Sea Otter Classic…Yup We’re Going!

Sea Otter Classic

That’s right, the bike festival that starts off the cycling season is coming up next month and guess what? The rag tag, misfits, motley crew, peanut gallery of a group… will be there representing and covering as much as we can!

Jeremy, Moe and yours truly will be on site covering the happenin’s of the show. We’ll be visiting the vendors, taking shots of the races, hopefully talking with a few racers and to go out there and evangelize for

We’ll be driving up to Laguna Seca in Monterey from Orange County, so that means it’s going to be a fun road trip, 6 hours of driving!

We’ll be posting all of our shennanigans on the site through out the weekend, so stay close to a computer cuz’ you never know what kind of mess we’ll get in.

Sea Otter and Interbike would be the equivalent to a biker as a Star Trek convention or ComiCon would be for Trekkies

Man I can’t wait!

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