Sweetskinz Tires Remind Me of a Pretty Girl…

I’ve noticed that our servers are getting a number of good hits of people looking for “Sweetskinz Tires.” So I decided to enlighten you folks about Sweetskinz. First of all, these tires remind me of a very pretty girl. Yeah when you first see them your curiosity is awakened. But you’re not so sure on how to approach her since you’re kinda intimidated.

Here’s the big difference about Sweetskinz and a pretty girl. The tires will not say to you, “get away from me your freak!” Nope, they’ll actually invite you to ride them!

What’s so special about Sweetskinz Tires, you ask? Well its simple really, they have these crazy patterns like Rattleback, Nightwing, Scorch and Hazarea and they reflect at night!

You’ve already seen us pimping out the Nightwings on the Ibex B-Series build up. We’ve also showed how well they reflect at night, HERE

I hope this sheds more light on Sweetskinz and what they are all about. For more info on these funky tires, visit Sweetskinz.com Now that you’ve learned what they’re all about, go get some. They are pretty useful for night riding on the trails as well as commuting. Beside, it looks so cool!

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