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Another example of great customer service: Airborne Bicycles

Posted by RL Policar On June - 3 - 2014

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Not too long ago this happened…

The axle broke on my rear wheel. This wheel set came off LadyP’s Airborne Hobgoblin. But I’ve since sold the frame. However, I kept all the other parts to the bike. So when this happened I wasn’t quite sure where to go to find a replacement part. I didn’t see anything online that would render a place for me to buy a replacement axle.
broken axle
So I did the only thing I could do, I contacted Airborne Bicycles and spoke with Eric McKenna. He’s been our long time friend of the industry. I told him what happened and asked if he knew where I could BUY a replacement axle. He simply asked for my shipping address so he could send me one, for free. Wow! Even though I sold the Hobgoblin months ago, he still provided me excellent customer service! How cool and rare is that? I mean, c’mon! How many companies would support a former customer who doesn’t even own the product any more…

About a week later I received a new axle and my bike is back on the trails!

Big thanks to Eric, you’re one class act. It’s customer service like this that gives a brand a great reputation in the business.

Soyater Bicycles

Posted by RL Policar On April - 4 - 2014

We’re happy to introduce a new bicycle company in the USA. It’s so new that we’ve got the only two of it’s kind. What makes the Soyater so special? Well first of all it’s full carbon and they’re 650b/27.5. So let’s take a look at the two models we have. Soyater MSRP: Braver (red and black) $2000 and the Team (green and black) $1300.

Shimano Deore 2×10 drive train. SR Suntour XCT fork. WTB tubeless wheels and tires. Soyater branded cockpit., Decipher Hydraulic Brakes.

Soyater Braver 650b Carbon Mountain Bike

Soyater Team 650b.Shimano Deore 2×10. SR Suntour XCT forks. Mechanical brakes, Soyater branded cockpit. CST tires and Maverick wheels.

Both models feature:
-Full Carbon 27.5 Soyater Frames with 1.5 Tapered Head tube. Available in 15″,17″ 19 and 21″
-2×10 Speed Shimano Deore Drive Trains
-Soyater Aluminum Bars, Stem and Seat Post
-Suntour XCT Coil Suspension with Lockout
3 Year Manufacture Warranty.
“Braver”Model Feature:
-WTB W500 Tubeless Rims with Novatech hubs &WTB tubeless Tires. Standard QR front and rear. Disc only rims and hubs.
-Techtro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
“Team” Model Feature:
-Cable Actuated Shimano Disc Brakes and Non Tubeless Rims and Tires.



Soyater Geo specs

Like I mentioned, these are the only two of it’s kind in existence. We’ll be putting them through the paces in the next few weeks to see how the do. But if you want more info about the Soyater Bikes, you can go to


From the folks of Marin Bikes-Great video

Posted by RL Policar On February - 14 - 2012

This has a Roam-esque and The Collect feel, which I really enjoy.

Marin Bikes 2012 Mount Vision from Marin Bikes on Vimeo.

Kinda makes me wonder if we can get some Marin Bikes to test…

Best Paint Job at Sea Otter Classic 2011

Posted by RL Policar On April - 18 - 2011

Check it out kids, we met up with fellow DH Racer, Jason Jamora of Inertia Racing Technology at the Sea Otter Classic.

Though IRT is mainly a road bike company, I couldn’t resist posting some photos of their demo bike.
Are you seeing what I’m seeing?
Well do you see it?
Jason was telling me that this bike was hand painted just for Sea Otter.

As I mentioned IRT mainly does road, but they do plan on getting into the dirt side of things. So stay tuned!

Dirty Dog MTB is soooo good to us!

Posted by RL Policar On August - 20 - 2010 Race Team Sponsor, Dirty Dog MTB just sent us a care package with all sorts of goodies for the team.

In it were tons of Web Rotors and Skull Cable Guides.


Big Thanks to Big Nick D. of Dirty Dog MTB!

New Product Coming Out:PCYCH Bicycle Frame Bag

Posted by RL Policar On April - 9 - 2010

We met Lee Gomez while riding the Fullerton Loop. He showed us a new product that his company will be offering next month. Once I saw it I figured that our readers could benefit from seeing it. Watch the video!

We figured this type of bag would be great for people like Eric “The Animal” Hunner since he loves to do endurance races with his single speed. If you’re not into that, perhaps the fact the Pcych freeing up your back will entice you.

These bags are currently in production and should be hitting the US shores by mid May. If you’re interested in the PCYCH, you can email Lee @ for more information

AWNRY Bikes N’ Stuff Give-A-Way! Win a new AWNRY Frame.

Posted by RL Policar On April - 1 - 2010

AWNRY Bikes N’ Stuff is proud to present its first Frame Give-A-Way Contest. All three frames will be given away today. But there’s a catch, the contest ends at 12pm today.

Huevos Grande
awnry huevos grande

Kung Fu Panda


How do I enter?

It’s easy, leave a comment below and specify if you want to win 1.Huevos Grande 2. Kung Fu Panda 3. Jackson. If you want to be entered for all three, then just ask for all 3 frames! We’ll pick 3 winners for each frame and we’ll make an announcement @ 3pm PST. Good luck!

Contest ended, and if you didn’t figure it out, Happy April Fools!

If You’ve Got Rukus, then bring it!

Posted by RL Policar On September - 9 - 2009

Evomo Clothing (team sponsor of is in need of some help from people that aren’t sissies.

If you ain’t a sissy, and you’ve got a pocket full of rukus, then vote for them.

Here’s what they need you to do:

Everyday small business are leading our country and their local communities to a new and better way of working and thinking. Through good times and bad, their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit can serve as an inspiration to us all.

American Express, in partnership with NBC Universal, has invited small businesses that are inspiring. These are businesses that have adopted an innovative approach to surviving tough times. They believe in a customer-first mentality and give back to the community.

Three Finalists will be selected by judges and one Winner will be selected from the three Finalists through user voting.
We need everyone to Endorse Evomo to win the Small Business Award from American Express Card and NBC…

Its real easy, just follow the link to the Evomo bio, create a free user account and cast your vote to endorse Evomo.

GOX goggles by Eks Brand

Posted by Joe Solancho On June - 22 - 2009

New from Eks Brand are the GOX goggles.  Eks is a new brand hitting the motorcross scene and we at have the privilege of being one of the first mountain bikers to test the GOX goggles for our downhill use.  The Eks Brand was created by two guys that have a long history in the motorcross and ski world.   They have had many years of input into major brands such as Smith Goggles, Cebe Optics and Scott Goggles. 

IMG_2778 by you.

IMG2874 by you.

Now comes their own brand with excellent features.  Below is a description of the GOX goggles:

· Revolutionary face-fit frame

· Clear & mirrored anti-fog lenses

· 4 layer sweat absorbing face foam

· Ultra soft anti-static cloth bag

· Race quality for the ultimate value

3565935054_70b2384e2e_o by you.                 RL flyin down Fontana wearing the GOX clear lens.

The GOX goggle comes standard with an anti-fog coated mirrored lens and an anti-fog coated clear lens. It also has integrated tear-off posts, four layer sweat absorbing face foam and a unique face forming, polyurethane frame material.  All Eks Brand lenses are made from the best polycarbonate material and are all anti-fog coated. The tearoff’s work on all of the EKS brand goggles.


WoodwardWest5x5_2 by you.At Woodward West with the mirrored lens.


I’ve had a chance to use the GOX on two races – Sea Otter and Woodward West.  The lens provided unsurpassed clarity as I raced through the dusty conditions.  The anti-fog coated lens worked really well during my eary morning practice runs at Sea Otter.  The fit of the GOX was well balanced accross my face and the pressure was evenly distributed. It stayed in place at all times with no slipping.

3565935366_5dbbf32a99_o by you. 


The GOX comes in a variety of cool colors: Black, Blue, Cherry, Clear, FLO Pink, FLO Orange and FLO Green.  MSRP $44.99Eks Brands also has the FLAT OUT series goggle. This is the same frame as the GOX but it’s only offered in flat colors and it comes with only a clear lens.  MSRP is $35.00.


Check back as we put these goggles to the test through several of SoCal’s downhill races.For more information visit

Surface Guard by ISC Racers tape

Posted by Joe Solancho On June - 15 - 2009

Tired of seeing scuffs, scratches and dings on your precious bike? Well here is the solution – Surface Guard from ISC Racers Tape.

2E8J7996 by you. 

It’s a clear tape made to protect your frame/paint from cable rubs, paint chips on chainstays, rock chips on the underside of your downtube or anywhere that you feel it can damage the paint of your bike.  Look at my poor bike… :(


2E8J7991 by you.                Rock chips


2E8J7990 by you.Cable rubs


Description from ISC:


Surface Guard Tape comes in Blister Card Packs.  Surface Guard is a clear paint protection film designed to protect any surface prone to scratching, chipping, or weathering.  Virtually invisible to the naked eye, Surface Guard is made of super tough 8-mil urethane film.  Surface Guard conforms to painted surfaces that are vulnerable to the damaging elements that can ruin your investment!  Nothing on the market today compares to this!  Has a removable backing so you can cut shapes and sizes then remove the liner and aply.  Protection for your investment for years to come!

Use Surface Guard for your bike – new or old.  I wish I had Surface Guard when I built my bikes.  As you can see from the pictures above I can certainly use it.  It’s perfect for keeping your frame looking new.  For the older bikes, use Surface Guard to prevent further paint damage on your frame.  You can use it as a chainstay protector.  Get rid of the old intertube wrapping or other types of wraps.  Surface Guard works well and much lighter.  It’s also perfect for carbon frames!


Two convenient sizes:

2″ x 12″ – $24.95

4″ x 12″ - $34.95


Surface Guard is also applicable to other things like cars, boats, and motorcycles.  ISC Racers Tape has been manufacturing a wide range of tapes for different industries for the last 25 years.  For more information on Surface Guard and on their other products, go to


Also look for The Moe’s new build – The Dillinger 29er.  He’ll have the Surface Guard on key places to keep that frame looking pretty!  


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