Brain Storming Session

Jeremy, Moe came by to my home to have some pizza and beer. We discussed some of our plans for the Sea Otter Festival as well as some ideas for…

3:11pm Celebration!

So did you say “Mountain Bikes Are Super!” at 3:11pm? I did and I even took pictures of it for you. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Fezzari Alta Peak Update

I’ve gotten some more time on the Fezzari Alta Peak recently and I just wanted to share with you some new tidbits that I’ve learned about this bike. After riding…

Taipei International Cycle Show

This show is kinda like the Interbike of Taiwan. It’s happening from March 24th-27. Unfortunately we’re not going, but maybe next year…. To learn more about this show, CLICK HERE….

Ahrens Alcohauler

Mike Ahrens of Ahren’s Bicycles designed the best idea out there! It’s a mountain bike that can be used as 26″ then converted over to a 29er! It’s called the…

First Impressions: Sette Sierra 2 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Last night I stopped by RL’s place and picked up the new Sette Sierra 2 Bike Hitch Mount Rack sent by pricepoint. Here is pricepoint’s blurb on the rack: Reach…

Friday Fun Video

Check out this video….man it’s really good. The camera man captures the rider in various angles…and the music is sweet! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Homemade Bicycle Light

Here’s a DIY light setup that cost about $100 to build. To learn how to make this sucka, click HERE. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Rollin’ in the dark

So RL and I headed out last night. This was my 5th time out after sun down and I have been having a blast! The rush is so different when…

311 is the Number of The Day!

So what does 311 mean? It’s not the band. But its the number of posts we have on the site! At 3:11pm today in all time zones I want everyone,…