for us.

Shown in order, Ryan, Lance, Moe, Priscilla, Anthony and some random stranger on the right side.

Vince rode his old skool KHS Single Speed. This machine was actually the motivation for my Sette Reken single speed build project (right behind the KHS). What made today a unique ride was the fact that 3 of us, Vince, Moe and I, were all riding single. Another thing that made this day a bit more sweet was the amount of KHS Bikes we had on the ride. Moe had his Solo One, Anthony was riding the AM2000 that we built, Vince was on his KHS, and well…me, I had a KHS fork, that should count!

Here’s the Three Single Speeding Amigos…

We’re always trying to have fun when we ride. As always, I try to document our adventures…enjoy the video!

Is it a 96er or a 69er?

Anyhow, there are so many different fans of 69/96er bikes and as you may already know, I HATE spending money when I know I could do it for less. It’s like going to an Italian Restaurant…why bother when you can boil pasta at home and make the food for a fraction of the cost. Well that’s my point, why spend a butt load of cash to get a “pre-made” 69er…LAME!

So here’s the recipe for my version of a great 69/96er bike:
1 Sette Reken Single Speed Bike. By the way, did you know the Reken uses 6061 tubing…means it’s strong!

1 Rigid fork-Courtesy of Moe Ramirez and his KHS Solo One
1 Kenda Negeval 29er Tire
1 700c wheel…yah I know I should be using a real 29er wheel…I’m not spending the money on one until I’m certain that I like the set up.

Combine all the ingredients on a work stand, tighten the bolts, test ride…and Viola! a 69er! Sorry no picture yet. I’ll get one up as soon as its ready!

Deal Day-Sette and Branded Products

This week’s Deal Day special, we are going to visit with some products that I’ve been using from .

The first item I’d like to introduce is the Sette Reken frame that we used to build up a “Brother on a Budget” single speed. This frame is priced reasonably well, $99. I also used the Sette Single Speed kit for this project. I’ve been riding on the Reken frame for a few months now and it has quickly become my favorite bike in my stable. You’ll hear more about it on my review coming shortly.

Not the most flattering shot of my hairy legs…but I wanted to get a picture of the frame.
sette reken

Another product that I’ve been happy with is the Sette Excel MTB Shoes. These shoes are a killer deal at $34.98…where else can you get some nice shoes for that price?
sette excell mtb shoes

Last but not least is this fancy, B.O.B(brother on a budget) approved Classic Jersey. Being a husky rider, I don’t care much for club/sport fit jerseys. In fact I rarely wear jerseys at all because they make me feel like a kielbasa. The Classic Jersey fits loosely on my hulking body and is very comfy. For $20, you just can’t go wrong with it. The fabric is moisture wicking and keeps your skin nice and cool.

It has 3 large pockets in the back to help carry your stuff.

Fabric breathes really well.

Plus it has this large zipper that goes down about 3/4 of the length of the jersey.

So if you haven’t already figured it out, I am really enjoying the Sette and goods. I’m not much for spending a butt load of cash for my biking stuff in which basically does the same thing as the house branded products do.Feel free to check out more goodies at

The Perfect Bike for B.O.B

Yes there is such a thing as a “PERFECT” bike for B.O.B. (brother on a budget)…a budget meaning very little money or none what so ever.

So if you’re like me, a BOB, then you are going to look for the best bang out of your buck. Being a BOB, usually means you’re just tight on cashola for the most part of your life. Either that or you have plenty of kids to support. With that said, here’s my recommendation…from one BOB to another.

Get a single speed! Yeah I know it’s not going to have the latest and greatest XTR or SRAM X0 stuff, but it works, it’s cheap and up-keep is at an all time low! Seriously, a single speed is the best way to go. You really don’t need much to get one started. You can find a cheap old mountain bike on Craigslist or at a garage sale for about $20-$50. Single Speed kits are mega cheap, less than $20! A KMC chain is about $5 and if you needed, single speed chain ring bolts are no more than $10.

If you tally it up…
$50 for a bike
$20 SS kit
$10 SS chain bolt kit
$5 SS chain

For about $85… you can have yourself a pretty durable bike. I ride my SS as much as I can. I only ride multi geared bikes when I’m testing out rigs for reviews or if I’m riding technical trails where a squishy would be fun. But for the most part, I LOVE my single speed.

Single speeding does so many wonders for you. The first few times you’ll hurl, but you get stronger and you can clear more and more hills on your ride. Just keep at it, I’m not going to lie to you, its tough. But its totally rewarding.

So if you’re a BOB like me, then consider building up a single speed, its a cheap thrill!

Kenda Small Block Eight: Review Initiated

I finally had a chance to install the Kenda Small Block Eight on the Sette Reken Single Speed.

The first thing you need to know is that this tire is WAY faster than my old set of tires, Bontrager Jones XR. Plus they are WAY faster than the Kenda Karmas that Priscilla has on her XC rig. What do I mean by faster? Well think of it this way, I immediately felt the benefit of these tires as we rode the Fullerton Loop.

Everyone that I’ve talked to about these tires said that they are supposed to be the lightest and fastest XC tires out there. So with that in mind, the Kenda tires already had set a high standard in my head. Well surprisingly, those people were right! The difference I felt was how well it rolled. Just think of it this way, the smoothness of these tires felt like I was riding on a road bike…for reals!

I’ve yet to test the handling abilities of the tires in situations such as rocky and technical sections. But from what I’ve experience, they are really nice XC tires. I’ll be reporting on the full review once I get more kick ass time on these tires.

Once you go black…you never go back…

Yeah I know its a well worn cliche. But I wanted to let everyone know that the Sette Reken frame is back at! sold out the last batch and now its back. They even have size as small as 14″ and all the way up to 20″. The price still remains a super low low and affordable cost of $99.98. That has to be one of the best deals on the internet!
sette reken frame

As you may have already seen, I’ve built up a formidable single speed mountain bike that has literally transformed my riding! Seriously, just ask anyone that I ride with, they’ll all say that I’m a faster rider because of this bike.
sette reken

What’s cool about this frame is that its VERY tough. It’s totally legit man! I’ve taken this bike through so many tough trails such as Rock-it, Lynx, Cholla and more, and it has never given up! I would totally recommend it. Heck, I may even get another frame just so I can build up a geared race machine…

White lines…

In the words of Grand Master Flash
(Ooh White Lines) Vision dreams of passion
(Blowin’ through my mind) and all the while I think of you
(High price) a very strange reaction
(For us to unwind) the more I see, the more I do
(Something like a phenomenon) Baby!
(Tellin your body to come along, but white lines blow away)
(Blow! Rock it! Blow!)

Ok ok, relax, I’m not talking about blow, but I’m talking about my new White Chain by KMC on my Sette Reken SingleSpeed.

I love white so much that I even ordered some white Sette Duo bars from

I’ll post that up as soon as I get some pictures. Heck I just installed the bars last night, so tonight will be its maiden voyage with my new bars, and the second ride with my new chain.