Beer Me: Honey Moon Beer Review

RL Policar-Gosh, I hope that all these beer reviews are not turning Mr. Beerit into an alcoholic…but if he already is, I guess I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

Beer: Honey Moon Summer Ale
Style: Ale
Size: 12 oz. bottle
Blue Moon Brewing Company
Alcohol content: 5.6%

A few days ago during one of our rides, at the top of a brutal climb, my friend pulls out two beers. “Cheers,” he said as he handed me a Honey Moon Summer Ale. I was familiar with Blue Moon, a crisp and refreshing brew I’ve enjoyed in the past, but Honey Moon, Blue Moon’s summer seasonal ale, was new to me. “Not bad,” I thought, “I should write a review of this beer.” The beer went down pretty easy, but just about any beer would’ve gone down easy after a tough climb in 95 degree heat. I certainly couldn’t trust my memory and the situation do write the review, so I immediately purchased a six-pack when I got home.

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Honey Moon pours a beautiful golden color with an adequate head that showed no lacing. The smell was of honey and citrus with some wheat. Not unpleasant. The first taste was sweet. You can definitely taste the honey. Another sip gave me the orange notes and more sweetness. The mouthfeel was unremarkable. Thin. Decent carbonation. The drinkability would seem to be rather low due to the cloying sweetness. I could barely finish the bottle. Summer seasonals, like winter seasonals, try to do too much. Too much spice, too much honey, too much alcohol. Honey Moon is no different. It’s too sweet and wouldn’t lend itself to multiple beers.

Goes to show you can’t really trust your first impression, especially if it was at the top of a brutal climb in the middle of summer. A bottle of skunky bathtub lager would’ve tasted pretty good, then.

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The rest of the six-pack of Honey Moon will go to the wife. She likes the sweet beers, and with a slice of orange added to the glass she’ll probably enjoy it. If you like sweet beers, give it a try; if not, stay away.

Category Ratings:

A: 4.5 Beautiful golden color.
S: 3 Sweet, citrusy. Wheat.
T: 2.5 Overly sweet. Some orange.
M: 3.5 Adequate carbonation. Thin. Dry finish.
D: 2 Doesn’t lend itself to multiple glasses.

Overall Rating:
3 Mtnbikeriders (out of 5)

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