SC Velo, XC Challenge: Tinker Juarez still smokin!

22 years after his debut into Mountain Bike racing, David “Tinker” Juarez is still fast as ever.  Tinker a renowned BMX and Cross Country rider has a slew of accomplishments that spans over two decades. 

This weekend Tinker raced at the SC Velo Cross Country Challenge.  At 47 yrs old, he literally smoked the competition.  Up against many competitors (some who are half his age), they were no match for his speed.

IMG_9017 copy by you.                                                                             Tinker exploding from the Start.

As the Team watched from the sidelines, we heard the announcer call out Tinker’s name every time he came in to complete a Lap.  The PROs were required to complete 6 Laps / 24 miles.  No where in sight where his competitors.  Needless to say he came in first place.

Below is a list of some of his accomplishments.  In the recent years, Tinker has been competing in Endurance type events. 

  • 2005 Furnace Creek 508 mile road race, second place
  • 2005 Presented with Cannondale’s Icon Award
  • Inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2001
  • 3-Time NORBA National Cross-Country Champion (’98, ’95, ’94)
  • Two-Time US Olympic Team Member (’96, ’00)
  • 4-Time consecutive National Champion, 24 – hour solo category
  • 2002 24 Hour National Champion
  • 2001 NORBA National Champion, 24-Hour Solo Category
  • 2000 NORBA Cross-Country, Mt. Snow – fifth place
  • 2000 NORBA Cross-Country, Mammoth and Crystal Mountain – seventh place
  • 2000 World Cup Cross-Country, Mazatlan – tenth place
  • 1999 NORBA Short Track Overall – fifth place
  • 1999 NORBA Cross-Country Overall – ninth place
  • 1998 NCA Cross-Country Finals – first place
  • 1998 NCS Cross-Country; Red Wing – second place
  • 1998 Tour of the Rockies, Overall – third place
  • 1995 Pan American Games – Gold Medal
  • 1994 World Cross-Country Championships – Silver Medal
  • 1993 Inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame

IMG_8596 by you.IMG_8580 by you.                                  Tinker at Sea Otter in 2004. 

IMG_0754 by you.                              Me w/Tinker at the iBert booth, Interbike 2008.

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My helmet makes me look like a…

Sometimes when I see posters of great riders like Lance Armstrong, Greg Lemond, Tinker Juarez, Melissa Buhl and the like, I see them wearing some nice helmets and they look super cool in them. In fact some of them even look better with their helmets than without.

tinker juarez

So here’s my dilema, there are tons of cool looking helmets out there 90% of people in this world looks really cool in them. But for me, being a round face, anytime I put a helmet on, I look like a mushroom….or a big penis.

penis head

Even with my full face helmet, I don’t look cool in it. First of all my face is all scrunched up, and since my helmet is white, I look like a marshmallow….

Just the other day I went into a shop to check out helmets. They had this really cool Giro helmet…it was priced around $70. With a price tag like that, I figured its gotta look cool on me! I slip it on, run to the mirror and was immediately disapointed….again I took the form of a giant penis.

What is it with helmet manufacturers designing their product to look good for people with longer faces. People like me, round faced folks are outta luck.
face shapes
No matter how many vents or different colors helmets have, we’ll always look like mushrooms or penises…