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New Kid On The Block

Posted by RL Policar On February - 9 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Last night paid a visit to a new shop in Fullerton, Ca., called Banning’s Bikes. First Priscilla and I came into to check out the new diggs since they were having a grand opening. Then we went off to go for our night ride. Later on I came back and met up with Jeremy and Moe to try our luck at the raffle. Well, we didn’t win anything, but we sure did manage to get a few things when Banning was throwing free stuff out to the crowd.

I took some pics of the place, man its super nice!

This is me and Banning, check out my Evomo Gear!

Check out this Full Suspension Maverick…schweet!

Banning is actually a Salsa Cycles Dealer.

Check out this “vintage” Ritchey Comp Mountain Bike.

They even had a lounge area to watch videos on their plasma screen.

Raffle Time!

Here’s Jeremy and Moe drooling over the Salsa Bikes

Jeremy fell in love with this Panaracer Rampage 29….its a big tire at 29×2.35!

Oh yeah, they’re a Tifosi Optics Dealer too!

We wish Banning’s Bikes the very best. I know for a fact owning a bike shop is very tough, but its also rewarding.
To learn more about Banning’s Bikes, check out their site HERE.



Posted by Randy Policar On February - 8 - 20071 COMMENT

For the past few days the temperature has been in the single digits. With the wind chill factor it fell as low as 16 below zero. Pretty darn cold if you ask me. Today it warmed up to about 27 degrees. The wind was still blowing but not as hard so I decided to go out for a ride.

Randy Chillin

Behind me is the mighty Susquehanna River. It’s amazing to see a river this size frozen. In the picture above, I am standing about 3 feet from shore. There were chunks of ice about 4 inches thick. I was told that it was sufficient to hold a person’s weight. But knowing my luck and my fat arse, I’d fall right through. To stay warm, I wore a pair of gloves with liner, Gaiter neck, cotton shirt, sweat shirt, sweat pants, wind breaker bottom, two wind breaker tops, and steel toe shoes. I found that steel toe shoes keep the heat in and prevent the cold air from freezing your toes.

Ice cold

Check out how think that ice is.

Besides my fingers being cold, this was a very enjoyable ride. I guess I’m need of a better pair of gloves. Any suggestions?


KHS Bicycles Is Hiring!

Posted by RL Policar On February - 8 - 20071 COMMENT

Check this out! My buddy Vince Rodarte of KHS Bicycles told me about this great opportunity. KHS Bicycles is based in SoCal. If you want to get your foot in the door of a major bicycle company, then here’s your chance.

When you go for your interview, tell Vince that he is “SUPER COOL” and that will guarantee you the job! Jk!


Evomo DH Descent

Posted by Jeremy Yang On February - 8 - 20072 COMMENTS

I got an Evomo t-shirt today. The DH Descent fits me quite nicely. Some shots for your viewing (I’d add “viewing pleasure” but my mug isn’t a “pleasure” for most people, the t-shirt is though).

Evomo DH Descent on Jeremy

Graphics are understated & nice

DH Descent Graphic

Cool sleeve Action

DH Descent Sleeve

Good quality stuff. Check out more at Evomo.

First Impressions: Woodstock 707

Posted by RL Policar On February - 8 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

I rode out with Jeremy this morning to get a feel for the Woodstock 707. The test bike we have is a 16″ frame and was actually perfect for my stout body and stubby little arms and legs. I set up the rear shock according to the manufacturer and installed some SPD pedals (cuz that’s how I roll).

I took the 707 through some single track and on a few short but sweet climbs in which I was able to engage the front lockout. The 707 and I also just took some time to just cruise and enjoy the morning ride.

The bike handles pretty well. The geometry for my height was just right. Dialing in the Manitou Radium rear shock was very important in making sure that I didn’t experience any pedal bob. The Manitou Axel fork was spring loaded, but was just as smooth as having an air fork and its less hassle. The front lock outs on forks are always great, I hate forks without them. That came in handy when we did some climbing.

The 707 is laced with SRAM X7 components such as rear dérailleurs and shifters. The front dérailleurs is a reliable Shimano Deore which worked just fine. One of the things I like about the SRAM shifters is they fire on contact. Meaning, just one click and the dérailleurs shifts right away and never missing a beat. Since I’ve ridden Shimano shifters in the past, I had to get used to the dual thumb action the X7 possessed. For the first few miles I kept looking for a trigger to shift down on the gears but would quickly realize that the thumb action is what was needed.

The Avid BB5′s were great in stopping my chunky self on the trails. In fact, I felt that they worked too well. If I wasn’t careful and hit my front brakes, the Avid’s work so well that I’d probably fly over the bars! So make sure you’re mindful of that when using disc brakes.

One thing you don’t really hear get mentioned allot about bikes is the saddle performance. The 707 comes with a WTB Lazer V Team saddle. This saddle was very comfortable. I actually have this same seat on a few of my bikes! Needless to say I love that saddle!

I’ll be testing the Woodstock 707 further and keep everyone posted on the progress of the review. But so far so good!

For more information about the Woodstock 707, click HERE.


Update: KMX Off-Road Tires Installed

Posted by RL Policar On February - 7 - 20071 COMMENT

The folks of KMX KARTS sent me this really beefy Panaracer Fire tire for the rear wheel.

It’s 24×2.4, man that’s bigger than any of my tires. Kinda reminds me of a dirt bike tire.

Then I picked up some Kenda BMX tires for the front to get some extra traction.

I tested the rear tires on my lawn, oh talk about grabbing! That rear wheel dug right into the ground and took chunks of the grass out with it! Man I can’t wait to see how this does on the single track.


Win A DVD!!!!

Posted by RL Policar On February - 7 - 20072 COMMENTS

For all of you that have no clue how to fix a bike, now’s your chance to win this great DVD from This DVD will teach you everything you need to know about fixing your rig. Heck this DVD even teaches you how to build wheels!

So all you have to do is answer a very simple question and send it in.

Here’s the question….”On the video preview seen HERE, which brand of V-Brakes were they working on?”

Send your answers HERE. If we receive multiple correct entries, we’ll be pulling names from the helmet. Good luck!

Contest Ends 02/14/07 11:59pm


Valentine’s Day is Coming Up

Posted by RL Policar On February - 6 - 20074 COMMENTS

With this made up holiday on its way, Gent’s you better be ready to spring some sort of cool surprise for ya lady.

So I was thinking, if your hunny rides, why not get stuff from our Partners.

Did you know that Loeka sells chocolate? Yup, its true, they do. They have stuff called the Hot Chocolate Hoodie, Chocolate Bar Jerseys and more!

Here’s some a pair of their shorts and tops that Priscilla is nicely modeling.

Then there’s the Dynamic Mountain Biking Clothing company, Evomo. Not only are their stuff cool, but its also wreaking of feminine beauty!

Now you can get yourself a present for your wife/GF and spice up the relationship with a genuine shirt. Just look at me, I just brought sexy back….Now I am officially irresistible to Priscilla!

Nothing says, “I LOVE YOU” as much as a Bumble Bar. I mean c’mon, its all organic and healthy for ya. Just look at this guy, he simply loves it!

You know spending time with your woman is the best gift ever. Why not get a Torker Bermuda from RPM Cyclery for only $399! (that’s cheaper than jewelry!)

Instead of spending money on expensive wine or champagne, get some beers and open them up with the Ahren’s Bicycles Wise Cracker.

Ok ok, here’s the topper. Show her that you love her by giving her a gift that keeps on giving….chain degreaser!
The perfect degreaser that comes to mind is the Golden Degreaser by Bike Medicine!

Here’s one last gift idea. Get her some headlights. No not those you dirty minded perv. I’m talking about some Nite Riders.

Well, I hope my gift ideas gave you some inspiration for Valentine’s. If you decide to get her any of those things I mentioned, order it now!!!!!! Valentines is next week!!!!! Yikes, I better place my order for some Bumble Bars, degreaser and Chocolate from Loeka!


Review: Fezzari Alta Peak

Posted by Jeremy Yang On February - 6 - 20072 COMMENTS

Alta Peak at Dawn

As a caveat to this review, I’d like to mention that this bike is about a size too small for me. I normally ride a size Large, but this Alta Peak Large is better suited for a rider between 5’6″ – 5’9″ rather than my 6ft height. I would highly recommend giving Fezzari your measurements so that they can fit the bike exactly to your specs (and why wouldn’t you, it’s currently FREE).

The Alta Peak is Fezzari’s top of the line Full Suspension (FS) bike. It is outfitted with a Deore levers, Juicy 3 brakes, Rock Shox Tora 302 fork & Ario 2.2 shock. The cranksets is a Truvativ Blaze while the wheels are Mavic 117 shod with Maxxis Larsen TT 2.0. The front derailleur is a Deore while the rear is spec’d XT.

Deore Front Derailleur

My first thought is “I really like riding full suspension.” As a FS newbie, I have very little experience on the FS so my reference point is a hardtail. That being said, I really enjoyed riding the Alta Peak because it allayed many of the worries I have about FS bikes.

As a hardtail rider, I was most worried about the extra weight of the FS. I believed the extra weight would weigh me down and I would not be able to finish the climbs I normally would. I was so worried about this that I actually packed extra fluids in case I ended up staying on the trail longer than originally anticipated.

Alta Peak Suspension

But I found the extra weight of the Alta Peak although noticeable to be negligible. Yes there is extra weight, but no it was not enough to make me get off and hike-a-bike. In fact I was more than able to clean the climbs albeit at a slower than normal pace. But the downhills more than made up for the longer climbs.

Descents are the Alta Peak’s forte. The suspension gave me boldness I normally did not have while on a hardtail. As I rolled down the hills I began subconsciously choosing more and more difficult lines and looked to take jumps rather than avoid them. The full suspension ate up everything on the trail so that obstacles that would normally jar my rear ended up being almost gentle. As my friend (who swapped rides with me for an uphill climb and downhill descent) put it the Alta Peak makes you feel “very confident on the downhills”.

Jeremy on Alta Peak

Another plus with the Alta Peak is the ability to lockout the fork & shock. With the lockouts off, there was pedal bob (another worry). Don’t get me wrong, but coming from a hardtail there was just enough bob for me to notice.

But with the lockouts on, the pedal bob was non-existent. The bike felt very efficient and I was able to climb and clean what I would normally climb & clean with my hardtail. In my first impressions of the Alta Peak I mentioned that the lockout on the shock, although small, was very easy to find and engage/disengage even when I wasn’t looking. This stayed true the whole ride and I gave that shock a workout, locking it and unlocking it numerous times.

Ario Shock

Some other notable features included the juicy 3 hydraulic brakes. These brakes were not set up for me, but they performed extremely well. I always felt that there was enough power to stop me and at over 200 lbs., that’s saying a lot.

Juicy 3 Levers

Juicy 3 Caliper & Rotor

The XT rear derailleur shifted confidently each time and the Purple Extreme lube, applied by RL, made the bike’s drivetrain feel very smooth and efficient.

XT Rear Derailleur

For my conditions (mostly dry/hardpacked), the Larsen wheels performed very well. There are only a couple of difficult spots on the trail and the tires gripped with confidence. When I rode through a sizable puddle then immediately climbed over a worn wooden beam the wheel did slip. But give the Larsens credit, the rear wheel engaged right away and I didn’t need to put my foot down.

Lastly, the beautiful white paint makes me smile every time I see it. I don’t know why I like white bikes so much, but the Alta Peak is a beauty!

Weight (surprisingly not noticeable)
Love the lockout feature
Fork & Shock are confidence inspiring
Juicy 3′s have lots of power
White paint!

Pedal bob (minor, but you can tell if you normally ride a hardtail)
Need to go a size up for most people
Larsens not for all conditions

Alta Peak Head Tube

Check out the Alta Peak here.

Update: I’m going to spend some time dialing the Alta Peak to my measurements. Hopefully this will solve some of the pedal bob I was experiencing as well as make me feel more comfortable on the bike. Check back to hear about the changes and the results.

Manitou Minute 29er Fork

Posted by Jeremy Yang On February - 6 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Just posted on the forums:

the back cover of the latest Dirt Rag features the Manitou Minute 29er. 80, 100, 120mm travel options. Standard QR or their Hex Lock 20mm dropouts. 2.5″ tire clearance.

More options are always good!


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