New Product: KMX K-CLASS

Today we received the KMX K-CLASS. I suppose the “K” stands for KIDS, since this recumbent trike is made for kids.

Here’s the specs:

The K Class Features

* Self energizing front hub brakes
* Powerful V Brake on the rear
* Balanced front brakes from a
single brake lever
* Park brake on rear wheel which
also allows for easy upright storage
* Compatible with standard BMX parts
for easy upgrades
* Stylish Nylon Mag Wheels
* Ackerman and Center point Steering
* Frame is Powder coated Hi Carbon
Steel Box with Chromed front boom
* Tires are KMX’s own brand heavy
duty compound
* Wheels 20″ Rear Mag Wheel,
12″ Front Mag wheels
* Chainset is a 7-speed Shimano
derailleur, with full chain tube set

What’s cool is the K-CLASS can fit each of my kids without a problem. My children are from ages 5-11 and if you adjust the front boom (cranks) and move the seat around the K-CLASS can accommodate the littlest riders to the the taller ones.

Aleah, the smallest rider, can fit right in.

Breanna, the middle sized one out of my kids fits just right.

Alyssa, the tallest of them, sits in there just fine.

Just to show you how cool the KMX K-CLASS is, I made a video from today’s fun with the kids.

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