How to score brownie points with your lady

One of the best ways to get on the good side of your lady is to make sure she’s taken care of. So for starters if the two of you ride together as much as Priscilla and I do, then you’ll need to learn how to work on bikes.

Nothing says “I love you” than a smooth shifting derailleur. Show her how much you love her by maintaining her bike through out the week. A common practice that I do is to make sure that I check over Priscilla’s bike a few times a week. Since my time is limited, I’ll spend a few minutes cleaning her drive train, then another day I’ll check her derailleurs and on ride day, I’ll double check her air pressure on the tires and on her fork.

I’m constantly looking over her bike not only before but also during the ride. I do this to ensure that she’s having a great time out there. Cuz’ we all know how sucky it feels to have things go wrong on your bike during a ride, its a buzz kill.

Here’s a perfect example of how well her bike worked, thanks to me! That’s right, that’s her collecting her 2nd place trophy at the Mt. Sac Fat Tire Classic race. On race day I made sure everything was dialed in, even down to the tension on her clipless pedals.

One thing I’ve learned in my 11 years of marriage, Priscilla wants to feel that she’s taken care of. I’m no marriage counselor, but I’m willing to bet that your own wife or girlfriend would feel the same. So by taking care of your wife’s bike needs, not only are you showing her that you genuinely care about her well being, but you also have a reason to play with bikes! Eh..not such a bad thing is it!

If you’re not so keen on working on bikes, its not that hard to learn. Most LBS’s will have some sort of maintenance class that they’ll offer on weekends or after the shop closes. Or you can buy a copy of the DVD, VideoBikeRepair. Then having some good allen wrenches would be a great addition to your tool box. Now if you want to really get into it, there are inexpensive bicycle tool kits you can buy that starts as low as $29.

In closing, start taking care of your lady by taking care of her bike, besides you can save TONS of money!

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

This morning’s topic of conversation was referring to your bike as a girl or boy. Lance and Jeremy kept saying “she and her” every time they talked about their bikes. Personally I’ve always looked as my bike as more of an animal. Kinda like horse. But lately my bike has been more like a rebellious jack-ass…. Either way its still a boy.

So I’m curious to know if you see your bike as a boy or a girl. Cuz’ Lance see’s his Santa Cruz as his “black beauty”….yah, he likes black chicks…and he gives his bike hugs and kisses all the time…man that Lance is super kinky!

Hoss Adds Women’s Ponderosa Shorts to Lineup

Anaheim, Calif. (October 25th, 2007) Hoss Technical Gear has taken
the proven design of their men’s Ponderosa baggy shorts and created a
women-specific version. The Women’s Ponderosa baggy shorts are
comfortable enough for long days in the saddle, yet stylish enough to
wear around town.

“It was a natural,? says Hoss owner Mark Malatesta, “women have been
asking for their own version of the Ponderosa for quite some time,
and we’re now able to offer them the proven quality of the Ponderosa,
in a women-specific fit.?

Features, Benefits & Specifications:
• 8 panel micro fiber polyester outer shell is lightweight and durable
• 6 panel polyester/Spandex liner with CoolMax for moisture
management and comfort
• CoolMax sanitized chamois with multi-level technology improves
comfort by relieving pressure points
• 7 pockets, including 2 side cargo pockets, 2 secure zipper pockets,
2 side hip pockets and a rear cargo style pocket
• Partial elastic waistband with extra secure belt and buckle closure
• Rear stretch panel for comfort and flexibility
Colors: Black (available now), Sienna, and Slate (available in Spring
Sizes: Small through XXL
MSRP: $49.95

Thursday Night Ride Report

Priscilla and I headed out for our weekly ride at the Loop. Man ever since she started riding the Motobecane Fly Pro she’s way faster. She was already fast, but on that machine, being 23lbs…she’s like a rocket on wheels!

This was my view most of the ride, she’s got incredible speed and that’s why she’s in front of me the majority of the time. Well, its not such a bad place to be if you ask me.

Though she’s a fast girl on two wheels, she does have an arch nemesis….this railroad tie that lays on the ground to prevent corrosion on the trail. For as long as I can remember, this little thing has always gotten her. It’s as if this thing reaches out and grabs her rear wheel or pedal every time she crosses it. But no thanks to El Crapo camera, I couldn’t get the picture to come out.

Our ride was cut short due to the lack of lights, my bad. So to make up for the shorter distance, we had to really hustle to make sure we had some light when riding back to the car. Well, as fast as I could go on a 33lb bike…that plan didn’t quite happen. We managed to get back to the car safely, but I had to use my camera’s flash to help see certain parts of the trail…ya I know…ghetto.

It’s been really encouraging seeing Priscilla progress as a rider. Well except for that log thing she tries to cross…But seriously, when she first started riding with me, I was the one that had to wait for her and take it slow. Now, it’s the other way around. I’m having to ask her to slow down. I’ve even said “Go ahead, just wait up for me at the top.” Sure it can be humbling at times, but its really cool to see her carve out some single track.

Women who ride, are super cool

I’ve been blessed to have a wife that is a great rider. I would have posted a picture of her, but I don’t want anyone to fall in love and stuff. So I decided to borrow one from Loeka.

Anyhow, the title is totally true. As sad it is to say, women are the minority of the sport and anytime a female rider passes by most reactions seem to be something short of seeing a Unicorn. Most guys say, “Whoa, is that a chick? That’s cool!” Seeing a woman on the trail is as common as seeing a black guy on the trail…what you know you were thinking it!

So I’m guessing if you’re a single gal, the odds are in your favor. Think about it, the ratio is usually 1 gazzillion guys for 1 woman rider. So that means if you’re in my position where you wife or girl friend already rides, we’d better treat them right so we don’t do anything to lose them!

For the ladies that do ride, MtnBikeRiders salutes you! You go girl! Oh wait, that sounded WAY to gay. But ya, just keep riding!

Interbike 2007: Gimme LOEKA!!!

I stopped by the Loeka booth at Interbike and was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcomes and friendly faces! Super sweet over there! I am a big Loeka fan after reviewing a couple of thier pieces a few months back. And they are super excited about their new gear for 08!!! I got a few shots of of some of their new stuff. Enjoy!!!

New: Half sleeve jerseys! Yea! Because it gets warm out there! 🙂

Some cool new colors:

And for you rockin downhill girls!!! Downhill gear!!!
Here’s a pair of their downhill shorts:
The new tech jacket…made to comfortably fit over your gear and helmet.

I am really diggin the plaid this year. 😀


We have lots more pics in our Flickr account for you to see in the Interbike file. And will they have stuff for guys you ask???? Nope! So sorry guys…I know your jealous! You’re just going to have to settle for dressin up your special lady in their gear. 🙂 Loeka has their new line up on their website – And if you hurry up they are having a 30% off sale on their 2007 line to make room for the new stuff!!!

Product Review: Loeka Clothing


PRODUCTS TESTED: Chocolate Bar Jersey, Loeka Tech Riding Shorts and Chocolate Hoody

ABOUT ME: 5’5, 135lbs, 29 year old female. I love all kinds of riding but Mountain Biking is by far my favorite!

TESTING GROUNDS: Fullerton Loop, Brea commute, and surrounding areas.

So if you check with the site often I have been testing out three items from the Loeka. This company makes clothes for WOMEN only. Sorry boys – too bad, so sad.

In a male dominated sport (but hopefully not for long!) it is difficult to find clothing that fits well. Sure t-shirts and baggy shorts are fine. But it’s nice to have some cute, form fitting wear that is going to last out on the trails. The owners Rory Harmse and Coreena Fletcher launched Loeka in 2005 after seeing the desperate need for stylish more women specific clothing.

I loved this jersey when I first saw it. It’s stylish and coordinates well with their shorts. I love the special attention to the design. The Material is soft and so far has proven to be very durable. The arm length is nice for those chillier rides. This shirt breathed just fine out on the trails also. No issues with moisture. This shirt prices at $79.99 CDN.

I also sampled the Loeka Tech Riding Shorts:

These shorts wowed me when I first received them. Incredibly soft! The inner lycra lining of these shorts feel really good against the skin. These shorts also contour really well to the female physique. They fit nice and slim over the hips and thighs and not too snug over the bottom area. Along the backside there is plenty of give so that the shorts don’t ride down at all. Crack kills (butt crack that is) and you won’t have that issue on the trails with these shorts.

Now for the nitty gritty….moisture. I did experience some moisture issues in my unmentionable areas on one particular hot afternoon. Most of my riding is in the early Morning though so it usually isn’t a problem. That’s one moisture issue out of about 10 rides though. Also keep in mind these shorts don’t have a chamois. I might not recommend these for long distance riding or you can add your own chamois undergarments. They recommend increasing a size for chamois room. The length on these shorts measured perfect for my rides. They did not restrict my riding in any way.

They also don’t ride up on your legs as you bend them.

The shorts also feature a nice Velcro side front pocket as well as two more on the back for extra carrying space. There is also a Velcro closure in the front with a black snap closure strap.

Ok bad news first. I did have an issue with the front strap black strap on these shorts. I picked these up one morning to find that one of the straps had torn off the short. I am not sure at what point this had happened but I was a little disappointed. These are high quality sewn shorts, so this was surprising. Unfortunately I cannot say for sure how this came about. It did add that extra reinforcement as the short is a Velcro closure but the Velcro is strong enough to keep the shorts on me.

The good news is Loeka has a factory guarantee on their clothing. They will replace any factory error garments! Woo hoo! So I will be sending mine back for a replacement.

Overall these are a great alternative to the male style baggy short. They are stylish and still functional. Any dirt that got on this light color came out with ease. I love the fit and comfort of these shorts.

These washed just fine in the washer and no shrinking. They fit just as well as the first time I put them on. The material used to make these shorts also keep them looking new and fresh. Especially for the cost, you want these clothes to look great after many washes and I have experienced no fading or wear of the fabric with these shorts.

These shorts price at $109.99 CDN for the Capri and $99.99 CDN for regular. You can pick these up in Charcoal Gray and Midnight Black along with the Ice Blue.

Lastly I tested out the Chocolate Hoody. I think this is a bonus addition to the complete outfit. Loeka coordinates their gear very well. If you struggle a bit with wardrobe coordination, Loeka will take care of that for you. Hey, what’s wrong with looking good out on the trails?? This is a functional and practical addition. Warm fleece on the inside. Quality sewing and zipper. No whicker benefits here of course but great for keeping me warm before and after a ride or just for a quick run to the grocery store.

Also I recommend following their measurement chart. They have a simple chart to follow that is pretty exact to the fit of the clothes. Well there you go. I am a big fan of what Loeka has to offer and look forward to new additions. Make sure to check out their site also for lots of women specific information and more great selections at WWW.LOEKA.COM.

I tried to be as thorough as possible. Please email me if I didn’t cover anything. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.