KMX K Class Kontest

This morning I gathered some of the neighborhood kids to have a little contest to see who can get the best time when doing 2 laps on my front yard.

We had 4 boys and 5 girls. Each of them were competing for some cool prizes such as a brand new Sweetskinz t-shirt, candy and some delicious Bumble Bars.

The boys went first and some of the best times we got was 2 laps in about 39 seconds. The girls were much faster by clocking in the low 30s.

At the end, we had an elimination round between the 1st place boy and girl as well as the 2nd place boy and girl. The prize for this elimination was some sour straw candies..mmmm!

After that heat was done and over with, my two older girls won the contest. Alyssa came in at 36 seconds and Breanna who was second place earlier, beat Alyssa’s time by coming in at 35 seconds!

The kids really enjoyed riding the KMX K Class. I have to establish rules to make sure none of them fight over it. All of the neighborhood kids come over when they see my kids riding it around.

One of the most memorable times in today’s event was one of the boys actually didn’t know how to ride a bike. But he was able to do really well on the KMX!

Check out the video from todays festivities!

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