Sunday Ride: 02-28-2010 Trabuco to Main Divide

This past Sunday, Tony and I joined the crew from The Path Bike Shop on their group ride.  With all the recent rains in Southern California, I’ve learned a lot about picking trails that don’t turn into mud fests.  In particular, those trails of decomposed granite or shale seem to be the way to go as they filter water particularly well.

Check out the video I took with the awesome Vholdr Contour HD1080p camera!

Tony gearing up
Tony gearing up

For this weeks ride 12 of us headed out to ride Trabuco to the Main Divide and back.  Climbing Trabuco is a grueling and sometimes demoralizing climb.  Due to recent rains, many stream crossings broke up the dredge of hike-a-bike sections and granny gear climbing.  Robbi and a few other ‘fit’ people were able to haul A on the way up, whilst Tony and I slowly ascended on our all-mountain rigs.  If I go back, I’ll definitely take my trail bike, if I’m gonna grind up-hill for about two hours, it’s gonna be on something below 30lbs!

Robbi Providing Trai Side Support
Robbi Providing Trai Side Support

Several of us were bemoaning the climb when it was time to turn around and descend.  What a difference 180 degrees makes!  All those steep technical climbs were now merely fast and fun sections on the way down.  Also thanks to the poor weather on Saturday, we mostly had the trail to ourselves for some high-speed action.  I took chase after Robbi only to discover that yes, I’m still slow!  By the time we reached the cars every rider was elated and happy to have made the trek uphill.

Post ride mud-face
Post ride mud-face

First Impression: Vholdr HD Vented Helmet Mount

Vholdr Contour HD Vented Helmet Mount in Box

Here are we’ve been tasked with testing the Vholdr Contour HD 1080P camera, and though the initial impressions are awesome, the lack of a vented helmet mount left a bitter impression in the staffers minds. The goggle strap that comes with the camera is awesome, relatively secure and adjustable. The rub was, just how often does a mountain biker wear goggles? For most of us, that’s during DH shuttle runs and maybe free-riders. Here in sunny so-cal there just aren’t that many shuttle runs to explore and most of which could be ridden comfortably on a 6″ all-mountain bike.
So what does all this babbling lead to? Most mountain bikers wear XC style lids most of the time! This left us hoping for a vented helmet mount. Well, Vholdr was aware of this and was working hard behind the scenes and the wait is over!

The mount is similar to those used by Nite-Rider to mount helmet lights.  A dual strap arrangement that loops through your helmet vents.  The mount also has a three-position tilt adjustment feature which is very helpful in getting that picture just right.

Mounted to my XC skid lid
With Camera
With Camera

We’ll be taking advantage of a break in the busy holiday schedule to squeeze in a ride with our newbies on the Fullerton Loop, I’ll try to take some video with the mount and post the results here.  Stay Tuned!

Vholdr ContourHD 1080p Preview

It seems one of the new big things in Mountain Biking is recording the experience. Whether it’s to relive the rush, to learn and improve or vain self-gratification, it’s a lot of fun. Another great trick is to follow your friend down the mountain and suddenly they’ll be interested in seeing your video too!
I’ve been lucky enough to receive a demo (free to use for a few months, then send back and no, we do not get paid to review products) Vholdr ContourHD 1080p to review over the next couple months. The ContourHD 1080p is a self-contained, rechargeable helmet camera that is rugged enough to take along on your mountain biking (and other action sport) exploits. The ContourHD 1080p strikes a great first impression with its clean and clever packaging.

Out of the box the good vibes get just slightly mixed, the goggle strap mount is great!..provided you wear goggles. The other included mounting option is designed for flat surfaces and utilizes double-sided foam tape. Unfortunately my DH lid and XC helmets have no flat surfaces, so it looks like I’ll be recording my exploits with my DH lid and goggles. Vholdr does sell several other mounting options along with other accessories here.

The will be bringing along the Vholdr ContourHD 1080p on some of our future exploits, for now, feast on the specs here and check out the video community to see what the Vholdr cameras can do. Keep in mind, the online videos do not do 1080p justice, this is screen filling content that is at home on a 42″+ HD TV. Here’s my first attempt at using the ContourHD and well, I aimed the camera low, but you can still tell this camera is capable of quality footage.

FTC review disclaimer Aliso Woods-Vholdr Test Session

This past Saturday Priscilla, Joe Solancho and I went out to Aliso Woods to have some riding fun. Our office recently took delivery of the new Vholdr Cam. It’s a wearable camcorder. I took the opportunity to perform our first test of the Vholdr. Now keep in mind Youtube sucks, and that the first half of the footage was foggy. That morning there was tons of fog on the trail, which also caused moisture to build on the lens in turn got it dusty. After the sun broke through and a cleaning of the cam, it showed a better picture(towards the end).

Here’s the first video, enjoy!