EZ Grill, it’s easy!

Sometimes we here at Mtnbikeriders are graced with a Plethora, an agglomeration of unique, inimitable, conspicuous and useful products. Now these products are not necessarily the cardinal of compulsory items but certainly make the fundamental proverbial mountain bike experience aggrandized, but I digress. As Pope once said, “ Trust not yourself, but your defects to know. Make use of every friend and every foe”. I think I have made a new friend, indubitably.

The EZ Grill in the Vaude hydration pak

The EZ Grill (www.ezgrill.com), it is what it says and says what it is; its a disposable instant grill! Jer, Dan and I set out on a quick ride through Bonelli on one dog day of summer. The sun was high and hot. We were anxious to try the grill for all she was worth. Jer packed the slabs of raw untamed hamburger in his hydration pack, I carried the topic of this review while Dan carried the, uh, camera, I think,?. Anyway, after a pleasant ride filled with sweat and tears (due to a ripped sidewall in a tubeless tire) we headed back to the picnic area nicely situated next to a lovely lake where mobs of jazz lovers made their way like helpless sea goers to the sound of the Sirens; there was a jazz festival taking place while we cooked our lunch, no need for a radio within 13 square miles of this place.

The EZ Grill warming up

The EZ grill was as simple to use as it is to say. You simply remove it from the packaging, shake it to even out the charcoal, place on the included stand and then light. After about 15 minutes the flames will die down and you can place your raw food of choice on the grill for cooking. The charcoal will stay hot enough for about an hour to continue cooking other items as well. We enjoyed some very nice burgers that day will not forget the experience. I really like this thing and definitely say its an option for longer rides or hikes where a bigger type bag will be carried; you just gotta get your buddy to carry the meat. One issue could be packing it out, as they say “pack it in, pack it out”.


The EZ Grill can be found at Walmart and other stores. They start at around $20 and go up from there. It takes only one match to light and can cook just about anything a regular clunky grill could. Its lightweight and I could barely tell I was pack’n it. I would recommend the EZ Grill to all and I will certainly be getting another one for my own personal use.

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