Ride Report: Bonelli Park

This Saturday we decided to hit up Bonelli Park in San Dimas, Ca. because Priscilla has a race there next weekend. We sent out our usual email invitation and one of our readers, Joe Solancho decided to join us.

On the Ralph scale, Moe and I both agree that this trail is definitely at least 2 Ralphs on the hurl scale.

We were treated to some nice green scenery and some water/mud, which made the ride even more fun! Here’s Priscilla sporting her KHS jersey, and I with my PricePoint.com jersey. I think KHS should sponsor her just based on her looks! But then again she is a contender out on the trails so don’t let her looks deceive you, she’ll probably toast you on the climbs.

Here’s a great Ralph section where even Priscilla had to hike a bike.

Pretty yellow flowers…

Yet another Ralph section, there’s Joe climbing and Priscilla already up ahead.

How he looks is what a single speed does to you on tough trail.

Great times at Bonelli with our new friend Joe. I tried to video as much as I could of the ride, so watch it below.