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GOX goggles by Eks Brand

Posted by Joe Solancho On June - 22 - 2009

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New from Eks Brand are the GOX goggles.  Eks is a new brand hitting the motorcross scene and we at have the privilege of being one of the first mountain bikers to test the GOX goggles for our downhill use.  The Eks Brand was created by two guys that have a long history in the motorcross and ski world.   They have had many years of input into major brands such as Smith Goggles, Cebe Optics and Scott Goggles. 

IMG_2778 by you.

IMG2874 by you.

Now comes their own brand with excellent features.  Below is a description of the GOX goggles:

· Revolutionary face-fit frame

· Clear & mirrored anti-fog lenses

· 4 layer sweat absorbing face foam

· Ultra soft anti-static cloth bag

· Race quality for the ultimate value

3565935054_70b2384e2e_o by you.                 RL flyin down Fontana wearing the GOX clear lens.

The GOX goggle comes standard with an anti-fog coated mirrored lens and an anti-fog coated clear lens. It also has integrated tear-off posts, four layer sweat absorbing face foam and a unique face forming, polyurethane frame material.  All Eks Brand lenses are made from the best polycarbonate material and are all anti-fog coated. The tearoff’s work on all of the EKS brand goggles.


WoodwardWest5x5_2 by you.At Woodward West with the mirrored lens.


I’ve had a chance to use the GOX on two races – Sea Otter and Woodward West.  The lens provided unsurpassed clarity as I raced through the dusty conditions.  The anti-fog coated lens worked really well during my eary morning practice runs at Sea Otter.  The fit of the GOX was well balanced accross my face and the pressure was evenly distributed. It stayed in place at all times with no slipping.

3565935366_5dbbf32a99_o by you. 


The GOX comes in a variety of cool colors: Black, Blue, Cherry, Clear, FLO Pink, FLO Orange and FLO Green.  MSRP $44.99Eks Brands also has the FLAT OUT series goggle. This is the same frame as the GOX but it’s only offered in flat colors and it comes with only a clear lens.  MSRP is $35.00.


Check back as we put these goggles to the test through several of SoCal’s downhill races.For more information visit

7 Responses to “GOX goggles by Eks Brand”

  1. RL says:

    I like the reflective lens, makes you look more legit than you already are.

  2. Dial Tone says:

    Is it just me or Joe looks ‘big’ (with the pads and whatnot) and his Intense looks bit ‘small’ for him?

    BTW, what shoes were you guys wearing at WW and Fontucky?

  3. RL Policar says:

    Joe’s just buff…that’s why everything looks small.

  4. Moe says:

    I wear 5.10 hitops, they have a super sticky sole that allows me to ride platforms and they are also very comfortable and they do a hell of a job at protecting your toes and ankles.

  5. Dial Tone says:

    Great! Moe I assume you’re rocking the Impact 2? Or is it the Rennie? Are they too hot to wear for XC-type riding? for DH I am sure the full leather is a necessity for protection but its a bit overkill for XC and trail use.

  6. Moe says:

    Yeah, I ride with the high Impact 2s. Since you can’t add cleats to the shoes, I’ve never used them for xc/trail riding. I imagine that yes, they are a little overkill for such use.

  7. Lady P says:

    I do love that reflective lens…looks really cool.

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