OURY’s Glow-in-the-Dark Grips

From the makers of one of the most comfortable grips comes something super cool… GlowInTheDark grips.  This is new for 2009 in their standard Mountain style grips (non lockons). 


IMG_9722 copy by you.


I’ve been using Oury Grips (standard & lockons) for many years now. I can’t say it enough that they are comfortable! They fit very well in my hands. 


I used these on a night ride last week and they got a lot of attention and compliments.  Just like my other Oury grips, these are comfortable as always.  Now there is something extra on the visual side for night rides. 


IMG_9815 copy by you. 

Give your night ride a little pizzazz!!!


Here is a description from OURY:


  • Antivibration
  • Large pad design eliminates numbness and slipping
  • The extremely soft rubber will give excellent control and maximum comfort
  • MSRP $9.75

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The normal color is a translucent off-white.


These are limited edition grips, so get them while they are still available.  For more information, visit www.ourygrips.com.

7 Replies to “OURY’s Glow-in-the-Dark Grips”

  1. Awesome…I’ll bet they get dirty really quick, though. I’ve been using Ourys for years, but that sticky rubber captures grime very easily…

  2. You’re probably right Ghost Rider–if Oury uses the same compound they probably will get dirty quick. I wanted the bright yellow Oury grips at first but decided on gray instead to hide the dirt better. As it is I wipe down my grips after each ride to maintain the tacky-ness of the grip.

    What I dont like about the slip on grips (not the lock-ons) is that the rubber material is so soft that the barends wear out quick. I put a quarter inside the grips to prevent ‘cookie-cutting’ into the grips but its the outside edge of the bars that are the ones cutting through.

  3. I do the same thing with my bars…a trick I learned way back in the early 80s during the BMX boom. I lived in Germany at the time, and we used 10 pfennig coins — a perfect fit.

    I’ve also found that with the Ourys, the outer edges of the bars cut into the grips. Hell, if you look at Ourys funny, they get gouges and splits in them! That’s the price you pay for gooshy rubber, I guess.

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