Battle of the bulge

So here we go ladies and gents. The Weight Loss Contest began on Feb 5 and will wrap up April 2nd. Stay tuned for updates!

I would like to introduce our “No More Junk in My Trunk” contestants for 2007!!!


Height 6’0″
Weight 218
Body Fat %: 26.5%


Height: 5’9″
Body Fat %: 24.1
Weight: 195

With no shame…baring all of his goods…

Height: 5’7″
Body Fat % : 24%
Weight: 193

Fat Moe
click on picture to view full size

Height: 5’7″
Body Fat % :26.2
Weight: 174.6
Hey! Where’s your “fat” picture?!?! We want a “fat” pic!


Height: 5’5
Body Fat % : 29.1 % Dang it. I want a do-over.
Weight: None of your business

Wish us luck!!!!!! Or maybe just the guys, cuz they’re going to need it! HA!

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