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NiteRider Dual MiNewt Lights First Impression

Posted by Moe Ramirez On February - 10 - 2007

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NiteRiders MiNewt

RL and I took to the trail last night. I mounted my NiteRider Dual MiNewt lights on my Cobia 29er. As the name says, these lights are tiny but they really emit a lot of light.

NiteRiders MiNewt

The lights are VERY easy to install, they use a unique rubber ring system that attach to the handlebars. This system also makes the lights easy to transfer from bike to bike. My only concern is durability of these rings, time will tell how much use they can take before breaking.

NiteRiders MiNewt

Adjustment: Finding the ‘sweetspot’ with the dual MiNewts can be a little tricky, what sucks is that in order for the lights to be laterally adjusted, one must stop and use a phillips screwdriver to adjust the lights.

NiteRiders MiNewt

Brightness: It is a huge difference riding with the Dual MiNewt lights to my commuter Halogen lights. How do they fare with other LED systems? Check out the following pictures:

NiteRiders MiNewt
Single LED competitor light

NiteRiders MiNewt
Dual MiNewt Lights

My camera is about 2 years old and not equipped for taking pictures in the dark. RL and I came up with this simple comparison test, you can clearly see the difference on the brightness of the lights.

So far I’m very happy with my purchase, the Dual MiNewt are perfect for the trails I ride and for the style of riding I do. If you are a recreational rider, check out the Dual MiNewt, but make sure you get the Dual lights, I can’t see having 1 light as a primary source of light.


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