The Worst Dream Ever

RL thought I should share my dream. I woke up this morning because of a knock at my bedroom door. And I had the worst sinking feeling. I don’t always remember my dreams but being that I was in the middle of it, it was very fresh in my mind.

I had this dream that I was getting ready for a race. I registered and realized they had placed me with the wrong age group. You ever have those dreams where you are wandering and can’t get to your destination? Well I had a hard time finding the registrar but eventually found him and got it taken care of.

Then came a loooonnng wait for the race to start. I think I slept in the car while we waited? In my dream it was race day at Mt. Sac again (same race as last November). And then came the worst part. All the sudden the race was over!? And I placed 3rd, which was worse then the last race! I had no recollection of actually riding the race. No memory of any of it. It was just done and what had previously taken me 38min to ride had just taken me 90min to ride!!! What in the world?! I was so upset in my dream that I couldn’t remember any of it. I couldn’t analyze what took me so long, or what had happened out there on the trails because it was like I was never there!! Arrggghh. I felt so frustrated. I remember RL being there and me trying to ask him all these questions about the race. Although my body was in the race my mind/spirit was somewhere else. Weird.

LOL….Aye, maybe it’s time for a little break…maybe a day at the spa or something….hahaha. Am I the only one that dreams about bike riding and races?!?!?