Let’s give it up to Planet X/Titus for excellent customer service!!!

A while back Lady P and I were riding Rockit in Aliso Woods. This is a fun rock garden that we’ve ridden before. As we entered the trail, I see a little lip off to the side and I decided to take it. Boom I launch of it, land the rear tire first and then the front. I keep rolling but eventually I come to a stop to make sure Lady P was ok. Yep, I do that. I will stop at mid descent just to make sure my main squeeze is ok. Anyhow, as I’m waiting I hear a hissing sound. I’m thinking, “Oh great…flat!” But upon closer inspection I didn’t have a flat, but I had a blown rear shock!

Can you see what’s wrong with this photo?
Titus Rockstar, blown rear shock

To borrow a line from Bill Murray in Stripes, “BLOWN UP SIR!”
titus rockstar

Immediately I contact El Guapo over at Planet X/Titus. Mind you this was on a Saturday morning. He was actually at Sea Otter working as an exhibitor. I didn’t think he’d respond until Monday, but within a few minutes, he asked what happened and began the warranty claim for the rear shock. Come the following week, I was sent a #RMA and a shipping label so the shock could be sent back to Rockshox.
Blown out o-ring.

Not quite sure how my shock blew up like that. But it took about 2 weeks for Rockshox to send me a replacement. Yes I said a replacement. Oh by the way, El Guapo actually offered to send me a “loaner” shock until I got mine back from warranty. But I declined his generous offer since I had other bikes I could ride.

So this is my NEW shock. It’s similar to the oem shock, but the newer year model.
Rockshox Monarch RT3
So there you have it…a story about great customer service by El Guapo. It’s not like the Titus Rockstar failed, but he was on it when it came to getting an RMA from Rockshox. The whole process was painless, yes it was inconvenient to have the shock blow out. But I’m glad I had El Guapo on my side facilitating the warranty claim.

Titus on a comeback!

Recently saved by On-One from permanently disappearing in the cycling world, Titus was at the Sea Otter showcasing their bikes. Nothing new at the moment, but they were there showing their presence and that they are here to stay.
Titus show casing their current line-up


Speaking to the rep, they have several plans that will appeal to many Titus followers. For one, the good looking El Guapo is slated to change from 160mm to 170mm of rear travel. Plans for other 29er models are also on the table. Keep checking their site www.titusti.com for updates.

Sea Otter 20 Ten: Titus Carbon X

Sea Otter Twenty Ten presented Jer and I with a world of carbon framed bikes. One striking design was the Titus Racer X Carbon with its “X” shaped frame and its modified four bar suspension design. Designed as a pure XC race bike designed for those racers not looking to get beat up by the common Scandium framed hard tail and still looking for a stiff, efficient frame that can take the edge off the rough stuff. Titus was represented in a big way with lots of demo bikes available to the public and media to ride on the buff trails of Monterey.

Playing in the grass of Sea Otter...

I demo’d the Carbon “X” with a mid level build kit. As with any bike, set up is quite a personalized thing. The cockpit was certainly not set up for me and the tire choice did not suit me at all. The demo bike came set up with a negative rise stem and a riser bar, weird. Tire choice on the demo were Continental Mountain King, I’ve ridden these tires before and do not like them. These are all personalized items and I will focus just on the frame and its qualities.

The bike was extremely light, no official figures were available but if I had to guess I would say it was around 24-25 lbs. First thing I noticed was how it accelerated. The bike would move forward with no hesitation with each pedal stroke. Climbing was easily accomplished with the rear suspension maintaining traction at all times even with the very worn Mountain Kings. While climbing I did notice the front wheel was very light and would easily lose contact with the ground. Could be the frame was slightly to small for me or just the overall set up. Descending scared me with the cockpit setup, negative rise stem and riser bar; I was too far over the front wheel. One section we took was a very sandy descent with many stair steps; Ya I took it slow.

The X from the X

Overall the bike was very stiff, light and efficient with very little bobing but it was there. The trails around Sea Otter are pretty smooth with very little rocks; unlike what I am use to with our very rocky San Gabriel / So Cal trails. I really need to get a long term demo and set it up for me and my riding preferences. I wouldn’t recommend running out and buying this bike w/o first demoing it and having it set up for you. This bike is race specific and shouldn’t be the only bike you own unless you are a racer only and have no need for a trail bike. In my opinion, there are bikes out there can hang with the “X” on the race course and be allot more versatile on the trails with your buddies.

Interbike 2009 – Carbon Frames

At Interbike 2009, one thing definite that I noticed was the abundance of carbon frames. As I walked the convention, speaking to different manufacturers (big or small companies) it seemed that they all had at least one carbon frame – road or mountain. The monocoque frames were just beautiful to look at!

Below are just some of the bikes we saw the last three days:

2E8J9913 by bicyclebloggers.                            KHS XCT Carbon, w/tapered headtube
2E8J0218 by bicyclebloggers.SASO MB1

IMG_9907 by bicyclebloggers.LOOK

LaPierre Pro Race 900LaPierre ProRace 900

2E8J0135 by bicyclebloggers.Rocky Mtn/Maxxis Team Edition

2E8J0133 by bicyclebloggers.CarboTec

2E8J0039 by bicyclebloggers.Morpheus Oracle-4X

IMG_9923 by bicyclebloggers.Titus

IMG_9919 by bicyclebloggers.Ellsworth Enlightenment

2E8J0028 by bicyclebloggers.BOO Bamboo Bicycles, carbon-bamboo

2E8J0069 by bicyclebloggers.

2E8J0046 by bicyclebloggers.Ellsworth…

In addition to the frames, there were ample of carbon components to compliment them.   Below are just a few that caught my eye.

2E8J9969 by bicyclebloggers.RaceFace Carbon Next cranks

2E8J0177 by bicyclebloggers.Carbon Wheelset from Sun Ringle