Interbike 2007: Terry Bicycles

I had a chance to stop by the Terry booth with photographer extrordinaire, Khoa. I’ve always been a big fan of Terry. Their butterfly saddle is AMAZING!!! They have really expanded their line and they are running with their Ride Like a Girl Logo. You can’t help but smile when you see that!

It’s never boring with Terry! Here are a few of their new pieces. Love the tunic with the wheel pattern!

Check out the ventilation on the back of this jersey! Now, now, boys..simmer down..simmer down! 😀

And don’t worry boys…you aren’t left out…

Just Beautiful……..

It was a ton of fun checking out all their new stuff…my christmas list is long this year!
Terry has some amazing saddles, I highly recommend them for both boys and girls. They are also the only company I know of that carries a plus size for women, AND I have even seen a maternity jersey!! How cool is that?!

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