Interbike 2008: OURY Red Lock-on Grips

New from OURY is the color RED lock-on grips.  They’ve had a lock-on grip in their product line, however it was just limited to one color – black.  New for 2009 is a red grip coupled with the ODI Lock Jaw clamps. 

IMG_9052 by you.


I’ve been a fan of OURY grips for many years.  I’ve used their regular Mountain Grip on several of my bikes as well as the black lock-on grips on my DH bike.  I have to say first hand from experience – they are comfortable! 

IMG_9055 by you.                                       Check out these huge pads! Comfort for your hands…

Here is a description from OURY: 

  • Anti-vibration
  • Large pad design eliminates numbness and slipping
  • The extremely soft rubber will give excellent control and maximum comfort
  • Package includes grips and ODI lock Jaw clamps
  • MSRP $25.00

Per my conversation with OURY at Interbike, they will come out with a new color each year;  however only for a limited time.  So once they run out of RED… that’s it.  Go get ’em while supplies last.  For more information visit