Women Who Ride…

I work at a LBS on the weekends and it’s pretty funny to see some of the guys at the shop fight over who gets to help out a female mountain biker.

After they’ve assisted the customer, they all come back to the service area and talk about how cool that female mountain biking customer was and all dream of wanting to find a wife or girlfriend that rides.

See, I’m a lucky fella. Priscilla is my lady, and she likes tackle the trails. Heck, she’s even raced before. So when the guys at the shop are dreaming of that mountain biking lady in their lives, I can’t help but smile since I already have one.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t always start of that way. For a while Priscilla really wasn’t into riding. So what we’re going to do is publish an article in the next few weeks on tips to get your lady out on the single track with you.

About the author

I am RL Policar, Founder of Mtn Bike Riders.com. I am a bicycle fanatic that loves to ride. I'm a pretty good wrench as well.